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This Vitamin Does What? Wow!



Recall there are four strands to The HOPE Protocol, a system designed to make us “Pause Awesome.”

  • Hormone Optimization

  • Organic Sustenance

  • Purification Protocols

  • Enlightenment Coaching

If you want to be Pause Awesome, you'll need to optimize your hormones.


Recall my definition of a woman paused–she has stopped ovulating.

Recall my definition of a man paused–his testosterone has become too low.

"A simpler way to look at our pauses is that a woman suffers from low progesterone, and a man suffers from low testosterone."

Progesterone is indirectly a woman’s fat-burning hormone and the hormone that brings about happiness, sleep, and calmness.

Testosterone is a man’s fat-burning hormone and the hormone that brings about strength, the drive for sex, success, and to get to the next red light first.

Estrogen becomes the dominant hormone when women’s progesterone and men’s testosterone levels tank.

“Estrogen Dominance is, in reality, progesterone deficiency in women and testosterone deficiency in men.”

Recall that estradiol is the feminine hormone. When it becomes dominant, it makes women and men feminine by enlarging breasts, bellies, and hips.

As estradiol augments these areas within our bodies, the multiplying fat cells also cause a hormone-converting enzyme to multiply. This enzyme is called aromatase.

“Aromatase is an enzyme that converts progesterone and testosterone into estradiol.”

Estradiol begets breasts, bellies, and hips. These plumper parts beget estradiol, leading to even plumpier breasts, bellies, and hips, and so on and so on.

The despairing part about all this is that our new, more voluptuous body uses progesterone and testosterone, our fat-burning hormones, to make estradiol, therefore making us even more estrogen-dominant.

To tame estrogen dominance in a woman, we must balance progesterone and estradiol.

To tame estrogen dominance in a man, we must balance testosterone and estradiol.

The best way to achieve a better balance is to raise progesterone levels in a paused woman and testosterone levels in a paused man while simultaneously losing the excess fat that makes estradiol.

Let me introduce you to Vitamin B6 and how it can help us with these hormonal imbalances.


“Research suggests that increasing B6 in a woman's diet can raise progesterone levels and reduce estrogen..."

“Some fundamental research studies have found that vitamin B6 has a role in the production of testosterone. While it does not directly impact the Luteinizing Hormone production or the Leydig cells which induce testosterone production, it acts as a factor in improving metabolic function, which is important for testosterone production.”

If Vitamin B6 increases progesterone, decreases estrogen levels and raises testosterone by improving our metabolic function, estrogen-dominant women and men may want to investigate how to increase their B6 levels.

Because low progesterone and low testosterone cause us to…

  • Gain weight

  • Suffer from weight loss resistance

  • Sleep less

  • Worry all the time about who knows what

  • Have occasional bad days where we feel low and emotional

  • Lose interest in being intimate

  • Lose our motivation to be social


Vitamin B6, scientifically known as Pyridoxine, is a water-soluble vitamin required for over 100 enzyme reactions in the body.

“Enzymes - are proteins that help speed up metabolism or the chemical reactions in our bodies. They build some substances and break others down. All living things have enzymes. Our bodies naturally produce enzymes.”

Two of these vitamin B6 enzymes are necessary to make two vital neurotransmitters.

These neurotransmitters are essential for an optimized “Third Act” of life. The two neurotransmitters are dopamine and serotonin. These two neurotransmitters help us keep our thoughts in order, and what we think is what we feel.

"As progesterone decreases in women and testosterone in men, our “stinkin’ thinkin’” increases."

These doom and gloom thoughts can lead to increased anxiety and depression.

Many of us, later in our lives, are prescribed anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications that manipulate these neurotransmitters.

“Many of us that are in our pauses are suffering from hormonal-induced depression, not clinical depression!”

Doctors prescribe these psych medications to manipulate dopamine and serotonin.

“B6 thus helps increase brain serotonin and dopamine levels, decreasing symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue, and pain.”



Here is a list of other symptoms associated with vitamin B6 deficiency.

  • Poor dream recall or nightmares

  • Water retention

  • Low stomach acid (hence GERD or acid reflux)

  • High homocysteine levels (a sign of inflammation)

  • Low energy

  • Anemia (iron deficiency or low ferritin)

  • Convulsions/spasms

  • Headaches or migraines

  • Nausea, especially in the mornings

  • A tendency toward motion sickness


Vitamin B6 helps balance blood sugar.

B6 levels tend to be lower in those with Type 2 Diabetes.

In one study, researchers discovered that in men with Type 2 Diabetes, taking 150 mg per day of vitamin B6 daily for six weeks lowered their A1C levels.

In animal studies, Vitamin B6 decreased the cell’s resistance to insulin.

Decreasing insulin resistance would greatly help with Phase One Weight Loss because we are placed in a fat-storing state when insulin spikes. Increasing insulin uptake means we need less insulin therefore, there we would need less insulin to clear our blood sugar.


Vitamin B6 is essential, meaning our bodies cannot produce vitamin B6. We must obtain Vitamin B6 from our food.

RDA: The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for men over 50 years old is 1.7 mg. The RDA for women over 50 years old is 1.5 mg.

To increase your vitamin B6 intake, make sure to eat these Phase One foods.

  • 3 oz of Tuna provides .8 mg of B6.

  • 3 oz of Turkey provides .6 mg of B6.

  • 3 oz of Salmon provides .6 mg of B6.

  • 3 oz of Beef Liver provides .5 mg of B6.

  • 3 oz of Chicken provides .5 mg of B6.

Vegetables are generally deficient in vitamin B6. For the highest dose of vitamin B6, seek out leafy greens. Each cup of leafy greens will provide about .2 mg of Vitamin B6.

If you cannot reach the RDA of vitamin B6 with your current menu, speak to your healthcare provider about supplementing vitamin B6.


The foods listed above are part of the Meso-Menu. But because of our damaged liver and gut, many of us will still have low levels of vitamin B6 even if we are eating these foods regularly.

"Even though Phase ONE's menu is a high animal protein menu, and animal proteins are where we receive the most vitamin B6, the hyperpermeability of our intestines may still cause a vitamin B6 deficiency."


According to my research, when supplementing with Vitamin B6, the optimal daily dose is 100 mg.

"Taking vitamin B6 in doses of 100 mg daily or less is generally considered to be safe. Vitamin B6 is possibly safe when taken in doses of 101-200 mg daily. In some people, vitamin B6 might cause nausea, stomach pain, loss of appetite, headache, and other side effects."


Remember, my philosophy regarding supplements is: if I ever experience any unwanted side effects after taking a supplement, I STOP taking that supplement immediately.

When taking Vitamin B6, I make sure that I take magnesium along with it. Magnesium is a necessary cofactor of vitamin B6.

Below is an Amazon link to a highly-rated vitamin B6 supplement. Again, always consult with your healthcare professional before taking any supplements.



Christmas Fundraiser

This weekend, we attended an annual Christmas-themed fundraiser for a historical home in my hometown. No photography was allowed within the home, but stepping back nearly 200 years in time was so exciting. They provided plenty of protein and, therefore, vitamin B6. Another great day of hanging out with my wife.

Currently, my roster is full, so I cannot offer my free week of coaching. I can only take referrals from current clients because I will always find time for my clients' friends and family.

But, if you're "PAUSE" miserable, I will make the time to talk to you and explain EVERYTHING you need to do to become Pause Awesome.

And don't forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

And remember...


"Because when your hormones are balanced, your weight, health, and mind will follow."

🎄 Doc

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