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How Much Water Should A Menopausal Woman Drink?

The "Pause" Blog

"My purpose in life is to learn how to make my "Third Act" of life AWESOME."

"My God-given purpose is to share what I have learned with others."

I call the system I have developed to optimize our hormones and weight in our "Third Acts" of life, The HOPE Protocol. I should have called it The HOPE Rope because it has four strands that need to be intertwined. The HOPE Rope is what we will use to pull ourselves out of The Hormone Abyss of menopause and andropause.


"We are nothing more than a reflection of our hormones."


  • Hormone Optimization

  • Organic Sustenance

  • Purification Protocols

  • Enlightenment Coaching

Today's lesson is from The Purification Strand.


"Doc, in previous courses, you taught me how important it is to optimize my liver if I wanted to optimize my hormones and weight. You taught me how Apple Cider Vinegar would help me flush out the ashes caused by the liver burning up human-made chemicals. You also taught me that alcohol could be drunk, but it needed to be minimized and scheduled. You also taught me that if I improve my liver's function, I will be able to optimize my hormones and weight much faster. So...what's the next step to optimizing my liver?

WATER: The Body's Cleanser

I sat at the edge of my 19-year-old son's bed. He had been sent home from college because of the Covid-19 virus. Thanks, virus; I was really liking having an empty nest.

He's a good boy. We've raised five children, actually, seven, because Vicky and I took in two during their high school years. Derek is our youngest. As always, he was playing video games. His room was hot because he had been playing on his Xbox all night.

I left the room and got him a bottle of water. I took off the bottle's top because Lord be told if he would have to let go of his gaming thing-a-ma-jig. I have no idea what it's called.

He took off his headset. "I don't need it, Dad. I watched a video on Instagram last night that said drinking water was all BS. He said we only need two cups a day if we need that."

I knew who he was talking about. He was an actual colleague of mine. I pivoted. I've learned from raising 7 teenagers that you don't want to debate them. The one thing a teenager lives for is to be right, even when they are so very wrong.

"I'm not worried about hydration. I'm worried about your body's filter." I said.

He looked at me quizically. I picked up a near-empty bag of Hot Cheetos. He's a teenager, he actually eats well for a teenager, but I catch him cheating more often than I would like.

I began reading some of the ingredients.

"Corn Meal, Vegetable Oil, Flamin' Hot Seasoning, Salt, Sugar, Monosodium Glutamate, Yeast, Citric Acid, Artificial Colors Red 40, Yellow 6, Yellow 5 Sunflower Oil, Sodium Diacetate, Disodium Inosinate, Disodium Guanylate."

I paused. He didn't react.

"You're going to need to flush all this crap out of you. You don't want this stuff adhering to your liver cells. All of these human-made chemicals need to be burned up by the liver and then the liver needs to flush the ashes out."

I didn't see him, but I could feel his eyes roll.

"What do we use to cleanse anything and everything?"

"Water!" He answered.

"It is essential to drink lots of clean water."

I had brought him a bottle of my favorite mineral-infused alkaline water. I prefer to drink mineral-infused alkaline water because it's more like God's water.

"Son, if you're going to be holed up in this sweatbox playing games all night, and eating chemicals, make sure to drink lots of water."

He nodded his head as he continued to play the game. He gave me the courtesy of not wearing his headset.

"I'll make sure to drink my two cups." He said, chuckling.

Smartass! I thought, but he is a good boy. He was jesting.

"You know the rule."

"Yes, drink half our body weight in water." He said.

"Or drink a minimum of 80 ounces daily. And I prefer that you drink mineral-infused alkaline water."

I decided to go into lecture mode. I have found with teenagers that giving them one of my lectures was enough to get them to do what I asked because they did not want to hear another one. To them, my little talks were equal to waterboarding.

"You've got to remember that our bodies are 60% water. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water."

I tapped him on the shoulder to get him to look at me.

