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Doc, since I went into menopause, I have gained more weight than I could ever imagine, and no matter what I do, I can't lose any of it. On top of that, I can't sleep more than four to five hours a night, I am anxious all the time, I have days where I feel low and emotional, I have lost any interest in being intimate, and I have no motivation to be social. This is not me.



My friend says you can help.

Can you?





When you were twenty-nine, your body ran on a regulated menstrual cycle. During the first part of the cycle, a hormone called estradiol increased and increased until around the fourteenth day, it hit its mark.

Once estradiol hit its mark, you ovulated. Your ovary would release an egg, and right behind it, from the same spot on your ovary where the egg was released; your ovary released two hormones, progesterone and testosterone.


ESTRADIOL is the "feminine" hormone. 

PROGESTERONE is the "happy" hormone

TESTOSTERONE is the "drive" hormone.


  • Estradiol is the feminine hormone. It makes women and men feminine. The more estradiol you have, the more feminine you will be.

  • Estradiol causes you to be curvy (womanly). It does this by being a strong fat-storing hormone. Estradiol creates breasts, hips, and bellies.

  • Estradiol is the hormone that causes you to age well. Estradiol makes you pretty and young looking. It is the best anti-aging hormone we have. 


  • Progesterone is the happy hormone.  I call it the 60's hormone because it's all about peace, love, and flower power.

  • Progesterone is also, indirectly, your fat-burning hormone. I say indirectly because it keeps estradiol's ability to store fat in check.

  • Progesterone is also your sleep hormone. It puts you to sleep at night and keeps you asleep. It is the hormone that keeps us cool, calm, and collected.


  • Testosterone is the masculine hormone. Testosterone makes muscle and V-shaped bodies. It makes hair grow on your chin, chest, and legs. 

  • Testosterone is also the drive hormone. The hormone causes increased sex drives, the drive to be successful, and the drive to be first in line.

  • Testosterone is the ultimate fat-burning hormone. It especially burns belly fat. Men and women with high levels of testosterone will usually have six-pack abs.



As a woman ages, her estradiol level decreases, and eventually, she doesn't achieve the estradiol level that causes her to ovulate. If she does not ovulate, her ovaries no longer produce progesterone and testosterone.

  • She loses her happy hormone!

  • She loses her drive hormone!  

  • And these two hormones are also her fat-burning hormones.

"You can't burn fat without fat-burning hormones."


When a menopausal women's ovarian production of progesterone and testosterone ceases, she falls into the hormone abyss. The first phase of the hormone abyss is a hormonal condition called Estrogen Dominance.


Recall that estradiol is a fat-storing hormone, and progesterone is indirectly your fat-burning hormone because it keeps estradiol's ability to store fat in check, and testosterone "IS" the ultimate fat-burning hormone.  When estradiol becomes your dominant hormone, you start storing fat like crazy. I call it The Menopause 30 because most of the women I talk to gain 30 pounds in a manner of months once their ovulation ceases. 

"The dictionary defines menopause as not having a period for one year. Hogwash! Menopause is not ovulating and losing the ovarian production of progesterone and testosterone."

The textbook symptoms of Estrogen Dominance are:

  • Weight Gain

  • Weight Loss Resistance

  • Sleeping Disorders

  • Hormonally Induced Anxiety

  • Hormonally Induced Depression

  • Loss of Interest in Being Intimate

  • Loss of Motivation to be Social

Sadly, this is just the first phase of The Hormone Abyss. We will get to the two other phases below, but this phase is the primary cause of menopausal frustration.


I talk to dozens of hormonally challenged women and men every week. Many are emotional messes. Being hormonally challenged makes them:

  • Angry 

  • Frustrated 

  • Confused

  • Disgusted

  • Desperate

  • Embarrassed 

This happened to my wife. She will be the first to admit that she was no longer the energetic, happy-go-lucky person that defined her before she became hormonally challenged. She went to her doctor, who only wanted to give her psych drugs. She yelled at him...


"I'm in menopause. I'm not crazy!" 


She finally came and asked me for help. Imagine that? She was a nurse and a certified nutritionist, and the last person she wanted to talk to about being hormonal was her husband. We are both so glad she did. 

At the time, we owned and operated one of the busiest wellness centers in America. Our clinic was seeing well over one hundred patients a day.


