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Menopause and Alcohol

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

"You CAN be a menopausal woman and drop-dead gorgeous. You CAN be a woman over fifty and be filled with more energy than you know what to do with. You CAN be filled with enthusiasm to live, to love, to laugh."

I promise!"

I have dedicated my life to making yours and our "Third Acts" INCREDIBLE!" It just so happens to be my God-given purpose. I can say that because optimizing others' health, relationships, and careers is all I have ever done. I have practiced life optimization for over four decades.

Today, I will teach you how to achieve your goal of being slender and feeling young in your "Third Act" and how we can do it in LESS TIME by optimizing our liver function.

"Nothing, and I mean nothing, damages the liver more than alcohol."

Let me give you a quick Liver 101 course first.

Many of you may not know that the liver is our largest internal organ. It plays over 500 different roles. Among its many vital functions are:

  • Detoxification

  • Digestion

  • Metabolism

  • Hormone Metabolism.

The liver IS the organ in charge of detoxifying our body. The liver IS the organ that filters and eliminates the body's toxins.

When the liver becomes damaged, your body has difficulty detoxifying; your toxins accumulate like a sewer line that becomes clogged. The unfortunate part about all this is that you will typically NOT KNOW that your liver is damaged and that your body becomes toxic until it's too late.

Regular, prolonged use of alcohol can result in irreparable damage to the liver and its ability to detoxify your body. When this happens, hormone and weight optimization will become problematic.

The liver problem we see most often in menopausal women is called Fatty Liver Disease.

Fatty Liver Disease

When you drink an alcoholic beverage, one-third of the alcohol within that beverage is absorbed directly through your stomach and into your bloodstream. The other two-thirds of the alcohol takes a little longer to absorb because it is absorbed through your small intestine.

Alcohol, unlike other foods and beverages, is not digested.

Your kidneys will filter out some alcohol, but most of the alcohol is sent directly to your liver. Alcohol is a toxin, and your body wants to rid itself of alcohol as soon as possible.

Recall, that the liver has two detoxification phases.

When we drink alcohol:

  1. The first phase of detoxifying alcohol is to break it down into a compound called acetaldehyde, which is even more harmful than alcohol.

  2. The liver must then flush out the acetaldehyde ASAP!

The first phase of detoxification is when the liver burns acetaldehyde. If the liver has to burn acetaldehyde, it cannot burn fat. The liver instead stores the fat. This is how alcohol causes fatty liver disease.

If you drink too much alcohol, the liver cannot burn the acetaldehyde fast enough, and acetaldehyde will damage and scar the liver cells.

Fatty liver disease causes hormonal resistance and weight loss resistance. In fact, fat within the liver is starting to look like the primary cause of insulin resistance, which leads to diabetes.


In this e-course, I am going to show you when and how to drink alcohol.

One of the saboteurs to optimizing our "Third Acts" is our incorrect consumption of alcohol. Alcohol disrupts liver function, therefore, disrupting hormone activation and fat burning.

Research has shown that women and men in menopause and andropause chronically drink more alcohol. Research also indicates that this is the time of our lives when we should drink less alcohol.

Psychologically as we age, we begin to feel "old," and alcohol becomes the elixir for feeling old. Physical pain, depression, and insomnia become more prevalent as we age.

Alcohol, we think, will help with the ailments associated with aging. The reality is that alcohol worsens all the symptoms that age brings with it.

The research found that menopausal women drink more than any other group.

Menopausal women average nearly five alcoholic drinks per week.

I first realized that alcohol was having a terrible effect on me one Thanksgiving nearly ten years ago. My wife loves wine, especially Old Vine Zinfandel from Rombauer. For those of you who don't know this wine, it is very jammy.

On Thanksgiving Eve, as we were cooking, Vicky and I would drink her favorite wine. I drank two bottles of this wine all by myself over a twelve hour period while cooking for the thirty people that were attending our Thanksgiving celebration the next day.


I quit drinking red wine for a year. The following Thanksgiving, Vicky pulled out her Rombauer Old Vine Zin. I drank one bottle while we were cooking for over an eight-hour period.


This proved to me that the past Thanksgiving experience was not a coincidence. I quit drinking red wine.

We rarely drank alcohol at home, so this wasn't too difficult. The only time we drank alcohol was when we went glamping with our large group of glamping friends.

I switched to sipping whiskey when glamping. Then I started noticing that after a small amount of alcohol, I became more tipsy then I would like.

I immediately removed the effects of alcohol from my life, but I had to develop a way that would not exclude me from my enjoyment of drinking alcohol and being social with my friends.

I developed a system for me to enjoy my favorite adult beverages and it worked. I taught the system to my clients, and we found that it worked fantastically for their weight, health, and life journey while I coached them on The HOPE Protocol.

If alcohol has adverse effects on your liver, health, social life, and weight, the best decision to make is to abstain.

I do not abstain, but alcohol has a significantly diminished role in my life. If you decide not to abstain, here are the three steps I took and now have my clients take to help them partake in alcohol and to continue to lose weight.

  1. Schedule alcohol consumption

  2. Limit consumption to 1 drink

  3. Drink The Mac Cocktail so you do not stall weight loss

Schedule Alcohol Consumption

I made a promise to myself that I had to schedule when I would drink an alcoholic beverage. I also promised myself that I would limit my alcohol consumption to only one night per week, exp—only Saturday nights. I also promised myself to limit my consumption to two drinks. Women on my program are usually half my size so I have them limit their consumption to one cocktail.

