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Somewhere in the middle…

Welcome. Sometimes, we need to go backward to understand what our desires are and where the tools we use to achieve them arise.

I am Doc Mac, and along with my wife, Vicky Mac, we will share with you the tools we have found that work best in eliminating the menacing symptoms of being in the hormonal abyss of menopause and andropause.

We have experimented with hundreds of different tools while helping over ten thousand patients and clients over my forty-three years practicing health optimization.

These tools worked well enough to allow us to open seven hormone and weight optimization medical clinics throughout Northern California.

We have since retired and travel back and forth across the country in our small fancy RV. (I'm writing this blog while on the road.)

As we travel, I coach women and men, write books, and I also write a popular newsletter that has tens of thousands of subscribers.

In each chapter, I teach you what we have learned over our four decades of making our “Third Act” of life what we dreamed it would be.

“We promise that these tools will make your “Third Act,” which happens to be your last act, better than you could ever imagine.”

Most of you believed your “Third Act” is where you would become the person you desired to be, balanced, slender, healthy, and calm.

We all thought, with age and the extra time we would have (and don’t forget about wisdom), that we would feel awesome, look awesome, and be healthy and happy.


Yup! “But” is what happened to many of us as we enter our Third Act.

“Women enter the Third Act with a sudden fall into the menopause abyss while men walk slowly into the andropause abyss. It may take a decade for men to hit bottom of the abyss.”

I have dedicated my “Third Act” of life to becoming a rope-maker. The rope I have made and continue to improve on will be thrown into the hormone abyss caused by our “PAUSES,” menopause, and andropause, so we can grab hold of it and pull ourselves out of the "Third Act" hormone abyss.

I will toss the rope I made for myself aside. This post is about what happened to my wife once she went into menopause and the rope we developed for her.

Don’t worry; if you are worried about your husband’s PAUSE, we have another book that is just for him.

So…let me start somewhere in the middle. My wife and I owned a wellness medical clinic. This clinic in the 1980s was one of the busiest wellness centers in America. We were seeing over 100 patients a day.

Our wellness patients would come into our clinic because they wanted to avoid dis-ease. (We also had a pain relief clinic too.) They had either seen their parents or another family member battle a disease, and they wanted to prevent the heartache their loved ones would have if the same happened to them.

This is the universal question they would ask me.

“Doc, what can I do to prevent myself from having (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, or Alzheimer's)?”

There was one universal answer.

“Let food be thy medicine.”

You see when I graduated and received my doctorate, I dreamed of treating people before they became diseased. I knew that our sustenance was the primary cause of chronic diseases, but we were taught in school that most diseases had a source cause of genetics. The truth was that our sustenance triggered our genetics to falter.

I learned very little about Nutritional Medicine while in college; doctors are taught hardly anything about nutrition in college. I had to be a student of nutrition after receiving my doctorate. I went on a quest and learned from the best Nutritional Medicine practitioners I could find.

It didn’t take me long to discover that having a wellness practice was a misnomer.

Wellness turned out to be weight loss. I say this because nearly every person who came into my practice, once I got through my patient's first question about how to avoid disease, I discovered that their deep-down desire was to be slender. And that was a good thing because research has shown that we live as long as our waist is small.

So…for twenty-five years, I studied wellness under the tutelage of Nutritional Medicine.

Then my wife went into menopause.

“In my first twenty-five years of practicing wellness (weight-loss), I learned one thing for sure: it was nearly impossible to take the excess weight off of a woman in menopause.”

The reason why it is so difficult for women in menopause to lose the excess weight menopause gifted to them was because their hormones were turned upside down.

My wife, who worked in our clinic as a nurse and nutritionist, became one of those patients that we would either not accept into our weight loss program or at least try to discourage because we had a ninety percent failure rate.

Doctors are taught nothing about menopause. My wife and I both knew that her hormones caused the adverse effects of menopause, but, there’s that word again; we didn’t know where to begin.

My wife went to her personal doctor, who told her she would have to live with it. That ticked her off because some of the women she knew that were in menopause didn’t have the multitude of symptoms she was developing, and she wanted to know why.

She wanted a second opinion, so I referred her to one of my colleagues. This doctor offered to prescribe her psych drugs. That ticked her off even more. She told that doctor.

“I’m in menopause; I’m not mental.”

That is when she came to me and asked for my help. Imagine that! She had to come to her husband and talk about being hormonal.

We eventually discovered that doctors went to The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine to learn about hormones and hormone therapy. We took their classes, and I eventually took their test to become board certified in Anti-Aging Medicine and passed.

I then took my newfound Hormone Optimization knowledge and meshed it with my Weight Optimization practice. Voilà!

It didn’t take too long to discover a very important fact, and that was…

“We are nothing more than a reflection of our hormones.”

Vicky and I once brought in a teenager to live in our home. He was a lanky young man. He could eat an entire pizza and lose a pound. He couldn’t have weighed more than a buck-forty sopping wet. We’ve all met someone like that. Heck, you might have been like that at one time.

The ability "eat an entire pizza and lose a pound" is all about the hormones.

After treating thousands, I can say that hormones govern how you look, feel, how healthy you are, and even how you think.


“Optimize your hormones, and your weight, health, and mind will follow.”

In the next “PAUSE” blog, we will take a look at your hormones and see if you have fallen into The Hormone Abyss of Menopause, and if so, how far.



I have a few openings to talk about how you can live a life hormonally sound.

Because when your hormones are sound, your weight, health, and mind will follow.




Monterey CA

One thing I love about Facebook is Memories. This is Vicky and I a couple of years back doing what we are on our way to do in ten minutes, have coffee in the spa. But this year, we are having our coffee in Sacramento, CA where we are camping at the moment.


😎​ Doc ❤️

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