You see, after I received my Doctor of Chiropractic degree, stay with me here because I originally wanted to be a medical doctor, but I knew that in today's world, medicine only provides a pill for this and a pill for that and a pill is not the answer to acquiring health and happiness. If you want to reach optimal health, having a healthy lifestyle is the answer. And chiropractors are the leaders of the medical community when it comes to achieving optimal health through lifestyle optimization. If you look around the world for leaders in wellness, natural healthcare, and nutrition, you're going to discover that most are chiropractors. Jack LaLanne, Doctor Axe, and many other top lifestyle gurus are or were chiropractors.


Anyways, I dreamed of owning and operating a wellness center that offered lifestyle changes to create the health we desired. I soon discovered that wellness was really a synonym for Nutritional Medicine.  Now that was a problem because even though we learned a lot about nutrition in chiropractic school, more than I would have received from a medical school, it still wasn't enough. Nearly all of my nutritional knowledge came from attending post-graduate nutritional conferences and experimenting with and treating patients. wife became hormonally challenged by menopause. At that time, I had been practicing Nutritional Medicine for twenty-five years. I knew a lot about nutrition but very little about hormones. I asked medical doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, and acupuncturists, and no one knew of anyone that specialized in reducing the symptoms of menopause.


My wife and I knew that her hormones were causing her symptoms, but doctors were taught very little about hormones, especially the hormones involved with menopause. We soon discovered that the only place we could learn about menopausal hormones was The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. 

My wife and I attended their conferences, and I eventually took their test to become board certified in anti-aging medicine and passed. I combined my newfound hormone knowledge with my nutritional knowledge, and voilà.


Our clinic hired medical doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, and nurses so my patients could receive the best integrative solution for menopause, their hormones, weight, sleeping, energy, moods, and intimacy problems. We became the go-to clinic for the relief of the plethora of symptoms caused by the hormonal disruption caused by menopause.

Once we added hormone optimization protocols to our weight optimization protocols, the demand for our protocol allowed us to open seven integrative medical clinics throughout Northern California in eighteen months. 


After helping thousands of women alleviate their menopausal weight gain and symptoms, and thousands of andropausal men do the same, I have put all I learned into a step-by-step protocol that I call The HOPE Protocol. It is particularly designed for women in menopause and men in andropause.

Over the last thirteen years, I have written books, a well-read blog, and a very popular newsletter that help women and men alleviate the symptoms of menopause and andropause. We have tens of thousands of subscribers to our newsletter alone. 

I retired from my brick-and-mortar practices years ago. While I practiced in our clinics, I went back to school and received a degree in literature. I planned on reading every book I had yet to read when I retired. Once I did, I sat in our home library library and read and read.


Vicky would walk by and roll her eyes. She didn't like retirement. Vicky wanted to go back to work after a short feew months of retirement.  She wanted to go into a compleley new field that I had no idea about. She knew for her to go back to work she would have to get me busy first.

Fortunately for her, we had forgotten to disconnect our 800 number. When she discovered this there were numerous voicemails of women wanting help. She had me listen to them and they broke our heart. She convinced me to call and talk to some of these women especially since I "was only reading books all the time." I called and talked to these women. And the next thing I was doing was coaching wmen on how to naturally optimize their hormones and weight.


My wife eventually re-retired and we bought ourselves a small fancy RV and travel from coast to coast, helping menopausal women and andropausal men lose weight, sleep again, lose their hormonal-induced anxiety and depression, get their self-confidence back, and be who they should be while in their "Third Act" of life.


This is the time we should be our best. We should look and feel great, enjoy our spouses, and travel to all the places we promised to see someday.  


If you want to look and feel great while in menopause or andropause, I will tell you exactly what you need to do and prove it to you. All you have to do is TALK TO ME!

I will tell you everything you'll need to do in one FREE coaching session. It will take about forty-five minutes, so choose a time when you will not be interrupted. And don't worry, this session is not a pitch for you to become a client because my roster is nearly always full. I will tell you exactly what you need to eat to lose weight as a menopausal woman or an andropausal male. It's not a diet. You can eat one to six meals daily and still lose weight when you know what you can eat. There are no counting calories, and there are no pre-packaged meals. I will also tell you how to balance your hormones naturally.


