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How To HAVE Anything...

At the end of Book One of Create You, you came up with four Dream Reality Statements. You came up with a Dream Reality Statement for each of the Four Strands of Life:

  1. ME

  2. US

  3. THEM

  4. HIM

Each Dream Reality Statement consisted of three parts.

  1. HAVE

  2. BE

  3. DO

We began by exhaling on paper everything we desired in life. Then we found our Priority Intentions. Then we delivered our four Dream Reality Statements to the Universe by mailing them in a letter To ourselves. Once the Dream Reality statements returned to us, we tucked them away to be opened in one year.

In this book, Book Five, I am teaching you how to manifest your Dream Reality Statements with the help of God’s Love. God is Love. To make your dreams real,

"Love, love, love, all you need is love."


The Love Journal

I Introduced you to the Love Journal last week. I'm going to remind you what I suggested, and then we are going to up-level it.

"Gratitude journals are incredible Dos, but a Love Journal takes it to a more powerful level."

Every night, just before you tuck yourself into bed, think about how you loved yourself, your inner circle, your outer circle, and God during the day, and write how you did so in your Love Journal.

This will align your energy with God’s Infinite Intelligence’s energy where more and more love can be liberated.

To take it a step further, write your Dream Reality Statements, and below each statement, free-write anything that comes to your mind with Love as the foundation of your desires.

For example,

"I am a mesomorph that weighs 135 pounds and accomplished this by eating meso-meals, and doing meso-exercises."

Notice how your Dream Reality Statment follows the Three Strands of Life, Be--Have--Do.

Your Dream Reality Statements guide you through life as the stars did for ancient mariners.

Once you have written your Dream Reality Statement in your Love Journal, pause, and visualize what you have written.

Pay close attention to how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. Then start writing whatever comes to your mind.

"God, weighing my ideal weight, I would feel accomplished, light, and svelt. I would be healthier, have more self-confidence, and I would feel good about buying new clothes like that sun dress I saw the other day at Nordstrom’s. Oh, God, my weighing 135 pounds would help me love myself more and show my husband more love, and I know my children would be proud of me and my co-workers would respect me more, and God, I will be able to love all more."

Don’t judge your writing; just let it flow and use love like we use "Release" as our mooring word when we do Mind Breathing (a simple tool where you sit quietly with your eyes closed and place all of your attention on your breathing. When a thought enters and breaks your attention, think of your mooring word, "release," to release the thought.);

Use Love as your mooring word during this writing exercise.

Upon completing your journaling for the day, review your entry and circle new words you have used or your favorite words that have the most impact within the entry.

Work in your Love Journal Daily. There is no better way to Have your Haves than to stay connected to your Haves by writing your thoughts and feelings in your Love Journal.

“If you feel negative emotions while writing the way you feel about your Have-ing your Haves, you Have uncovered one of the reasons you don’t Have your Have.”

If you feel narcissistic, greedy, unworthy, or apologetic for desiring your Haves, you must rid yourself of that feeling by mind-shifting it under your Love Umbrella. To turn your dreams into reality, they must arise out of the foundation of love.

“When your dreams arise from love, you won’t feel a need to apologize.”

For example, let’s say you desire to weigh 135 pounds. You must realize the love that comes with weighing 135 pounds.

  • The Love you have for your health.

  • The Love you have for your children and grandchildren because if you don't weigh your ideal weight, your chair may be empty at your grandchildren’s weddings.

  • The Love you Have for your friends because they will miss your sense of humor at your monthly Bingo games.

  • The Love you Have for God because she will greet you with open arms and whisper that you came to Her a bit earlier than you should Have.

Can you see how desiring Haves for the reason of Love changes the Have’s energy?

This energy will fuel God’s Universal Energy to take your dreams and turn them into reality.

Desiring Haves from love makes you and everyone Have your back, even those that live in constant negative energy.

"Love pulls negative people out of their negative abyss into the positive sky above where Love lives."

Have you ever noticed that when your energy is the most negative, that is when transformations occur? That's Love finding you.

For example, when do people become religious? When Love enters them, we all have had that happen. We quiver because Love is hugging us, and then Love lifts our spirit into the Sky of Love.

Give birth to your dreams from the ether of Love, and they just may materialize out of thin air.



I have a few openings where I will share with you everything you need to know on how to optimize your hormones, weight, health, and mind optimization.

I LOVE to share the tools you'll need to Have: To Be The "YOU" you desire to BE!


Me Watching the Sun Rise

As you probably know, Vicky and I are usually traveling in our RV. For the last couple of weeks, we have been doing just that. Vicky took this pic out of our RV's back window. That is me with our dog in the lower right corner of the pic. She caught me mesmerized by another glorious sunrise. Remember that watching the sunrise turns off your night hormones and turns on your day hormones.

❤️ Doc

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