"When you get my age, when you get in your "Thrid act" of life, you will lose your ability to thirst. Without proper thirst signals, we dehydrate. Dehydration negatively affects every cell in our bodies. If you make your water intake goal half your body weight, and if you weigh 200 pounds,"

He is a water polo player standing about 6 feet two inches; that was my best guess of his weight.

"Then, you will need to drink 100 ounces of water per day."

"Like I can do that!" He said.

"Oh, come on, that's only five ventis (20-ounce servings) in a day." Using Starbucks math was easier for him to comprehend.

"I want you to drink mineral water. It has a higher pH."

Since I was a young boy, I have visited Yosemite National Park on a nearly yearly basis. I remember hiking in the park and drinking water directly from the streams. Yosemite's stream water tasted out of this world. The reason is that it ran across the granite and infused itself with minerals from the granite. That is why I prefer to drink mineral-infused alkaline water. It is more like God-made water than any other kind of water.

"I would prefer you to drink alkaline water with at least a 9.5 pH," I said.

We drink alkaline water called Essentia. I prefer this water because they purify it, mineralize it and ionize it. If Essentia is out of your budget, then choose spring water.

My mentors yell at me because Essentia uses plastic bottles. I have learned you have to choose your battles. Essentia bottles are in the safest plastic, but it's still plastic.

My mentors prefer spring water out of a glass bottle. If you would like to explore that option, the brand with the most accolades is Mountain Valley Spring Water in glass bottles.

Essentia has become very trendy and can now be purchased in most supermarkets. You can purchase both brands from Amazon. And if you have Amazon Prime, you will receive free shipping. I am not an affiliate with Amazon. It's just that most of my clients ask me where to get the items I write about.

Below is a link for Essentia's website, and an amazon link. To get around the plastic debate, Essentia is now offering boxed water to lessen the plastic used.

And if you want the best and have the means

This past year, Vicky and I visited Mountain Valley Spring Water's Main distribution Store in Hot Spring Arkansas. I was able to purchase many of their products and was very impressed.

Drinking plenty of water is most helpful for both detoxing the liver and kidneys. Many “Who Saids” out there have different opinions. After forty years of research, below is what I have discovered from my patients and clients, that works the best when it comes to hormone and weight optimization.

Here are my recommendations when it comes to drinking water.

  • Drink Half of Your Body Weight in Ounces Every Day.

  • Drink at Least 80 Ounces of Water Every Day

  • Drink Alkaline Water

  • Don't use Alkaline Water With Your ACV

  • If You Can, Avoid Water Bottled in Plastic Containers


I have seen my past patients and clients use this one tool and lose ten pounds or more. Water is a great way to reduce hunger and appetite. Water is so essential to cleansing your liver and I have found that you have to drink a bit more to get past the cellular use of water. By drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water, you will drink enough water to cleanse your body and liver.

The more water you drink the more weight you will lose and the healthier your liver will be.


Some of us find that drinking half of our body weight in ounces of water is an impossible task. I know I find it very difficult myself. Eighty ounces of water is a substitute number or better said a doable number even by me.

Some of us weigh more than others and half the body weight in ounces is not a doable number. If that is the case drink a minimum of eighty ounces of water everyday.


As we age, we lose our ability to thirst. This causes our bodies to dehydrate. I have told the story many times of how I discovered alkaline water ages ago. Here is the short story.

I walked past a vendor at a medical conference and he handed me a bottle of water as I tried to avoid him. I drank the water, which seemed to be absorbed into my body when it entered my mouth. And I had to urinate as soon as I sat in my seat. I got up from my seat and had to run past all the vendors to where the bathrooms were. As I came strolling back, the vendor gave me another bottle without saying a word. I couldn't believe how thirsty I was, I drank it down and had to urinate immediately again. This went on one more time and I finally asked him, 'What the heck is this water?'

He was selling a machine that alkalinized water. Fortunately, I had medical practices and the company through a rep in my home town placed one in my office. The water that came from that machine was the greatest water I have ever had.

