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The Menopausal Liver

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

And in the Beginning...I graduated with my doctorate in 1980 and went on a mission to fix broken people.

Before I tried optimizing my patients’ hormones or weight, I worked on optimizing their health.

I first tried optimizing their health with a holistic system, meaning I’d optimize their whole being. The problem was that the whole was just too whole.

The body has too many parts, and to work on all the parts at once, well, that was impossible.

I realized that I would have to work on one body part at a time. I decided to work on the one part that needed the most help. That turned out to be the liver.


Our home in California has a spa. Vicky and I love to drink our morning coffee in it. We live on a lake, and I had the spa built to sit above the lake's edge.

One morning Vicky and I were having our spa coffee. As we were sitting there, we noticed that the jets were not working well. We had no spa in our spa.

The next day my pool guy came, and I explained to him how the jets weren’t working. He asked me. When was the last time I cleaned the filters?


He showed me how to clean the filters, and I did. Voilà! The spa in our spa was back.

Quit laughing!

That's a good metaphor for how the liver works. We need to get your liver working at an optimal level. The liver is the filter of our bodies.

“Doc, where do I begin when it comes to optimizing my health, and is there anything I can do to optimize my hormones and weight more quickly?”

You can do both by optimizing your liver.

To simplify how the liver functions, it filters your body by taking two actions.

  1. Your blood runs through the liver, and it captures toxins. It will take these toxins, like an artificial sweetener, and burn them. This action is called Phase One Liver Detoxification.

  2. Phase Two Liver Detoxification is the process of flushing the burnt toxin’s ashes from our livers.

Now, after practicing health optimization for more than four decades, I can say without blinking that optimizing your liver’s function is the first step we should take to optimize health.

Within this Third Strand of The HOPE Protocol, recall there are four strands:

  • Hormone Optimization

  • Organic Sustenance

  • Purification Protocols

  • Enlightenment Coaching

I will teach three different purification protocols; The first is the liver, then the gut, and then the brain.

Why do I start with the liver?

Success is the best motivator on the planet. If I can help you optimize your hormones and weight more quickly, you are more likely to stay on course when it comes to optimizing your health.

“As your liver function improves, you will optimize your hormones and weight in less time, and we all love to achieve as fast as we can.”

Science has found that the more belly fat you have, the more likely you will be diagnosed with a fatty liver. What this means is that your liver has become so overburdened that instead of burning fat, it stores it.

“Science has found that the more fat you have stored in your liver, the more difficult it will be to lose excess weight. Fatty livers are one of the primary causes of Weight Loss Resistance and Diabetes.”

Many of the new diabetes gurus say to rid yourself of diabetes; you must de-fat the liver. These gurus also say that the best way to do that is to go on water fasts for days on end.

We are not going to go to that extreme, at least not yet.

The Meso-Menu I described in Book One of The Organic Sustenance Strand is a far less drastic way to lose the fat from your liver.

Recall the Meso-Menu was born out of my original Diabetes menu. It is designed to bottom out blood sugar, therefore bottoming out insulin. Remember, insulin opens the entrance doors to your liver’s cells and allows blood sugar to flow freely into them. The blood sugar is then converted into fat and stored in the cellular pantries.

The key is to bottom out insulin so its twin hormone, glucagon, is released. Glucagon opens the exit doors to your liver’s cells and allows the fat to be released and used as fuel.

Recall that when insulin is bottomed out, we fake the body into thinking it is starving, and the emergency messengers and went out through the body to release our stored fat because the rainy day has arrived.

“As we de-fat your belly, we will de-fat your liver.”

“Eating fat doesn’t cause fatty livers. Eating sugar causes fatty livers.”

Sugar may be the primary cause of fatty livers, but the liver has to filter out all of the human-made products we place in and on our bodies is a close second.

With the liver having to use so much of its energy to filter, burn and flush out all of the human-made products, it has less energy to convert and activate our hormones and burn fat properly.

“The liver governs both hormone activation and fat-burning.”

Human-made products include medications, herbicides, pesticides, and synthetic hormones.

“That is why it is so important to use organic products. Organic products are void of human-made products.”

A healthy liver will break down excess estrogen and eliminate it. If the liver cannot metabolize estrogen properly, it will contribute to Estrogen Dominance.

Phase One of The HOPE For Menopause System is to eliminate estrogen dominance. Can you see why optimizing your liver, especially when you are in your "Third Act" of life, is so dang important?

“When you combine estrogen dominance and a nonoptimal liver, your ability to lose weight becomes nearly impossible.”

If you want to optimize the “Pauses,” andropause, and menopause, you will need an optimized liver, and the better your liver functions, the faster your hormones and weight will optimize.

Over the next four weeks, I will share with you four tools that I use to optimize liver function.

Oh, and yes! We will be discussing how alcohol fits into our health and liver optimization protocol.


"The liver is the first organ we optimize to achieve optimum health. This liver course will assist you in optimizing your hormones, weight, health, and life even more quickly."



I have room to coach three of you for a week. FOR FREE!

Take advantage of this offer because I will show you how we optimize your hormones, weight, health, and life, and you will see the results in one week.

Our coaching program features

  • The HOPE QuickStart Course

  • Daily Accountability

  • Twenty-four-hour availability to customize the program for you

  • Two Motivating Phone Consults

The Benefit

  • Lose a bunch of weight, feel hormonally better, and start feeling healthier in one week.


I only have room for three of you!​

Take our coaching system for a test drive and be amazed. The usual weight loss in the first week is between 5 to 15 pounds, depending on how much weight you need to lose.


RV-ing along the Oregon Coast

One thing stands out as Vicky and I travel around America in our RV, America is blessed with so much beauty. Our backyard is so filled with incredible views it just blows us away. Here is an Us-ie that we took this week sitting at one of the many bays along the Oregon Coast.

And remember...


"Because when your hormones are sound, your weight, health, and mind will follow."

😀 Doc

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