Say, YES! But only if you want to look and feel great!





For those that enroll today, I will coach them for three days. You don't think three days will do much? The minimum weight loss during the three days of my Lose The Blaot Challenge is FIVE POUNDS! I have had dozens of women lose 15 pounds. And remember, these are women that couldn't lose a pound no matter what they did. I'll prove to you how easy it is.

In this coaching session, I will teach you everything. I will not hold back. Make sure you have a pen and paper when I call; I will call you and even personally text you to remind you of your appointment. 

Why do I do this? Because I am terrible at golf and really good at transforming menopausal women's bodies both externally and internally. Also, even though I am retired, this is the purpose God gave to me. It better be; it's the only job I have ever had unless you count one-year working at a Shakey's Pizza Parlor when I was in college. She better not tell me that I was supposed to have been a rockstar.


If you're too shy or just downright pessimistic, then sign up for my newsletter. You really should do both, talk to me and subscribe to the newsletter. There are tens of thousands of women enrolled in my newsletter and very few unsubscribe. Yes, it's that good.


In my weekly newsletter, I share tools that helps my readers optimize their hormones, weight, health and life.


If you "really, really" would like to look and feel awesome, it's best to schedule your free coaching session and then come back here and subscribe to my FREE newsletter by clicking the link below. 


After you've scheduled your free coaching session and subscribed to my newsletter, return to this webpage because below, I am going to have you take a test to see where you are when it comes to how far you have fallen into the Menopause Abyss.


laura pre and post.png

We Specialize In Total Body Transformation!

Above is the first client of many that we will introduce to you. As you can see she transformed her body. In fact, she went from a dress size of 20 to a 2 quickly and easily once her hormones were optimized. Oh, and the post picture of her was sent years after she completed the program telling us how easy it was to maintain her weight loss. Of course, your results will vary.

Nearly all the people I consult with are unhappy with how they look and feel. Nearly all of them are hormonally challenged. Hormonal dysfunction decreases their quality of life and the more dysfunctional their hormones become, the lower and lower their quality of life becomes.

Let me explain the four strands of our HOPE For Menopause System. 



After forty-three years of practice and helping tens of thousands of patients and now clients optimize their health naturally, I have placed all of my knowledge into a step-by-step, easy-to-follow format that will take you from where you are today to a level of optimized health.

I have discovered that there are four strands that need to be intertwined to make what I call The HOPE Rope. This rope is what we use to pull our clients out of The Hormone Abyss. 

The Four Strands of The HOPE Rope:

  • Hormone Optimization

  • Organic Sustenance

  • Purification Detoxes

  • Enlightenment Coaching

Hormone Optimization

As we age, our hormones decrease and become imbalanced. It isn't the decreasing levels that cause the most trouble. It is the imbalance that is created by some hormones decreasing more quickly than others. We have found while working with patients and clients that there are three sets of hormones that cascade into dysfunction. 

  1. Ovarian Hormones

  2. Thyroid Hormones

  3. Adrenal Hormones


We have found that when we first stumble into the hormone abyss, the first set of hormones to go awry are the ovarian hormones. If the ovarian hormone dysfunction is not corrected, the dysfunction cascades into the thyroid hormones. Then if the thyroid hormones are not addressed, the dysfunction will cascade into the adrenal hormones. Our program is customized to address each set of hormones in order.

Organic Sustenance

As we age, our hormones become dysfunctional, and we start to rapidly gain weight. Most of this excess weight occurs in our bellies, hips, and breasts. It took us decades to discover a menu that would melt fat from our hormonal-challenged bodies. We found three different types of menus that had to become merged into one. These menus are:

  1. An anti-inflammatory menu

  2. A low glycemic menu

  3. A high fiber nutrient-dense menu

Our menu is customized for each of our clients. This is not a diet. Our clients never have to count calories. We use food to decrease inflammation, a secondary hormone disruptor. We use food to switch your body from being in a fat-storing state to a fat-releasing state.

Purification Detoxes

We developed a system to assist naturally in optimizing hormones and weight but our patients and clients if there was a way to make it all go faster. Imagine that. They were all in a rush to look better, like now. We discovered that if we detoxed our liver, our guts, and our cells, our hormones would balance more quickly and we lost weight even faster.