The machine made the pH of the water 10. There are many health gurus who believe Alkaline water will change the alkalinity of your body, which is good for preventing cancer and other diseases. I only cared how it made me thirsty and it actually made me want more. I must confess, I'm not one of those people that carry water around with them all day. Before alkaline water, when I had to drink a glass of water my mind said, yuck.

Alkaline water makes you thirsty. There are other benefits that are touted about Alkaline water, but I only care that it made me thirstier. And it also made me urinate nearly immediately after drinking it, which means it is cleaning me out.


We use ACV to assist in Phase Two Detoxification of the liver. Remember, Phase One is burning up the toxins and Phase Two is flushing out the ashes. ACV helps flush out the ashes. But...we also want ACV to increase your stomach acidity. If we place ACV in Alkaline water, it will neutralize the acidity of ACV. Then we don't receive the dual benefits of ACV.

Use filtered or spring water to dilute your ACV so you don't lose the acidity that ACV will bring to your stomach to better break down your food, especially proteins..


You will learn more in a future e-course about how many plastics can disrupt your hormones. The plastic used in Essentia is not one of those plastics,'s plastic. Plastic affects the environment in a really bad way.

If you can, drink water that does not come in plastic containers because plastic is very harmful to the environment.




By drinking half your body weight in water or by drinking a minimum of eighty ounces of water every day, you will be healthier, slimmer, and live a longer high-quality life.


Talk to me if you suffer from the symptoms of hormonal chaos: weight gain, weight loss resistance, sleep disorders, hormonal-induced anxiety, hormonal-induced depression, loss of interest in being intimate, and loss of motivation to be social. I am retired. This is not my job. This is my passion. I am here to guide you out of the hormone abyss.

To optimize your hormones and weight, you will need these tools to succeed.

  • Supervised Accountability

  • Hormone Balancing Knowledge

  • Customization of the program for your body

  • The Motivation to not give up

Our coaching program provides all four tools and guarantees your satisfaction.

Schedule a FREE consultation to discover everything you need to do to eliminate the symptoms of being a hormonally challenged woman.

Why should you? Because your grandchildren want you to dance at their weddings. Research has shown you live as long as your waist is small. So, achieve a smaller waist, and your chances of dancing at their weddings are significantly increased.



"Drinking water is like washing out your insides. The water will cleanse the system, fill you up, decrease your caloric load and improve the function of all your tissues.” ~ Kevin R. Stone " Kevin R Stone is a physician, orthopedic surgeon, clinician, researcher, and company founder of The Stone Clinic and the Stone Research Foundation in San Francisco.



This is our past client, Laura. Balancing her hormones, eating the Protable Menu, optimizing her liver, and being coached by me transformed her body.

"It's all about your hormones."



Phase One...

  • Weight Gain

  • Weight Loss Resistance

  • Sleeping Disorders

  • Hormonal Induced Anxiety

  • Hormonal Induced Depression

  • Loss of Interest in Being Intimate

  • Loss of Motivation to be Social

Phase Two...

  • Marked Loss of Energy

  • Goldilock's Syndrome (It has to be just the right temperature, or you're miserable)

  • Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

  • Loss of Hair

  • Aged Skin

  • Laziness

Phase Three...

  • Inability to Wake Alert

  • Body Aches and Pains Upon Arising

  • Irritability, Aggravation, and Anger about things that should not make you Irritable, Aggravated, or Angry.

  • Brain Fog

  • Forgetfulness

Our coaching program provides...

  • Daily Statistical Texting that provides supervised accountability.

  • Our week-to-week instructional course on how to optimize your hormones and weight gives you the knowledge.

  • 24/7 access to me via texting for solutions to any challenges you face during the day ables us to customize the program for YOU.

  • You will receive motivational phone calls from me when you feel like giving up.


Vicky and I totally laughed out after completing The Redneck Comedy Bus Tour in Nashville, Tennessee this past week.

Making our "Third Act" AWESOME!



If you would like more information about our coaching program, visit our website

If you have a quick question, please don't email me...

Text me @ 209-345-9799

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