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The Most Important Weight Loss Hack

The "Pause" Blog

"My purpose in life is to learn how to make my "Third Act" of life AWESOME."

"My God-given purpose is to share what I have learned with others."

I call the system I have developed to make our "Third Acts" awesome, The HOPE Protocol. I should have called it The HOPE Rope because it has four strands that need to be intertwined. The HOPE Rope will pull us out of The Hormone Abyss.

  • Hormone Optimization

  • Organic Sustenance

  • Purification Protocols

  • Enlightenment Coaching

Today's Hack is from The Enlightenment Strand. ONE ENLIGHTENMENT HACK

"Hey Doc, I know that I have to correct my estrogen dominance to keep my weight off. I also know that I have to eat the Protable Menu to bottom out my insulin to lose weight. I also know that the better functioning my liver is the faster I will lose weight. But how do I make losing weight and balancing my hormones easier?"

It's funny how my clients can be so successful with the HOPE program but still want more. The good news is there is a way to make losing weight and feeling great easier. The tool I am about to teach you works every time.

I remember when I was in fourth grade I had an amazing teacher named Mrs. Dobratz. Other students used to call us Mrs. Dobratz brats. But we were far from ever being a brat in her class. She ran her class like a BootCamp but she was gentle enough that we loved and respected her. When the bell rang, we would all be lined up in front of our class door in a specific order. We were never late and we were never out of order.

The bell would ring and we would look over at the door and there she would be standing in the doorway. That signaled for us to not hit the tetherball one more time. You would automatically turn and run. We would then get into the position that had been assigned to us and silently stand at attention. Once she gave the signal, we marched into the classroom. We would take our seats, sit with our hands on the desk and wait for her instructions. We usually knew what subject she would teach us next. For example, after the first recess, we all knew that math was the subject we would be handling next. Even though we knew the subject, we waited for her instructions before pulling out the workbook.

One morning, before school we were playing in the yard when the bell rang, Mrs. Dobratz was not standing at the door to greet us. We formed our line and waited. She never arrived. One of the other teachers told us to go inside and wait. Some of us pulled our reading books out of the desks and placed them on our desks though we knew we should wait until we were instructed to but we were losing our reading time. We waited and waited and there still wasn't any Mrs. Dobratz.

One of my classmates got up and sat on his desk and started telling Johnnie a joke. Then one of the girls went to another desk where her best friend sat and they started talking about dresses. Then Marty who sat next to me tapped my arm and said watch this. He tore off a piece of paper and placed it in his mouth. He rolled it up into a ball. He then took the ink chamber out of a Bic pen and placed the chamber into his mouth. He blew the spitball through the pen's chamber and it struck the clock. The white spitball stuck on the clock's face and the class went into an uproar.

I am afraid to admit but I followed suit along with nearly every other athlete in the room. It turned into a contest to see who could stick the most spitballs onto the clock. The clock was turning into a mass of stuck spitballs.

Then, the principal walked into the classroom and I bet she felt like Sydney Pottier the first day he walked into his classroom in the movie, To Sir With Love. Great movie and great song by the way. We all got into trouble, big trouble. We all had to stand on the outside wall at attention with our noses touching the wall for what seemed like hours. When my generation went to school, we actually got spanked when we did something wrong so standing with our noses to the wall outside was not so abnormal.

So...what was the difference in my class's behavior when Mrs. Dobratz was there and when our teacher wasn't there?


As I stood with my nose on the wall, I can guess that I was not too happy with myself. I am sure I felt guilty, frustrated, and fearful. I knew that we would all be sent home with letters from the Principal explaining what we did and that our parents would have to sign the letter and that letter would have to be brought back with a parent's signature, which meant I would receive more punishment at home by my parents.

As you know I talk to dozens of frustrated angry, depressed hormonally challenged women each week about their weight loss journey. I know that it sucks to be a hormonally challenged woman or man for that matter. If your hormones are giving you havoc, you know It's more than the weight but also your inability to lose that weight no matter what you do. Then come the sleeping problems, hormonal-induced anxiety, hormonal-induced depression, your loss of interest in being intimate, and your loss of motivation to be social.

The most important parts of my program is The Protable Menu combined with supervised accountability.

At my medical clinics, we kept my patients accountable by having our team weigh and measure them weekly. This protocol was quite successful.


When smartphones arrived, we started keeping our patients accountable daily via texting. Once we did this, we saw their and our success skyrocket.

I believe what makes our program more successful than any of the others is having our clients text me directly daily.

MAC HACK: When it comes to weight loss, supervised accountability is the key.

If you find that you cannot lose weight on your own, you're not alone. Research says 97% of women who go on a diet fail. The same study says that the 3% that succeed did so because they were held accountable. If you know that you are one of the 97% that needs an accountability coach to succeed...

Because your grandchildren want you to dance at their weddings. Research has shown you live as long as your waist is small. Achieve a smaller waist and you just may be dancing.

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone” Pablo Picasso

ONE QUOTE "Accountability breeds response-ability."― Stephen R. Covey ONE SUCCESS STORY

Meet our client Liz. This type of transformation is what can occur quickly when you eat the portable menu and have supervised accountability.

"You are nothing more than a reflection of your hormones."

SCHEDULE A HORMONE AND WEIGHT OPTIMIZATION CONVERSATION WITH ME BY CLICKING HERE: IT'S FREE During this conversation, I will teach you all four components of The HOPE Protocol in detail, and I will also explain to you what you will need to do to guarantee that you achieve the dress size you desire to look ravishing in a short few months. DOC MAC COACHING

If you want to talk to me for free about menopause, hormones, weight loss, and to see if you qualify for our coaching program that guarantees success, don't hesitate because my schedule fills quickly. If you are not sure if you qualify for our program, here is a list of first-level symptoms:

  • Weight Gain

  • Weight Loss Resistance

  • Sleeping Disorders

  • Hormonal Induced Anxiety

  • Hormonal Induced Depression

  • Loss of Interest in Being Intimate

  • Loss of Motivation to be Social

If you wait and waste time thinking there is a magic pill, menopause will cause you to drop further into the abyss. The next set of symptoms that occur are:

  • Marked Loss of Energy

  • Goldilock's Syndrome (It has to be just the right temperature, or you're miserable)

  • Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

  • Loss of Hair

  • Aged Skin

  • Laziness (Lack of motivation)

If you continue to waste time googling menopause remedies, menopause will cause you to drop to the bottom of the abyss. At the bottom of the abyss, the next set of symptoms that occur are:

  • Inability to Wake Alert

  • Body Aches and Pains Upon Arising

  • Irritability, Aggravation, and Anger about things that should not make you Irritable, Aggravated, or Angry.

  • Brain Fog

  • Forgetfulness

This is what we provide in our coaching program:

  • Daily Statistical Texting that provides supervised accountability.

  • Our week-to-week instructional course on how to optimize your hormones and weight.

  • 24/7 access to me via texting for solutions to any challenges you face during the day.

  • You will receive motivational phone calls from me when you feel like giving up.

This is a picture of Vicky and me attending a concert in our hometown. Every day we aim to do something that makes our "Third Act" of life awesome.


IT'S ALL ABOUT YOUR HORMONES! If you would like more information about our coaching program, visit our website

PS If you have a quick question, please don't email me...Text me @ 209-345-9799 © 2022 | Doc Mac Coaching Medical DisclaimerTestimonial Disclaimer None of the statements on this website have been evaluated by the FDA. Furthermore, none of the statements within this post should be construed as dispensing medical advice, making claims regarding the cure of diseases, nor can these products prevent disease. You should consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement, dietary, or exercise program, especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases.

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