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The First Menopause Supplement




Last Week’s Takeaway

"Every woman should know what her Progesterone to Estradiol Ratio is because the lower her P/E Ratio, the more menopausal symptoms she will have and the more menacing menopause will be."

Did you order your Progesterone to Estradiol Ratio Salivary Assay Test Kit? I hope I convinced you to do so because your P/E Ratio is the most important hormone test a menopausal woman can take.

As you know by now, I talk to dozens of menopausal women every week and have since 2010. (That's the year I dedicated my life to helping menopausal women with their plights.) The women I talk to are miserable in menopause. They are just not themselves, and they are angry and frustrated.

The P/E Ratio test will allow you to discover if the way you are feeling is hormonal.

Recall from earlier writings that when my wife went into menopause, we couldn't find anyone that specialized in treating the symptoms of menopause, no one, zilch.

Still, to this day, General Practitioners don't even know what a P/E Ratio is, but those that treat menopause do.

Here is a synopsis of last week's blog:

"Discover your progesterone to estradiol ratio, and you should have done it yesterday."

Okay, now let's discuss how I would treat my wife if her P/E Ratio indicated that she was Estrogen Dominant. Remember, a woman is diagnosed as Estrogen Dominant if her P/E Ratio is 100 moles of progesterone to 1 mole of estradiol or lower. (think of moles as molecules)

Now let me share the third tool that we use within the Hormone Strand of the HOPE For Menopause System, but before I do, let me teach you about Hormone Metabolism.


Hormones are digested just like our food. Our digestive system breaks our food into proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Our liver breaks down our hormones into what are called metabolites.

I will stick with estrogen metabolism since we are most concerned about estradiol. Estradiol travels within our blood to the liver. The liver digests the estrogen into three different metabolites. In essence, the liver rearranges the molecular structure of estrogen. Two are “bad” (carcinogenic and fat storing). One is “good” (less carcinogenic and less fat-storing.

As you already know, estrogen decreases as you age, and eventually, estrogen doesn’t reach a level to induce ovulation, and that is the true definition of menopause (remember, I define menopause as not ovulating). Since you are not ovulating, the other two ovarian hormones, progesterone and testosterone, which are tied directly to ovulation, have decreased substantially (Progesterone and testosterone levels decrease 80% to 100% of their premenopause levels once ovulation ceases).

Since a woman in menopause is running on fumes when it comes to progesterone and testosterone, estrogen is now the showrunner. Before menopause, they work as an executive producer team that optimizes your hormones, weight, health, and mind.

Remember that estrogen is a strong fat-storing hormone. The more dominant estrogen becomes, the more fat you will store.

The next point I will bring up will tick you off.

“Estrogen begets fat, and fat begets estrogen.”

Your fat becomes an estradiol-producing gland. As you gain menopausal fat, especially belly fat, your fat cells make enzymes that convert the little progesterone and testosterone you still have into estradiol.

"Estradiol and weight increase as you age, making estradiol even more dominant, and estradiol is being made from the little progesterone and testosterone you have, making these two hormones even more subservient to estradiol."

The first thing I had my wife do once I learned about Estrogen Dominance and the metabolites that the liver turned estradiol into was to route her estrogen down the “good” metabolite path. And how did I do that?

I discovered from lots of research that when we ate cruciferous vegetables, one of the compounds the vegetables made was called Indole-3 Carbinol. Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) is then metabolized by our microbiome (The bugs in your gut) into another compound called Diindolylmethane (DIM). DIM works like a traffic cop when comes to estradiol’s metabolites.

"DIM routes estradiol down the path that makes the “good” estradiol metabolite."

I began treating my wife’s Estrogen Dominance by placing my wife on a dose of 200 mg of DIM taken with her last meal of the day.

According to science, DIM is a natural estrogen router that is considered super safe. But in my experience, everyone is different, and some of my clients do have adverse reactions to DIM.

I don’t care how safe DIM is reported to be. My general rule for all supplements is if you have any adverse reaction after starting a supplement, stop taking that supplement immediately.

DIM is not a hormone and does not change your hormone levels. It routes estradiol down the path that makes the “good” metabolite.

“Never take any supplement without first talking to your healthcare provider.”

Over the years of exclusively helping hormonally challenged women and men, I have found that women with Hashimoto's, an autoimmune thyroid disease, may have adverse reactions to DIM.

After you have talked to your healthcare provider and she has approved DIM as a supplement, below is an Amazon link to the DIM my wife and I use.



"The first supplement I had my wife take as she climbed her way out of the hormone abyss caused by menopause was a supplement called DIM, a supplement that routes estrogen down the “good” metabolite path that is considered the less carcinogenic and less fat-storing path of estrogen metabolism."


DIM…”Helps prevent the effects of estrogen on cells. Slows some cancer cells. Lowers toxins produced by your body's natural metabolism.”

“Higher levels of the 16 pathway (One of the “bad” pathways of estradiol) are associated with breast cancer, obesity, hypothyroidism, pesticide toxicity (organochlorines), high Omega-6 fatty acids, and inflammatory cytokines. 16-OH-E1 has been shown to encourage tumor development. Lowering levels of 16aOH-E1 have been achieved via indole-3-carbinol (Cruciferous vegetables → Indole-3-carbinol → DIM) or one of its metabolites, di-indol methane (DIM).”

If you didn't order your Progesterone to Estradiol test kit, I have placed the links again below.




The next Hormone Strand Tool I will share with you is the most important supplement that I had my wife use to combat Estrogen Dominance.



If menopause has adversely affected your life, I will coach you for free. In this free coaching session, I will teach you how you can optimize your hormones.




Modesto CA

One of the things I love about Facebook is the memories. This week Facebook reminded me of how four years ago, I was the presenter at my son's high school of scholarships. It was especially memorable because I was able to present our youngest son with a scholarship he had received from Rotary International.

And remember...


"Because when your hormones are sound, your weight, health, and mind will follow."

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