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How To KNOW What To Do To Tame Menopause

The "Pause" Newsletter

"My purpose in life is to learn how to make my "Third Act" of life AWESOME."

"My God-given purpose is to share what I have learned with others."

I call the system I have developed to optimize our hormones and weight while in our "Third Acts" of life, The HOPE Protocol. I should have called it The HOPE Rope because it has four strands that need to be intertwined. The HOPE Rope is what we will use to pull ourselves out of The Hormone Abyss.


"We are nothing more than a reflection of our hormones."


  • Hormone Optimization

  • Organic Sustenance

  • Purification Protocols

  • Enlightenment Coaching

Today's Hack on how to look and feel awesome during your "Third Act" of life is from The Enlightenment Strand.


"Doc, I get it. To lose the weight I have to manipulate insulin and glucagon with my menu and to maintain my weight I have to correct my progesterone to estradiol ratio. I also understand that one study shows that women fail on a diet 97% of the time and that daily supervised accountablity that you provide in your coaching program flips that number to a 97% success rate. But...Doc, how in the heck do I know how to do all of this?

The answer is KNOWLEDGE.

The second enlightenment key to making your dreams a reality is having the knowledge to transform a hormonally challenged body.

In Phase One of The HOPE Protocol, you will need to know how to

  • Optimize Your Ovarian Hormones

  • Optimize Your Menopause Weight

  • Optimize Your Liver

  • Optimize Your Thinking

The second step you'll need to achieve an optimal you, the first being supervised accountability, is a step-by-step guide on how to be the "YOU" that you desire.

We provide all of our clients with a week-to-week e-course that explains what steps you'll need to take to achieve "Third Act" awesomeness.

You don't have to take every step. We have our clients take the actions suggested that ring true for them. Some of the e-courses will make you say, 'boy, I sure need that,' and other courses will cause you to say, no I don't need that. Follow your gut instincts. Every course is an experiment.

Not all of the tools in our e-course will work for you. We want you to find the tools that work best for you. Those are the ones that go into your "Be Third Act Awesome Toolbox." Once you gather the tools that work for you; your hormones will balance, you will achieve your ideal weight, and you will achieve a much higher level of health.

Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture from IKEA? Their furniture has such simplistic clean lines. We once found a perfect desk for one of our guest rooms. It was the perfect color, design, and size for the room. The desk comes in a box, a box that didn't look large enough to contain the desk, but it did. Vicky and I opened the box and there were several more pieces than we had imagined.

We took all the pieces and laid them on the hallway floor. There wasn't an empty hallway space once all the pieces were laid out.

I want to be transparent, I may be the doctor and Vicky the nurse but when it comes to handyman actions, Vicky is the engineer and I am the hired help.

I once had to put a new deadbolt into our front door. I went to Home Depot and bought one of those keyless combination locks so we couldn't lose another key. We had lost our front door keys over a decade ago. Thank God we live in a gated community that is quite safe because our front door hadn't been locked for maybe fifteen years. Anyhow, I tried and tried and tried to get that deadbolt to fit in the pre-drilled hole. After about a half-hour, I gave up. It was logical that I must have bought the wrong size deadbolt. Vicky saw me box up the new deadbolt and asked me what I was doing. I told her I must have bought the wrong size deadbolt and I was going to return it.

She said that she believed that all deadbolt holes were of a universal size. Vicky then walked over and pulled out the deadbolt from its box and slipped it right into the hole. This is one handyman story of many.

Since Vicky is the engineer of the family she refuses to read the instructions. I can hear her thinking as she looked at the pieces. 'There is only one way these things can go together. It can't be that hard.'

Remember folks, it's IKEA!

After several attempts of trying to make sense of the IKEA puzzle, I finally convinced her to let me read the instructions to her. I am not about to say it went smoothly after that but the desk came together correctly without any leftover pieces.

When it comes to optimizing your body and mind, you will need to have a set of instructions to follow.

We have placed forty-two years of experience coaching thousands of women into our hormone and weight optimization e-course.

Each week the course teaches you four tools, one from each strand of The HOPE Protocol that takes you one step closer to having your hormones, weight, health, and life "awesome."

One of the primary barriers to you achieving ideal hormone balance, weight, and health, especially when you are in your "Third Act" of life, is that you don't know what to do. The ironic thing is neither dows your doctor. The HOPE Course gives you the KNOWLEDGE you will need to have to achieve your ideal hormone balance, weight, health and life.

If you asked me 'Doc, how do I gain the knowledge to optimize my hormones, weight, health, and life,' this is what I would tell you.

