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The Ultimate Lab Test For Menopausal Women



Do you suffer from E.D.?

The Last Tool’s Takeaway

"The First Phase of Menopause is a condition called Estrogen Dominance. This condition is caused because estrogen levels did not reach the level needed to induce ovulation. Once you stop ovulating, ovarian progesterone and testosterone production cease; therefore, you lose the hormones that govern calmness, fat-burning, sleep, and drives.

Remember, we are making The HOPE Rope, and HOPE stands for the four strands we intertwine to make that rope we will use to pull ourselves out of the hormone abyss.

  • Hormone Optimization

  • Organic Sustenance

  • Purification Protocols

  • Enlightenment Coaching

Let’s review the hormones involved with the First Phase of Menopause. Remember, there are three phases to menopause.

The Ovarian Hormones

The three primary ovarian hormones are:

  1. Estradiol: The Feminine Hormone

  2. Progesterone: The Calming Hormone

  3. Testosterone: The Drive Hormone

Prior to menopause, estradiol and progesterone do this beautiful twenty-eight-day dance. When estradiol does not reach the level to induce ovulation and menopause occurs, ovarian progesterone production ceases. Estradiol loses its dancing partner.

"A chasm develops between progesterone and estradiol, allowing estradiol to become the dominant hormone."

We can measure the size of the chasm with a special salivary assay that compares the amount of Progesterone you have to the amount of Estradiol you have. This is called the P/E Ratio.

According to science, the minimal ratio between Progesterone and Estradiol should be 200 moles of progesterone to 1 mole of estradiol, or simply put, a 200 to 1 P/E ratio.

"Once the P/E ratio drops to 100 moles of progesterone to 1 mole of estradiol, you are diagnosed with Estrogen Dominance."

To simplify biochemistry, think of moles as molecules.

Here are the symptoms I have found associated with different Progesterone/Estradiol ratios.

100/1 Ratio: (100 molecules of progesterone to 1 molecule of estradiol within your blood.)

  • Rapid Weight Gain (The Menopause 30)

  • Weight Loss Resistance (The inability to lose weight no matter what you do)

75/1 Ratio

  • Sleeping Disorders

  • More Weight Gain

50/1 Ratio

  • Hormonal Induced Anxiety

  • Hormonal Induced Depression

  • More Weight Gain

25/1 Ratio

  • Loss of Interest in being Intimate

  • Loss of Motivation to be Social

  • More Weight Gain

I often hear this statement from hormonally challenged women who have P/E Ratios lower than 25 to 1.

"Doc, I am only happy when I have four walls, a locked door, and I am left frigging alone."

Every woman, even a premenopausal woman, should know her P/E Ratio. When we added Hormone Optimization to our practice, we thought the best way to test hormones was through a serum/blood test. We have found that to be untrue.

In my opinion, the best test to use is a salivary assay. Serum tests measure your current time hormone levels, which can be very misleading.

Let me explain what I mean with an example. Imagine that while you are on your way to getting your lab test, a man in a pick-up cuts you off and nearly runs you off the road; as your finger exits the window, your hormones go into fight or flight.

Serum tests will measure your hormones while they are in flight or flight, which will look much different than “normal.”

Here is another example. I would never test my hormones with a serum test after I watched my football team win or lose because each would cause my hormones to be in different states.

"Most doctors refuse to test your progesterone to estradiol ratio because they don’t know how and may have never even heard of such a test because they know very little about menopause and have no idea of how to treat estrogen dominance."

After testing thousands of women, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the progesterone to estradiol test is the most important hormone test for women, especially menopausal women.

The P/E Ratio test kit is inexpensive and very convenient since you can them at home.

Your insurance company will not pay for a salivary assay hormone test kit because it’s considered an anti-aging test. Don't waste your time trying.

HRA accounts, in most cases, will pay for it. Don’t worry; they are very inexpensive.

"Every woman on the planet should know her P/E Ratio!"

You can purchase the test kit online. The lab company will send you a package with a test tube within it. All you have to do is spit into the tube and mail it off in a special envelope they supply.

Please, thoroughly read the instructions.

There are also restrictions in a couple of states for no known reason. If that is the case for you, my clients get around these restrictions by having the kit sent to a friend or family member in another state and then having them mail it to them.

The P/E Ratio results come via email, so no worries there.

The main reason I prefer a salivary assay over a serum test is…

"When you use saliva, the test measures where your hormones were over a six to twelve-hour time period. Where serum tests measure where your hormones are at in current time."

Below are two of the kits my clients purchase and use the most.

If your man is becoming a grumpy old man with a beer belly, have him test his testosterone level. Below is a link to test testosterone.


"Every woman should know what her Progesterone to Estradiol Ratio is because the lower your P/E Ratio, the more menopausal symptoms you will have and the more menacing menopause will be."

In my next e-course, I will explain the first supplement we used to optimize our hormones.


If menopause has adversely affected your life, I will coach you for free. In this free coaching session, I will teach you how you can optimize your hormones.

"Because when your hormones are sound, your weight, health, and mind will follow."


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