It took years of experimentation but we developed liver, gut, and cellular detoxes to not only optimize hormones and weight but we found that the cleaner your body becomes of human-made substances the healthier you became.

So we combined, hormone and weight optimization with health optimization through detoxing your body, and viola, wow.

Enlightenment Coaching

Then my patients and clients came to me and said wow the detoxes did make it quicker. We being humans wanted to make it even easier. It was already easy, but they wanted it to be even easier. 

The key is your mind. If you learn how to use your mind to spin positive energy and to be cool, calm, and collected no matter how much stress is trying to obstruct you from being happy, losing weight, and optimizing health, your journey will be so much easier. We teach several tools that will manage stress and allow you to fly. 




My purpose is to learn how to do just that, but my God-given purpose is to share what I have learned with you. 

So...let me get to sharing.

If you've gone into menopause and gained a substantial amount of weight and if you can't lose your menopausal weight no matter what you do, it's because your hormones are in chaos. We promise to teach you how to harmonize your hormones, and then we will both sit back and watch your excess weight melt right off of your body, you’ll be sleeping again, your hormonal-induced anxiety and depression will disappear, and you’ll feel young again.


If you are like us and want to regain the figure and energy levels you had before menopause, to be “YOU” again, you’ll need to optimize your hormones. As women enter menopause and men step into andropause, our hormones become imbalanced and cause our quality of life to decrease. 


To climb out of the abyss of hormonal chaos, you’ve got to improve and harmonize your hormones, and we have discovered that our hormones should be optimized naturally instead of using dangerous prescription hormones. 


We understand how you feel because when I turned forty-two I went into early menopause and gained thirty pounds and I was no longer "ME." I had become a woman pretending my hardest to be whom everyone wanted me to be. It was an impossible task because I no longer felt myself.


We discovered quickly that there was no one out there that treated menopause like the disease it was. That's why we began nearly fifteen years ago exclusively helping women who were miserable in menopause.


We discovered that there were four strands that need to be intertwined like a rope to pull me out of the menopause abyss. We needed to harmonize the two hormones that were causing me to be miserable. I had to eat foods that kept my insulin levels low. I had to detox my body of inflammatory substances and lastly, I had to get my thoughts pushing me forward instead of pulling me backward. 

  • Hormone Optimization  

  • Organic Sustenance 

  • Purifying Detoxes 

  • Enlightenment Coaching. 

If you want to take the quick route to learn what to do, schedule a conversation with us. In this conversation, we will give you EVERYTHING you need to do to be slender, energetic, and happy while in menopause. He will not hold back anything so that once you do what we say, just in the following week after our conversation, you will lose 5 to 15 pounds (weight loss depends on how much you need to lose) and you will do this by eating three hearty meals a day. But what you will discover is that you can lose weight and you can lose it quickly and easily with The HOPE For Menopause System. 


Quickly and Easily


My husband, who loves to research and write, eventually took everything we learned and developed a protocol he calls The HOPE Protocol. I will tell you more about what HOPE stands for a little later, but for now, I want to let you know how our coaching program works.

If you are like me and want to get where you're going quickly and easily, I use my maps app. Our coaching program works just like a maps app. 

After practicing health optimization for over four decades, my husband has discovered that we all need four tools to ensure that we achieve our health goals. I will explain each of these tools below.

These tools will rid you of your belly fat, drop dress sizes, and you will regain your self-confidence back. You will be the "YOU" that you desire to be. And It will all happen quickly and easily, I promise.



Coaching Sessions

Everyone is different. If you're not averaging a half pound-a-day weight loss, we schedule a phone session to customize the program.



Failure Coaching

We all fall off the horse. When you do, we pick you up off the ground, dust you off, place you back on the horse and get you galloping again.

woman on phone.png



Step-by-step instructions in video and written format to optimize your hormones and weight. Doc Mac also has numerous specialty courses.

man on phone.png



Daily texting directly keeps you accountable because we expect daily weight loss and get it. Every morning you text us your stats and we coach you to your goals.

Schedule Your Coaching Session

Science tells us that to be the best at something we need 10,000 hours of practice and to be coached by an expert coach. Doc has way more than 10,000 hours of practice time and he has been coached by some of the best health practitioners in the world.

We offer everyone in our community a FREE Coaching Session where we will explain EVERYTHING in one phone call that you will need to do to...