  1. Become a coaching client because that is the most successful and efficient way to optimize all four strands of The HOPE Protocol.

  2. If you don't need to lose weight and you are just interested in optimizing your hormones, buy my e-book HOPE For Menopause.

  3. Read my weekly newsletter because week by week you will gain all the knowledge you will need.

Knowledge is like your GPS; it will take you from where you are to where you want to go. It might not be a straight line, but it's the quickest most efficient way to get there.


I limit the people I coach to a handful at a time. I provide daily supervised accountability through daily statistical texting and all the knowledge you will ever need through The HOPE Protocol e-course. The e-course is delivered weekly via email. Each e-course will have instructions to improve each of the four strands of The HOPE Protocol.

  • The first strand will teach you how to optimize your ovarian hormones.

  • The second strand will teach you how to achieve your ideal weight.

  • The third strand will teach you how to optimize your liver function so that balancing your hormones and achieving your ideal weight all happen more efficiently.

  • The fourth strand will teach you how to optimize your thoughts so you will have better discipline, which makes achievement much easier.

If you don't know how to do something, you don't know how to do something.


Several years ago I put the thirteen steps of the Hormone Strand into an e-book. It is a simple step-by-step plan to help improve your Progesterone to Estradiol ratio. Recall from previous e-courses that the primary condition a woman encounters in menopause is called Estrogen Dominance. The lower your progesterone to estradiol ratio, the more estrogen dominant you are. The steps have changed since I wrote the book because each year we discover new ways to naturally improve women's P/E Ratio so the Hormone Strand, like all strands, is ever evolving.

Estrogen dominance is the primary hormone condition that causes most of the initial symptoms of women once they enter menopause


Every week I provide you with a menopause hack. If you compiled all of the information I share with you in this free newsletter, you will eventually gain all the knowledge you will need to optimize your hormones and weight. You will also gain the knowledge of how to optimize your liver, which is very important to make the whole process more efficient. (Makes it happen faster). You will also gain the knowledge of how to optimize your thinking, which makes the whole process much easier.

You are already enrolled in this newsletter. If you would like to share this newsletter with friends and family, send this link for them to join and receive all of this information for free.

"We promise to share everything we have learned about how to make menopause awesome every week in our free weekly newsletter.."


You have to know how to optimize your hormones, weight, health, and life.

  • The most efficient way is to become a coaching client. Click here.

  • If you are interested in correcting estrogen dominance, purchase my e-book. Click here

  • If you are in no hurry and don't want to spend any money, read our newsletter every week and remember to share it with others. Click Here.

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone”--Pablo Picasso


ONE QUOTE "Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice." --Anton Chekhov: A Russian playwright and short-story writer who is considered to be one of the greatest writers of all time.



This is our client Malikah. Balancing her hormones, eating the Protable Menu, purifying her liver, and being coached transformed her body in one month.

"It's all about your hormones."

Schedule a FREE consultation to discover everything you will need to do to eliminate the symptoms of being a hormonally challenged woman.

During this conversation, I will teach you all four components of The HOPE Protocol in detail, and I will also explain to you what you will need to do to guarantee that you achieve the dress size you desire to look ravishing in a short few months.



Phase One...

  • Weight Gain

  • Weight Loss Resistance

  • Sleeping Disorders

  • Hormonal Induced Anxiety

  • Hormonal Induced Depression

  • Loss of Interest in Being Intimate

  • Loss of Motivation to be Social

Phase Two...

  • Marked Loss of Energy

  • Goldilock's Syndrome (It has to be just the right temperature, or you're miserable)

  • Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

  • Loss of Hair

  • Aged Skin

  • Laziness

Phase Three...

  • Inability to Wake Alert

  • Body Aches and Pains Upon Arising

  • Irritability, Aggravation, and Anger about things that should not make you Irritable, Aggravated, or Angry.

  • Brain Fog

  • Forgetfulness

Our coaching program provides...

  • Daily Statistical Texting that provides supervised accountability.

  • Our week-to-week instructional course on how to optimize your hormones and weight.

  • 24/7 access to me via texting for solutions to any challenges you face during the day.

  • You will receive motivational phone calls from me when you feel like giving up.

Schedule a FREE consultation to discover everything you will need to do to eliminate the symptoms of being a hormonally challenged woman.


Vicky and I jumped in our RV this week and spent Labor Day Weekend camping on the beach In Half Moon Bay, California.

Making our "Third Act" awesome!



If you would like more information about our coaching program, visit our website

If you have a quick question, please don't email me...

Text me @ 209-345-9799

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