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Eat This To Look And Feel Great...

The "Pause" Newsletter

"My purpose in life is to learn how to make my "Third Act" of life AWESOME."

"My God-given purpose is to share what I have learned with others."

I call the system I have developed to optimize our hormones and weight in our "Third Acts" of life, The HOPE Protocol. I should have called it The HOPE Rope because it has four strands that need to be intertwined. The HOPE Rope is what we will use to pull ourselves out of The Hormone Abyss of Menopause and Andropause.


"We are nothing more than a reflection of our hormones."


  • Hormone Optimization

  • Organic Sustenance

  • Purification Protocols

  • Enlightenment Coaching

Today's Hack on how to look and feel awesome during your "Third Act" of life is from The Organic Strand.

Don't forget to download below my gift to you, my list of vegetables to lose weight and feel great.


"Doc, I understand that for me, at my age, being hormonally challenged, that The Protable Menu will bottom-out my insulin and top-out my glucagon, and that would switch me from a constant fat-storing state into a fat-burning state. You taught me how important it is to include protein into my menu. What is the next food group I should add that will compliment the protein?"

I promise you that you can balance your hormones and be slender no matter your age or hormonal status by eating various low glycemic vegetables with each serving of protein.

I had a beautiful pool built when I moved into my current home. Since I live on a manmade lake, I wanted the pool to have a negative edge, otherwise known as an infinity edge. I had pebble tech placed in the pool so it would create the water to be the same color as the lake water. With the pool's water being the same color as the lake water, when we looked out the house's back windows you could not tell where the pool's water began and where the lake's water began. Surrounding the pool was stamped concrete the color of sandstone. I left five small areas slated for landscaping. The pool was beautiful, and I was shocked at how we matched the pool's and lake's water to look infinite. When friends and family would come over, they would be amazed at the pool's beauty. I decided to keep the landscaping gardens maintenance-free, so I filled them with red volcanic rock and placed sandstones within the stones. It gave the backyard a desert-like look. I eventually planted a cactus; then I added succulents, then red flowers, and then a variety of palm trees. Next, I added a Japenese Maple and so on and so on.

Then I started adding different pots and placing other flowering plants and succulents in these pots. As the years went by, the pool turned from a swimming pool to a water structure as the foliage enveloped the pool. Today our backyard is an oasis. When it comes to building a perfect meal, start with a palm-sized serving of animal protein. Protein represents the pool. The next step is to landscape your palm-sized serving of protein with high-fiber vegetables. The more fiber within a vegetable, the less likely that vegetable is going to cause a blood sugar spike. The key to losing excess weight once you are in your "Third Act" of life is to bottom-out insulin and top-out glucagon. You can only do that by eating foods that do not spike blood sugar.

"The perfect Protable Menu is a palm-sized serving of animal protein landscaped with different colored vegetables."

In my experience, forty-two years worth of practicing health optimization, I have found that we become frustrated and depressed when we cannot achieve our "happy healthy weight."

In addition, when we become overweight or over-waisted as we age, we lose our self-confidence and begin to isolate ourselves.

If you came and asked me what menu you should eat while in your "Third Act" of life that will best help you balance your hormones and to lose weight, without a doubt, I would say at each meal eat one palm-sized serving of protein and landscape that protein with colorful high-fiber vegetables.

Here are my rules for landscaping protein with vegetables:

  • Make Sure You Weigh Yourself Every Morning at The Same Time

  • Eat a Protable Meal Whenever You Feel Hungry

  • Add One Handful of One Different Vegetable With Each Meal

  • Eat High-Fiber Vegetables

  • Eat Different Colored Vegetables Throughout The Day

  • Buy Organic Vegetables


Make sure to weigh yourself every morning near the same time. It is of the utmost importance that you can compare your weight from day to day. If you weigh yourself at different times, your weight will vary. The longer you wait to weigh yourself, and if you are fasting, you may weigh less, or if you have drunk and retained water, you will gain weight. Pick a time of the day that you weigh daily. For example, I weigh at 7:00 am every day.

The scale is used to compare weight from day to day so we can discover what menu works best for you and what menu does not work for you.


One of the most difficult lessons to learn is to eat only when you are hungry. Yesterday, most of the world only ate one meal. From the beginning of time, one meal was the standard frequency of meals.

Three meals a day began with capitalism. It is important to retrain your mind to listen to your body. The hunger we feel is not true hunger. It is what we have trained our body to think is hunger. FYI--True hunger is felt in your neck, not in your abdominal area.

Do not eat by the clock. Eat when you are hungry. If you are not hungry, do no eat.


Before I move on, let me explain that certain foods will cause an inflammatory response in your body. We must discover what foods you are sensitive to and avoid those foods. Vegetables may be considered superfoods, but you will be surprised at how many vegetables cause an inflammatory response in your body.

I prefer that you eat one handful of one different vegetable with each meal. The reason is that if you ate one vegetable three times in one day and if you had a sensitivity to that vegetable, you would become ill and maybe very ill.

If you gain weight the next day while eating The Protable Menu, you most likely have a sensitivity to one of the vegetables you ate.