Macs at Carmel.jpg

We Know How You Feel

When my hormones threw me into the menopause abyss I was no longer myself.

I gained weight, and I couldn't lose it no matter what I did. I cut my calories, joined a gym, hired a personal trainer, and I even went to boot camps, but nothing worked. I couldn't sleep, woke up anxious, had days where I felt low and emotional, lost my interest in being intimate, and even lost my motivation to be social, to have fun.

My husband owned and operated a very successful wellness clinic at that time. He primarily practiced nutritional medicine.


Once I went into menopause, the protocols we were using did not work for me and my weight problem. So that is when my husband, Doc Mac, went on a mission to help me. 

He has spent the last fifteen years exclusively helping those of us who had fallen into the menopause abyss. He discovered that as we aged, the difference between youth and middle age was our hormones. Our hormone levels not only tanked once we went into our "third act" of life, but more importantly, our hormones lost their synergy.

"Hormone Synergy-the interaction or cooperation of two or more hormones to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects."

Hormones usually have a dancing partner. But, once we entered our "Third Act" of life, our hormones quit dancing together.

He discovered that doctors go to The American Academy of Anti Aging to learn about hormone therapy. He took their courses and eventually took their exam to become Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine and passed. That is when he brought hormone therapy to our wellness clinic and combined it with nutritional medicine. 

When he introduced hormone therapy to a few patients and me, synthetic hormones were all that was available. At about that same time, research started coming out by the bucketfuls of how synthetic hormones caused cancer. They had to stop the research study because too many participants were developing cancer.

As soon as the research became public about synthetic hormones, we were fortunate because bioidentical hormones were starting to hit the market. We began using them. They are hormones that were identical to those that were God-made. And to be transparent, our patients and I loved them.


Then we started noticing that the bioidentical hormones stopped getting the results we saw in the beginning. Depending on the person, bioidentical hormones worked well for three to six months. We discovered that our bodies eventually grew an immunity to bioidentical hormones.

To counteract their ineffectiveness, we started dosing the hormones at higher levels. Once we went into these higher doses, we started seeing the adverse side effects we had seen with synthetic hormones return. We being wellness practitioners, did not believe in adverse side effects. That is when he started researching natural methods to optimize hormones. 

Over the last fifteen years, my husband has developed an all-natural hormone optimization protocol called The HOPE Protocol.

He discovered that for us to be extraordinary (to be slender and energetic), while in our "Third Acts" of life, there were four strands. He calls them stands because they need to be intertwined to make The HOPE Rope. His HOPE Rope protocol is what pulled me out of the "looking old," "feeling-old," "hormonally challenged" abyss. 

If you're ready to climb out of the menopause abyss, schedule a free coaching session with Doc Mac, my husband, and he will explain EVERYTHING you will need to do to be the "YOU" that you'd desire to be.

What Is HOPE?

The Four Strands

Hormone Optimization

Organic Sustenance

Purifying Detoxes

Enlightenment Coaching

Untitled design (22).png

Hormone Optimization

Feel Young

Aging is caused by your hormones. HOPE's goal is not to get your hormone levels back to where they were when you were twenty-nine, but to get the hormones balanced. Every hormone has a dancing partner. It's important to get them dancing again.

Untitled design (27).png

Organic Sustenance

Be Slender

The only way we have found for you to achieve your bottom, happy, ideal weight is by eating foods that decrease insulin levels and increase glucagon levels. The menu we use we call The Protable Menu. It's not a deprivation diet. It's a menu to optimize your waist.

Untitled design (24).png

Purifying Detoxes

Optimize Health

We discovered decades ago that the body is filled with toxins. Nearly all of these toxins are human-made. These toxins will adversely affect your liver, gut, and cells. We have developed detoxes that will improve the function of all three. we begin with the liver.

Untitled design (25).png

Enlightenment Coaching

Mind Optimization

If you want to make the process occur easily and smoothly, you must optimize your thoughts. We have all heard about The Law of Attraction. Once mastered you journey to being slender and feeling young will be smooth sailing on calm waters.

