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Tame Stress

Updated: Feb 21, 2023


“Doc, you once wrote, ‘if we all had self-discipline, we would all be rich and skinny.’ I believe you also wrote somewhere that ‘the number one saboteur of self-discipline is stress.’ Doc, what can I do to tame stress, especially the kind of stress that causes me to fail when it comes to being happy and healthy?”

The stress that holds us back from being who we want to be, happy and healthy, is nothing more than pent-up thinking that sits in our minds and festers.

If you want to tame this kind of stress, you have to open the door to the cage that has entrapped these thoughts and allow them to escape.

In past writings, I explained to you the first two steps to taming stress.

  1. The easiest and most convenient tool I use is Three-Six Breathing. I use this tool to relieve acute stress. Once I realize I am overwhelmed, I sit down and inhale through my nostrils for a count of three and exhale through my mouth for a count of six. I do this for at least seven cycles.

  2. If I wish to reach an even calmer state, I go into the present time by using Five-Sense Awareness. I ask each of my senses what is happening at the current time. I ask myself, Dave, what do you hear, feel, see, taste, and smell?

I have taught these in detail in previous blogs. If you have missed these courses, make sure that you don't miss another by subscribing to our weekly newsletter by clicking on this link --> HOPE For Menopause Newsletter

Once I have completed these two tools, I practice the tool below to release my pent-up thoughts. I clear my mind.

When I wake in the morning, before my first cup of coffee, I sit in my favorite chair with my feet flat on the floor, my back straight, and my head high.

Once I am comfortable, when I was a rookie at this, I would check the time and add fifteen minutes to it. I used my Apple watch, but I wouldn’t unlock it. I didn’t want to be interrupted while I cleared my mind.

Since I have done this for years, thousands of times, I no longer need to use my watch to keep time, but if you are just starting out, I would recommend that you watch your time until you’ve turned Thought Release into a habit.

I like to break my fifteen minutes to bliss into three parts.

  1. I practice the Three Six Breathing and Five Sense Awareness tools for the first two and a half minutes.

  2. For the next ten minutes, I release stress by clearing my mind.

  3. For the last two and a half minutes, I manifest my desires.

I will explain how I manifest my desires in the next blog.

Once you completed your breathing and placed your five senses into the present time, it is time to release your stress by releasing the thoughts that cause you to be stressed. By the way, while I practice Five Sense Awareness and Thought Release, I breathe slowly and methodically through my nostrils.

Since this is a relaxation exercise or, better said, a de-stressing tool, I am going to use a Mooring Word. I will use this word to anchor me in place, like a boat moored in a calm bay.

While I am practicing Thought Release, I will have thoughts enter my mind. Some of these thoughts will be thoughts about things I need to do or reminding thoughts about situations like what happened yesterday on The Bachelor; just kidding. I will instinctively concentrate on these thoughts, and when I catch myself moving my concentration toward the thought, I return my concentration to the Mooring Word.

The Mooring Word I like to start my clients on is the word “release.” Let me explain how I use this mooring word. As I move from my Five Sense Awareness exercise into my Thought Release exercise, I imagine the word “release” bubbling from the back of my mind. So, I am sitting there, and the word “release” bubbles from the back of my mind. Then suddenly, a thought will come into my mind. It will be a random thought like…

“Oh my gosh, I forgot to pick up Mom’s medicine.” Or… “It will be a long day at work today because we have to start inventory.” Or… “Oh, shoot, I’ve got to meet with terrible Tara today. Oh, God, I hope she isn’t as difficult as usual.”

These are the thoughts that cause stress.

Do not, and I mean DO NOT, fully engage with these thoughts. Let them float away. RELEASE THEM!

When you notice that your concentration is moving to engage with these thoughts, and you will try to engage with them, send your concentration back to your Mooring Word, “release” “release” “release,” that’s bubbling from the back of your mind.

As the thoughts escape, you will slip into the deepest state of relaxation called tranquility.

These are four states of consciousness.

  • Awake

  • Sleep

  • Dream

  • Tranquility

As you Release Stress, you will enter into tranquility. While in this state, you will release the happy neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin and experience bliss.

What I love about this mental state this tool elicits is how energized I feel afterward. I feel like I had taken a power nap but without a nap hangover.

This tool is, in my opinion, the best pro-aging tool we have. Researchers have found that our brain's gray and white matter decreases as we age. Other researchers found that people who often enter tranquility consciousness have an increase in their brain's gray and white matter. Now that's what I call a pro-aging tool.

Researchers have also found that the more often we enter tranquility consciousness, the connection between our left and right brain improves. The researchers found that the corpus callosum, a large bundle of more than 200 million nerve fibers that connect the two brain hemispheres that connects the two sides of our brains, becomes thicker in people that enter tranquility consciousness regularly.

Another scientific finding is that your brain's fear center, the amygdala, is smaller in people who regularly enter tranquility consciousness. They also found that the more stress people create, the larger their amygdala becomes. They are confirming my theory that stress is nothing more than fear.

Researchers also found that those who enter tranquility consciousness regularly have larger brain stems. Our brain stems become larger because more of the bliss neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin are produced. Tranquility consciousness ramps up the production of those two bliss chemicals.

Researchers have also found that those that enter tranquility consciousness regularly have brains that look twenty years younger on scans than those who don't practice tranquility consciousness.

Okay, I have just shared with you one of the most powerful tools known to humankind that will help optimize your hormones, weight, health, and life. Do me a favor, get out of your way, and start using these tools today, but only if you want to be happy and healthy. I challenge you to wake up every morning and practice these tools for the next twenty-one days, and I promise if you do them correctly, your life will improve in leaps and bounds. I have found that starting your day in tranquility consciousness makes us happy. Use these three tools every morning as soon as you wake.

  1. Three Six Breathing

  2. Five Sense Awareness

  3. Thought Release

“Make today awesome, and since you are at, make your life awesome.”


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