Eating different vegetables with each meal may make it more challenging to discover which vegetable may have caused an inflammatory response. If one of the vegetables you ate caused an inflammatory response, I can use my experience to point my finger at the most likely culprit.

If you are self-coaching, you will most likely have to eat the same vegetable with each meal to discover if that vegetable works for you.

If you gain weight from one day to the next while on The HOPE Protocol, you most likely ate something that caused an inflamamtory response. The vegetable can be considered a super food like brocolli but if you gain weight from eating it, it is vegetable that you should avoid.


If I am coaching you, you will hear me say this over and over, 'protein and vegetables will get you to where you are going.' I could probably rewrite that to say 'protein and the fiber from vegetables' will achieve your "Happy Healthy Weight."

The vegetable with the highest amount of fiber is an artichoke with 7 grams of fiber. One cup of broccoli has 5 grams of fiber. One cup of asparagus spears has 2.8 grams of fiber.

The higher the amount of fiber within a vegetable, the lower the glycemic value the vegetable will have.


Vegetables have God's medicines within them. God's medicines are called polyphenols, carotenoids, and bioflavonoids. Vegetables with different colors have different compounds within them. The more of these compounds you can consume, the healthier you will be.

"The more colorful your vegetables the more colorful your life will be."


There is a high probability that you will become constipated whenever you change your diet, especially if you stop eating grains. The cause will be the lack of fiber in your diet, compounded by a change in your microbiome. Grains are not a weight loss food.

But...grains are where most of us get our fiber. To avoid constipation and the disruption the lack of grains causes to your gut's bacteria, it may be helpful to take a prebiotic to feed your microbiome. Prebiotics are, in essence, fiber. I am a fan of a soluble fiber called inulin. We will discuss fiber in greater detail in a future e-course. Here is an Amazon link to inulin fiber

"It is always a good idea to add a prebiotic to your meals to help feed your microbiome and inulin has always been my favorite."


I call this strand The Organic Strand because the heart and soul of our program is to move you away from human-made foods toward God-made foods.

We will most likely die from one of these five diseases.

  1. Heart Disease

  2. Cancer

  3. Diabetes

  4. Stroke

  5. Alzheimer's

These diseases are caused by chronic inflammation; the primary cause of chronic inflammation is human-made substances. When a human-made substance enters our body, the body flags it as a foreign invader. As a result, the immune system will attack the human-made substance by creating an inflammatory response.

If you consume organic vegetables, you are taking away many of the most proliferate pro-inflammatory human-made substances,

  • Pesticides

  • Herbicides

  • Fugucides

These human-made chemicals infiltrate our body, causing one inflammatory response after another, causing, you guessed it, chronic inflammation and its associated diseases





By consuming clean organic high-fiber low glycemic vegetables, you will be healthier, slimmer, and live a longer high-quality life.


Talk to me if you suffer from weight gain, weight loss resistance, sleep disorders, hormonal-induced anxiety, hormonal-induced depression, loss of interest in being intimate, and loss of motivation to be social.

I am retired. This is not my job. This is my passion. I am here to guide you out of the hormone abyss.

According to research, to transform yourself into the "YOU" you desire, you will need

  • Supervised Accountability

  • Hormone Balancing Knowledge

  • Customization of the program for your body

  • The Motivation to not give up

Schedule a FREE consultation to discover everything you need to do to eliminate the symptoms of being a hormonally challenged woman.

Why should you?

Because your grandchildren want you to dance at their weddings. Research has shown you live as long as your waist is small. So, achieve a smaller waist, and your chances of dancing at their weddings are significantly increased.



"Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon."
Doug Larson, a well-known columnist and editor


This is our client Elaine. Balancing her hormones, eating the Protable Menu, optimizing her liver, and being coached by me transformed her body.

"It's all about your hormones."


Phase One...

  • Weight Gain

  • Weight Loss Resistance

  • Sleeping Disorders

  • Hormonal Induced Anxiety

  • Hormonal Induced Depression

  • Loss of Interest in Being Intimate

  • Loss of Motivation to be Social

Phase Two...

  • Marked Loss of Energy

  • Goldilock's Syndrome (It has to be just the right temperature, or you're miserable)

  • Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

  • Loss of Hair

  • Aged Skin

  • Laziness

Phase Three...

  • Inability to Wake Alert

  • Body Aches and Pains Upon Arising

  • Irritability, Aggravation, and Anger about things that should not make you Irritable, Aggravated, or Angry.

  • Brain Fog

  • Forgetfulness

Our coaching program provides...

  • Daily Statistical Texting that provides supervised accountability.

  • Our week-to-week instructional course on how to optimize your hormones and weight.

  • 24/7 access to me via texting for solutions to any challenges you face during the day.

  • You will receive motivational phone calls from me when you feel like giving up.


Vicky and I were cruising through Arches National Park this week as we traveled across the country in our RV.

Making our "Third Act" AWESOME!



If you would like more information about our coaching program, visit our website

If you have a quick question, please don't email me...

Text me @ 209-345-9799

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