Client Transformations

Every one of these woman scheduled a free coaching session with Doc.
Of Course, Your Results May Vary

Tammy Pre and Post (1).png

Seventy-Pound Transformation





Becky Pre and Post.jpg




Connie Pre and Post (540 x 540 px).png

Sixty-Pound Transformation


Ronda -70.png



Melanie Pre and Post (500 x 500 px) (1).png




We know that women in menopause pretend to be "normal," but inside, they are filled with frustration and anguish. They feel like they've reached that age where it's just impossible to be "normal," let alone extraordinary. In order to be awesome in menopause, you will need to have hormones that are harmonized. 
Who knows how to harmonize your hormones. Doctors sure haven't been trained in how to do that. And if they don't know how, how are you supposed to know how?
I know how frustrated you are because it happened to me, and now that my husband has learned how to build a rope to throw down to us women in menopause, I believe it is plain wrong that any woman should have to deal with the misery of menopause.
I understand because I have fallen into the abyss and my husband's research has pulled me out and I am now even better than I was before menopause.
He has now helped thousands, more like tens of thousands of women climb out of the menopause abyss.
You too can climb out too because I know you're tired of not being yourself any longer,
Please, be coached by my husband one on one just one time for free and you will see that he knows what he is talking about. He will explain which hormones to harmonize first and how to do it naturally. He will explain how you do not go on a diet but that you just need to eat hormone harmonizing foods. 
It only takes one session to know EVERYTHING you will need to know to be slender and energetic.
In this one session, he will 1. Discover where you are at today. 2. Discover what you want to look and feel like. 3. He will explain exactly what you'll need to do to be the "YOU" that you desire to be.
So, click the button below and schedule your private one on one coaching session over the phone so you stop falling deeper and deeper into the hormone abyss caused by menopause and developing more and more symptoms because we have found if you don't do something they will become worse and you will believe that the way you feel is "NORMAL." 
So grab the HOPE Rope by talking to Doc, I promise you will not regret giving up one hour of your time to learn the knowledge he had obtained by putting in his ten-thousand hours. If you're not amazed by what you learn, I'll eat my hat or something like that.
Vicky Mac

The Plan

During Our Coaching Session, We Will Take These Four Steps

Start Icon.png

The Start

We want to know exactly where you are at as you stand at the starting line.

Finish Icon (1).png

The Finish

We will develop a clear picture of your dream, the where you want to go.

tool Icon (1).png

The Tools

We will then customize a bridge that will get you from here to there.

Guide Icon (1).png

The Guide

We will then explain how you can go it alone or use an experienced guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Really Cost To Talk To You?

The answer to this question is simple. IT'S FREE! I know nothing is free. The only cost is your time. The session usually takes approximately 45 minutes but I have scheduled an hour for you just in case. In this one session, you will learn everything you will need to know and do to optimize your hormones and weight.

How Do I Know this Will Work For Me?

We will prove it to you! During the first three days of the program, you will lose five to ten pounds. I can say this because less than one percent lose less than five pounds. In the first week, many lose upwards to fifteen pounds. This is not a diet! You can eat all you want of the right foods.

How Much Does Your Coaching Program Costs?

Our coaching program costs nothing! It's an investment. You will invest in yourself being slender, sleeping like a baby, losing the hormonal induced anxiety and depression, getting your tickle back to being intimate, and getting your motivation back to being social. The investment depends on where you are and where you want to go.

Young Businesswomen

We Would Love To Give You Our eBook

HOPE For Your "Third Act."

This eBook will place you on the path to ...

Be Slender, Energetic, and Look and Feel Youthful.

If you wish to have transformations like our clients above, this e-book is your first step.

They will tell you that this e-Book is priceless.


Enter your first name and email, and I will deliver your e-book immediately

Untitled (1500 x 500 px) (1500 x 750 px) (2).png

Coaching Session

Success Begins with a Single Choice

Some of you are in Menopause Misery. For those of you that are, I have a special offer.

Every one of the women above made a choice that transformed their lives. They all scheduled a coaching session with me.

In this session, we take three steps that will transform your life.

First, we discover exactly where you are today when it comes to the symptoms associated with being in the Hormonal Abyss.

Second, we discover the "YOU" that you desire to be in three, six, twelve months from now.

 Third, I will build you a bridge using the tools we know that will drive you toward your dream of being the "YOU" that you desire to BE!

I promise I will GIVE you all the tools you will need in this one phone session

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