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Make Dreams Real

Updated: Feb 21, 2023


“Doc, I am here. I don’t like here. How do I get to there? Where I want to be.”

You can be happy, look great, feel great, and be at peace even though you are at that age. I promise.

The solution is to know in detail where you want to go for each of the four strands that make up your Life Rope.

  • ME

  • US

  • THEM

  • HIM

You took the four actions below in Step One of this protocol to discover your desires for each of life's strands.

  1. EXHALE YOUR DESIRES: You wrote down every desire that streamed from your consciousness. Strive to write at least fifty desires.

  2. PRIORITIZE YOUR DESIRES: From your list of fifty or more desires, you chose one desire from each of life’s strands: ME, US, THEM, HIM.

  3. UNIVERSAL DELIVERANCE: You then wrote a letter to yourself describing in detail what your priority desire was for each of life's strands and sent this letter via the mail to yourself.

  4. TUCKED AWAY: Once you received your letter, you did not open it but hid it in a drawer to be opened one year from the day you wrote it.

I have taught these four tools in detail in previous courses.

In this course, I will show you how I make my dreams real. I use this fourth tool after completing the Three Tools of Tranquility. Here is a recap of the Three Tools of Tranquility.

  • Three Six Breathing

  • Five Sense Awareness

  • Thought Release

For example, my Four Priority Desires are:

  1. Me: I weigh a muscled V-Shaped 200 pounds.

  2. Us: I have rented a home at Yellowstone National Park, and "US" (Vicky, our children, and grandchildren) will vacation together this summer.

  3. Them: I have at least six clients who obtain their “ME” desires each month.

  4. Him: I have completed my new book on achievement, and it's been published.

Those are my Four Priority Desires. Let me show you how I Dream Reality.

After I have completed Thought Release and my mind is clear, I visualize my “ME” desire. It begins as a vaporous apparition, and I watch my desired body transform into a solid. I can hear it transform. I can feel it transform. I can see it transform. I can taste it transform. I can smell it transform into my "ME" desire of being a muscular V-Shaped 200 pounds.

After I have transformed my “ME” desire, I visualize my “US” desire. It begins as a vaporous apparition, and in my tranquility, I watch the house I have procured for our family vacation materialize into reality. I can hear the grandchildren play. I can feel the walls and furniture. I can see the beautiful views. I can taste Vicky’s home-cooked meals. I can smell the mountain air as I stand on the veranda of our rented home at Yellowstone National Park's west entrance as my children and grandchildren vacation together for one week in July.

After I have transformed my “US” desire, I visualize my “THEM” desire. It begins as a vaporous apparition. While in my tranquil state, I visualize six of my current clients achieving their "ME" goals. I can hear them telling me how excited they are. I can feel their triumph as we speak. I can see them wearing the clothes they would purchase when they achieved their desired size. I can taste their permanent menu meals. I can smell their perfume or cologne as they leave to show the world how they have achieved their "ME" desire. I have all six of my clients send me pre and post pictures of themselves, which I post on our HOPE For Menopause Facebook Group Page.

I next visualize my “HIM” desire. It begins as a vaporous apparition. While in my tranquil state, I visualize my book completed. I hear the publisher tell me my finished copy is coming. I can feel the book in my hands. I can see the perfect book cover. I can taste the book’s glue. I can smell the new book’s smell. My new book is finished and published.

Now it's your turn to obtain peace in your life and make your dreams real.

Wake up every morning, and before you do anything, oh come on, it only takes fifteen minutes; take these four steps.

  • Three Six Breathing

  • Five Sense Awareness

  • Thought Release

  • Dream Reality

These four tools are the most powerful tools in our toolbox to achieve today's, this week's, this month's, this year's, and your life's desires.

I challenge you to wake up every morning and practice these four tools for the next twenty-one days, and I promise if you do them and do them correctly, your life will improve in leaps and bounds.


If you are having a hard time with the symptoms of menopause, click on the link below so you can schedule a free coaching session.

My purpose in life is to you achieve the body and mind you desire


This past Saturday night, Vicky and I had a date night. We went and watched Howie Mandal, who made us laugh for a couple of hours. My purpose in life is to fill my "Third Act" with memories because isn't that what life is all about?


By the way, talk to me if you are having difficulty looking and feeling the way you want to be in your "Third Act" of life. Elaine did, and look what happened to her.

I clear my Tuesdays weekly to coach any of my readers for free, but I can't help you unless you take the first step and schedule a coaching session. Click on the link below, schedule your free coaching session, and I will put a plan together so you can lose weight and keep it off by correcting your hormones. And remember, you are nothing more than a reflection of your hormones, and I do hormones because it's all about your hormones.

🤗 Doc

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