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How to use love to HAVE anything...

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

There are four strands to Being the "YOU" you desire to Be. The four strands are designed to optimize your hormones, weight, health, and mind.

For the entirety of 2023, our blog has concentrated on how to optimize your mind because that is where we learn to be finishers. We are breaking the habit of being quitters, the number one reason people fail.

In today's post, we will continue with teaching how to optimize your mind. In this post, we enter the Fifth Book of Mind Optimization.


In the first exercise, way back in Book One, we began creating “YOU” by diving deeply into what you wanted to Have. And then we discovered who you would need to BE to Have your Have. We next explained how you needed to build a Do bridge between your Have and Be.

The Do Bridge is comprised of Younique Pearls, which are habits that define who we are. For example, you may be a Teetotaler who never drinks alcohol. That is a habit that is part of who you are.

Routining Success is brought about by stringing these Younique Pearls together to make the “YOU” you desire.

When we finished Book One, we devised a Dream Reality Statement. Recall there are four life strands, Me, Us, Them, and Him. Below is a ME Strand example:

I am a mesomorph (BE) who weighs 135 pounds (Have) by eating Meso-Meals and Do-ing Meso-Exercises (DO).

Many of my clients think that all you have to do is say this statement repeatedly after completing the Tame Stress Exercise and in a tranquil state, and they will Have exactly what they want when they want it.

This makes our Dream Reality statement being said repeatedly magical. After you watched The Secret, wasn’t that the message you received? Sorry, but that’s a myth.

“Have-ing isn’t about getting what you want. Have-ing is about getting what we want.”

Have-ing comes about by combining our physical, mental, and spiritual energies for the greater good of all.

For example, if you want the universe, which we will call God's Infinite Intelligence, to help you Be a Mesomorph, it must Be for the good of all four strands of life: Me, Us, Them, and Him.

"Have-ing comes about when all of your life’s strands intertwine for the greater good of all concerned."

In the first exercise, I had you write down your desires and send them off in a letter to someone or even to yourself. The sending of the letter represents letting God's Infinite Intelligence participate in helping us Have our desires.

If you haven’t mailed your Dream Reality Statements, please do so. This act represents asking God's Infinite Intelligence to be on your team.

"When you welcome God's infinite intelligence onto your team, life’s journeys become more magic-like."

When you mingle, the physical with the mental and the mental with the spiritual, for the benefit of all, Have-ing appears more frequently and with less effort.

You may have heard the impression, “Let go and let God.”

Let me tell you a quick story of how not to ask God's Infinite Intelligence onto your team.

When I was young, I loved going to Jamaica. I loved the white sand beaches of Negril. The only negative was the Jamaican Hasslers. The Hasslers wouldn't leave me alone as I walked Negril’s Seven Mile Beach.

The Hasslers constantly tried to sell me souvenirs, crafts, and drugs. I would get so annoyed; this was before I knew about Mind Breathing.

There is no way I would purchase anything from any of these Hasslers. No way! That would stimulate more hasslers to hassle me even more so.

God's Infinite Intelligence works in the same way. You can’t hassle God and think you will get what you want. Hassling emits the wrong kind of energy wave.

“You will not be able to hassle your way to achieving your Haves.”

To Have, you must align with the wavelength frequency of God's Infinite Intelligence to receive Her help. And what frequency is God on? It’s called the Love Frequency.

If you want God’s Infinite Intelligence to help you Have, love must be the foundation of your desire.

If you want to Be a Mesomorph and weigh 135 pounds, your desire must rise from love.

The love for

  • Me (Yourself)

  • Us (Your Inner Circle)

  • Them (Your Outer Circle)

  • Him (God)

For example, if you want to be a mesomorph and weigh 135 pounds, do so because

  • You love your body and want it to perform at its best

  • You love your spouse, children, and parents so much you want to exude health by being an example and mentor.

  • You love your work so much that you desire to be in great health with clarity of mind and to be able to produce the best for your coworkers and customers.

  • You love God so much that you want Her to be proud of you.

Today and every day, build your Do bridge from love. Focus on love and see your desires appear.

ACTION STEP: Gratitude journals are incredible Dos, but a Love Journal takes it to an even higher level.

Every night, just before you tuck yourself into bed, think about how you loved yourself, your inner circle, your outer circle, and God, and write how you did so in your Love Journal. This will align your energy with God’s Infinite Intelligence’s energy where more and more love can be liberated.

Many of us become blind to God’s Infinite Intelligence because of the stresses in our life.

Part of your Dream Reality Exercise should include placing your hand over your heart and asking God’s Infinite Intelligence to keep your mind aware of Her presence.

Say this…

"Show and keep me on the path of love and I will follow and Have our desires.”

And remember, at this moment, you are where you’re supposed to be.

Let's talk if you are having trouble Being who You desire to Be and would like me to coach you. I will explain how I provide Weekly Customized Instructions in a course-like format and provide Daily Accountability through 24/7 texting availability.

If you are committed to Be-ing the "YOU", you desire. Let me guide you. Schedule our talk by... CLICKING HERE.

If you have any questions or comments, place them in the comment box below.

🧘🏽‍♂️ Doc Mac

Hormone, Weight, Health, and Mind Optimization Coach



A Date Night filled with AWE!

Vicky and I had a date night last night. We went and watched a powerful performance by One of These Nights, an Eagles tribute band that tours the country. You forget how many magnificent songs the Eagles wrote until you hear them back-to-back for a few hours.

Nearly twenty years ago, I took our oldest son to watch the Eagles live at the Save Mart Center in Fresno; He was playing football for the Bulldogs at the time. His favorite song was then and is still today, Hotel California. I watched him cry as the band played Hotel California.

As a father, I went into awe watching him be in awe. It is a moment I cherish.

Nearly twenty years later, he got to watch the Eagles again this past week in Florida. He cried again. His lovely wife shared the video with the family, and he shared it on his social media accounts.

He also played Hotel California at his wedding, and he and his little brother sang and danced it as a duet. Yes, it's his little brother's favorite song too.

Have you ever been so awed that you cried?

Like my son, I cry when awed; all you have to do is sit with me through an American Idol episode, and you'll see.

Last night was a great date; it always is with my wife,

To live life to its fullest, participate in something that awes you so much that you cry. It does wonders for the soul, too.

❤️ Doc

Hormone, Weight, Health, and Mind Optimization Coach

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