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We are th Macs. Our real names are Vicky and David McDaniels but I go by Vicky Mac and my husband goes by Doc Mac. We specialize in transforming women's and men's bodies by optimizing their hormones. As we age our hormones tank and become chaotic. We have found that we are nothing more than a reflection of our hormones. Optimize your hormones and you will optimize your health, body, relationships, and life. Doc Mac has written "Our Story" below. I hope it gives you an understanding of who we are and what we are all about. Vicky Mac

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Our Story

In January of 1980, I graduated from The Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. For the first six years, I worked under some amazing chiropractors that taught me how to heal and treat from the inside out using nutrition, exercise, and chiropractic. I was blessed to learn from some of the best.

In 1986, I opened a wellness center that specialized in "natural healing." It was an incredible success. We were seeing over five hundred patients a week in our first six months of practice. I eventually went on to teach other chiropractors how to do what we were doing. I traveled across North America to every major city teaching my techniques for both healing and success. 

Then in 2007, my wife went into menopause. She worked in our clinic as a nurse and nutritionist. We soon discovered that our knowledge did not help her. We sought other doctors and they either wanted to prescribe anti-depressants or they told her to live with it. We practiced wellness so thank goodness we didn't accept the medications and she was in too much misery to just live with it.  

At that point, I had been practicing Nutritional Medicine for twenty-five years. Vicky and I knew that what she was going through had to do with her hormones. I searched high and low everything I could about menopause and hormones. I eventually discovered that Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, and Doctors of Chiropractic went to The American Academy Of Anti-Aging Medicine to learn about hormone optimization. I enrolled in their courses and eventually took their test to become Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine and passed. 

I came back to our wellness clinic, which, in reality, was a weight optimization clinic. Most of our patients were women who sought us out to lose weight. To broaden our scope of practice, I hired medical doctors, naturopaths as well as other chiropractors. I spent my time developing protocols to optimize both weight and hormones, primarily in menopausal women.  

I discovered that I had to manipulate two sets of hormones to be able to help menopausal women lose weight.

  1. The first set was the pancreatic hormones insulin and glucagon. 

  2. The second set was the ovarian hormones estradiol and progesterone.

By decreasing insulin and increasing glucagon, menopausal women's cells would switch from fat-storing to fat-releasing cells. Most menopausal women are estrogen dominant. If they remained estrogen dominant after achieving their ideal weight, they would gain their weight back.

I worked on different menus to bottom-out insulin and top-out glucagon. Once a woman is menopausal, weight loss had nothing to do with calories, it had to do with insulin and glucagon. I developed The Protable Menu to decrease insulin and increase glucagon. 

The next step was to maintain a menopausal woman's ideal weight. That was the hard part. I discovered that if a menopausal woman was estrogen dominant, she would gain her weight back. To maintain her weight, we had to balance estradiol and progesterone. We began using synthetic hormones, which turned out to be dangerous because of their carcinogenic properties. Then we moved from using synthetic hormones to bioidentical hormones. We fell in love with bioidentical hormones but it did not take us long to discover that our patients' bodies developed an immunity to them  Bioidentical hormones quit working after three, six, twelve months. That is when we started experimenting with natural methods looking for methods that had a minimal amount of adverse side effects and long-lasting results. We came up with a baker's dozen of all-natural tools to help balance estradiol and progesterone and tame estrogen dominance.  Now we could take the excess weight off and also maintained their ideal weight. 


If you would like to communicate with us, there are two best ways:

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