The rule of not randomly having a cocktail has worked quite well for my clients. I did not invent this. I ran across research that discovered that random drinking of alcohol is one of the primary causes of overdrinking.

Scheduled drinking was the best way to reduce overdrinking according to this research.

Limit Consumption Of Alcohol To One Drink After The First Two Weeks

Do not drink any alcohol for the first two weeks of the program.

I discovered that if I limited my alcohol intake to one cocktail, I did not have the adverse effects the following day or the next week as I did with our Thanksgiving Eve wine drinking.

I will be transparent; I cannot drink wine any longer.

After ten years of using this protocol with my clients, we have found that two cocktails are too many when it comes to both your weight loss and health.

Make a promise to yourself that you limit your alcohol consumption to one cocktail while on Phase One of The HOPE Protocol.


The Mac Cocktail

If you are in Phase One of HOPE, then limit your alcohol consumption to The Mac Cocktail.

We have found that one Mac Cocktail will not stall weight loss.

We have found that having two will usually stall weight loss.

And we have also found that three cocktails will usually cause weight gain.

Now, be careful to think that alcohol helped you to lose weight.

Let me explain.

Alcohol is a diuretic.

Because of this, you may weigh less the following morning after a night of imbibing.

In our experience, we have discovered that the initial weight loss is due to you being dehydrated.

The following day, once you are rehydrated, we usually see a significant jump in weight.

Here is the only drink that we recommend during Phase One of HOPE.

The Mac Cocktail.

  • Add one shot of your favorite spirit, vodka, gin, tequila, etc., to a tall glass.

  • Add soda water.

  • Squeeze the juice of one lime into the glass.

You will discover that abstaining or limiting your alcohol consumption to one alcoholic drink per week or less while in your "Third Act" will cause a tremendous lift in your energy levels.

This occurs because the healthier your liver is, the healthier your energy will be.

You will have to decide what is more important to you, your alcohol consumption or your energy levels.

As you travel through HOPE, you will discover to "feel young and to act young," it's all about your energy levels.

To look and feel young, eat or drink only those things that increase your energy levels.

There are thousands of studies on alcohol and the effects it has on us.

This one wraps it all up in one paragraph.

"Studies that have investigated the effect of moderate alcohol consumption on the level of estrogens and progesterone in both pre- and post-menopausal women are reviewed. It is concluded that several lines of evidence point to an alcohol-induced rise in natural or synthetic estrogen levels in women. Proposed mechanisms include an increased rate of aromatization of testosterone or a decreased rate of oxidation of estradiol to estrone. Moderate alcohol consumption has also been linked to decreased progesterone levels in pre-menopausal women. The relevance of these findings to female health, fertility and the timing of the menopause is considered."

This is a review of all studies and as you can see alcohol increases estradiol, which will cause weight gain and weight loss resistance. Alcohol also decreases progesterone which will cause sleeping disorders, anxiety, and depression. As you also see, the studies show that alcohol consumption decreases free testosterone. This will cause a loss of interest in being intimate, the loss of motivation to be social, and a decrease in fat-burning metabolism.

Make a promise to yourself that you will not let alcohol decrease your quality of life.

How alcohol makes you feel is a temporary, imaginary uplifting emotion.

In reality, alcohol reduces your quality of life by causing or exacerbating estrogen dominance.

By abstaining from alcohol consumption or, at a minimum, reducing your consumption to a maximum of one drink per week or less, you will achieve your ideal weight much faster, and you will also sleep better, have less anxiety and depression, and your interest in being intimate and social will return.


Here is a review of what I have taught you so far within our liver optimization course to achieve your ideal weight and feel younger faster.

First Action:

  • Add one tsp of raw Apple Cider Vinegar to eight ounces of neutral pH water.

  • Drink the ACV at least ten minutes before you have a meal with protein in it.

  • Do not drink the ACV straight.

  • If you find ACV disgusting, don't drink it.

Second Action:

  • Avoid alcohol if you want to balance your hormones and lose weight quickly.

  • If you must drink alcohol, do not drink alcohol for the first two weeks.

  • After two weeks, when you drink alcohol, keep it to one scheduled serving per week and drink a "Mac Cocktail."

I think it's time to do another 7-day challenge.

Who wants to lose 5 to 15 pounds in one week?

Lose your Thanksgiving bloat and a whole lot more.

I have room for 7 women!

Don't hesitate; it fills up really fast.


"You CAN be a menopausal woman and drop-dead gorgeous. You CAN be a woman over fifty and be filled with more energy than you know what to do with. You CAN be filled with enthusiasm to live, to love, to laugh."


In the next Course, I will explain the next step of the Enlightenment Strand.

#ThirdActCoach "Do Not Settle For Mediocrity While In Your "Trhid Act" Of Life." This is a picture of Vicky and me glamping. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to text me at 209-345-9799 PS Make sure to introduce your friends and family to The HOPE Protocol Your Friends and family can register for our FREE Course by copying and pasting this link--> You're already enrolled; that's what you just read. Also, please send them this link to our Facebook page --> DOC MAC COACHING © 2021 | Doc Mac Coaching Medical DisclaimerTestimonial Disclaimer None of the statements on this website have been evaluated by the FDA. Furthermore, none of the statements within this post should be construed as dispensing medical advice, making claims regarding the cure of diseases, nor can these products prevent disease. You should consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement, dietary, or exercise program, especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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