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How To Flip Negative Thinking

"The energy we give off is the energy we receive."

Like attracts like. If you want evidence of what kind of energy you're giving off, look around you and see who and what you have recently attracted into your life.

When we emit energy born from Love, we receive Love. When we receive negative outcomes, we emit negative energy.

Where does Love energy come from? Where does negative energy come from? They both come from the same place—your thoughts.

Let me share with you the tool I use to flip negative thinking into positive thinking.

The Observation Deck

I love to sit on observation decks that allow me to view a serene valley. We all own our own observation deck that can look into the vastness of our minds.

When I notice that I am emitting negative energy, I begin by Do-ing Three Six Breathing for at least seven cycles. (Inhale through your nostrils for a count of three and exhale through your mouth for a count of six)

Then I move into Mind Breathing. (Mind Breathing is when you are breathing through your nostrils with your eyes closed and placing all your attention on your breathing.)

I then go to the observation deck of my mind.

I imagine that I am standing at the deck’s railing overlooking a vast valley with a slow-moving river at its base surrounded by the greenest forest.

I observe the thoughts that are passing through my Valley of Thoughts. I’m especially looking for slow-moving, heavy negative thoughts.

“Because the energy you emit, be it positive or negative, is born from your thoughts.”

Thoughts that come from negative energy are anchors. These heavy negative thoughts anchor you and, even worse, drag you down into the abyss of not Have-ing.

When you spot an anchor thought, engage it. Sometimes these thoughts are downright ugly. No worries, we all have them.

I then engage with these Anchor Thoughts. If they are ugly, I first forgive myself for having such a thought. Then I thank the thought for revealing itself. These negative Anchor Thoughts don’t always show their face easily.

I next ask myself, how can I lighten the thought? I always ask Love to help me.

For example, let’s say I am Have-ing trouble with my sister. Let’s say I heard from a source that she said something bad about me.

The thought floating in my Valley of Thoughts was one of revenge. The thought is filled with anger.

I may feel a knot in my gut when I examine the thought.

I next ask Love to help me metamorphize the heavy negative thought about her into a light positive thought.

I take the negative anchor thought that is holding me back from being the person I wish to be, a brother who doesn’t take hearsay as the truth and never condemns a Loved one.

I take the thought and defuse the emotion attached to it as Perry Mason does with a star witness. I do this by encasing within that thought all the grand actions my sister has done for me and others in the past and currently.

I lastly take full responsibility for her telling someone bad stuff about me. I say to myself, I actually deserve that comment because...

You wouldn’t believe how often I find that I caused her action if she did say something bad about me.

By taking responsibility, I transform the negative anchor thought into a butterfly by asking questions that make me the source of the negativity.

I let the lightened, now positive thought, fly and glide randomly into the sky above Thought Valley, where Love exists.

The new energy you emit will lift you out of the abyss of negative thinking because you metamorphize the thought from you being the effect, to you being the cause.

"The key to Have-ing anything is flipping yourself from Be-ing the effect of something to Be-ing the cause of something."

You will never achieve your Haves if you are "in effect.”.

Only people at “cause” achieve their dreams.

“When it comes to your dreams, you cannot be the victim; you must be the responsible party. When you take responsibility, Love magically steps in to help."


Tuesday, I have a few openings to talk about the menu you need to use to lose weight while in "pause."





If you know anything about me, you know that my dream was to spend 24/7 with my wife, Vicky, as we diddled daddled in our RV around the country.

Well, the California drenching by Atmospheric Rivers has subsided, and we have been busy for the last three weeks diddle-daddling around Northern California, enjoying the sunshine.

One of the pleasures we have is drinking our coffee during morning spa outings. We love RV resorts that have spas. In this pic, we are enjoying each other 24/7, RVing, and drinking coffee in a spa. ✔️ ✔️✔️

Have Youthfulness–Be youthful–by Do-ing Youthful activities.

❤️ Doc

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