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Use This Tool To Find Your Bottom Weight




Let’s go back to the beginning.

When managing our lives, self-discipline holds the keys to success.

"Self-discipline is the ability to control one's feelings and overcome one's weaknesses; it is the ability to pursue your life's purposes despite temptations to abandon them."

Let’s look at the first clause within the definition.


How do we control our feelings?

Do you recall my Circle of Success?

"Your internal chemistry influences your thoughts. Your thoughts control your feelings."

If your internal chemistry is in chaos, which can occur due to our pauses, your thinkin’ can be a stinkin’ due to hormonal disruption.

The HOPE Protocol's first strand is all about optimizing your hormones–your internal chemistry.

All you have to know about internal chemistry today is that as your hormones optimize, your thinking optimizes.

Now, let’s return to that first clause: - “the ability to control one's feelings.”

To control your feelings, you must control your thoughts.

Before you continue, think about the happiest moment you have ever experienced.

Now that you remember your memory, close your eyes and relive it, then return to this spot.

Are you smiling?

Can see how your thoughts can control your feelings?

“You can only feel a certain emotion if you think thoughts that elicit that emotion.”

You can only be sad if you are thinking sad thoughts. You can only be happy if you think happy thoughts; you can only be self-disciplined if you have emotional discipline.


"Emotional discipline is the ability to stay calm during challenging situations that attempt to derail your pursuit of who you wish to be."

You must learn how to control your thoughts and, therefore, control your feelings.

If your emotions get the best of you, you will eat the cake and ice cream or drink that bottle of wine and maybe another.

So, how do you control your thoughts? When you are emotionally enturbulated, sit and do Three-Six Breathing* and then, after seven breaths, find your dominating ruminating thought and release it, permit it to fly away, then replace it with a thought that elicits the emotion you'd rather feel.

* (Three-Six-Breathing: inhale through your nostrils for a count of three and exhale through your mouth for a count of six. Do it seven times, then go to nostril breathing while you do Thought Release)

Thought Replacement sounds simple, but you can only become an expert at it through lots of practice.

"You have control of what you want to think about, so think thoughts that make you healthy, happy, and terrific."

Now. let's move to the second clause.


One of the tools I teach to overcome weaknesses is what I call...


Intentional - done on purpose; deliberate.

Focus - paying attention to one thing.

"Intentional Focus is deliberately paying attention to one thing when that one thing demands your all of your attention."

For example, as you probably know by now, my Dream Reality for my Me Strand* is to attend my grandchildren’s weddings.

I have six grandchildren under the age of seven.

* (Recall there are four Strands of Life within The HOPE System: Me, Us, Them, and HIm.)

I have to live a long and healthy life to be sitting in the front row of their weddings.

To live a long, high-quality life, I have to do four things: I have to optimize my hormones, weight, health, and mind.

To optimize these four strands, I must first fuel my body with the best fuel available and burn that fuel with activities that will get me to my Be: I am a centenarian.*

* (The HOPE Bridge is Have, Be, and Do)

"To achieve my purpose, I must intentionally focus on eating high-quality, longevity-inducing food at each meal."

There is an alternative clause to the definition of self-discipline. Let's examine that one.


The second part of the definition of self-discipline gives us another way to look at it.

"We must have so much Intentional Focus that temptations do not derail our journey to Being who we wish to Be."

We must stay laser-focused on our goals and purpose.

"When it comes to pursuing your Life's Purposes, think of yourself as an armored car barreling toward the person you wish to be."

We must reject any interruptions and toss obstacles aside as we journey to become who we wish to Be.

For example, during the holidays, you will be offered gift baskets filled with everything from fruitcakes to chocolate.

If you are on a mission to reach your bottom-weight, you must swat these distractions away like yellowjackets.

Staying Intentionally Focused without allowing distractions to derail you is the ultimate vision of self-discipline.

To be transparent, I have never achieved ultimate self-discipline. I fall off the horse more than I would like. The key is always to get back on the horse.

"Being the you that you desire to be is not about perfection. It's about progress."

For those getting worried about being Sparten-like and life being too zeroed into one thing, don't worry; we encourage feasting, but they must be scheduled, and it must be part of a celebration.


Do you remember Curly? Jack Palance played him in the movie City Slickers. Curly told Mitch (Billy Crystal) when Mitch asked him what the secret to a successful life was, Curly put up one finger and said, “One thing.”

So, for me to reach my goals and to be sitting in the front row of my grandchildren’s weddings, I have to have one thing on my mind when I eat a majority of my meals, and that one thing is to eat a superior meal that will encourage my body to stick around long enough to reach my desired purpose.

My Be: I am a centenarian.

My Have: I lived to be one hundred years old.

My Do: I eat Meso-Meals.*

So, I will sit down this morning and eat my breakfast omelet of three pasture-raised eggs with sauteed shiitake mushrooms, seasoned with a pinch of Maldon sea salt and Kampot Pepper, oh, and, of course, grated Le Gruyère AOP cheese sprinkled over the top.

"Being self-disciplined can be filled with joy because self-discipline is joy."


First Christmas Party of 2023

This weekend, we attended our first Christmas Party thrown by our RV Club. We had a blast, and I wasn't self-disciplined because, as I said, we believe in festive feasting.

I didn't feast on food; I only had chicken and asparagus, but I did feast on some really good wines. And I don't regret it because it's all about progress, not perfection.

Nothing is better than enjoying my wife's company at a party; the one good thing about the wine was that it got me on the dance floor--a lot!

My roster is overfull, so I cannot offer my free week of coaching this week. I can only take referrals from current clients at this time because I will always find time for my clients' friends and family.

If you're "PAUSE" miserable, I will make the time to talk and explain EVERYTHING you need to do to become Pause Awesome...

And remember...


"Because when your hormones are balanced, your weight, health, and mind will follow."

🎉 Doc

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