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The Key To Happiness


"The key to success is being self-disciplined. The key to being self-disciplined is managing your thoughts. The key to managing your thoughts is taking responsibility."


Today's course will explore how to be responsible and at cause."

  • At Cause Vs. At Effect

  • Tighten the Reins

  • Metrics

  • Choose Your "Greatest" Values Problems

"The primary purpose of this course is to teach you how to create "YOU." The "YOU" you desire to be by choosing the problems your "Greatest Values" present over the problems associated with your "lesser values."

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We can either be at cause or at effect. You can cause happiness, slenderness, health, and have an awesome life, or you can remain at effect and be unhappy, overweight, unhealthy, and have a meh life.

At Cause-Being responsible for your internal chemistry, thoughts, emotions, actions, and results.

At Effect-Being irresponsible for your thoughts, emotions, actions, and results.

In previous Enlightenment courses, I wrote that happiness is brought about by solving problems.

"Happiness comes about by eliminating the obstacles that thwart your journey to being a better version of yourself."

In essence, happiness comes about by being at cause.

In essence, unhappiness comes about by being at effect.

Stagnation happens when you try to hide between being at cause or at effect.

Stagnation eventually brings about unhappiness, boredom, and decay.

"Solving problems is the key to improving yourself, but make sure to choose the right problems to solve."

Many think that the wrinkles on their upper lips are a problem.

Others think that eating fast food every day for lunch is a problem.

If you value youthful looks, the wrinkles on your upper lip can be an obstacle. (Those wrinkles are caused by a lack of estrogen, by the way.)

If you value living long enough to dance at your grandchildren's weddings, eating fast food regularly will be an obstacle.

Can you see how you must choose the right values first?

"By choosing the right values, you will be able to choose the right problems to solve."

In this case, the value of youthful looks is a lesser value.

Being healthy and living a higher quality life is a greater value.

"Choosing health over how you look is an example of choosing a greater value. Once the greater value is chosen, it is time to solve the problems associated with that value."

When you are at effect, you are a victim, and victims walk around with the emotion called Hopelessness sitting heavily on their backs.

When you are at cause, you are creating, improving, and ascending.

When you are at effect, you destroy, deteriorate, and descend.


Recall that I describe the Circle of HOPE as

  • Internal chemistry influences your thoughts,

  • Your thoughts influence your emotions,

  • Your emotions influence your actions.

  • Your actions influence your results.

  • Your results influence your internal chemistry.

So, how do we become at cause?

Take responsibility.


I can hear some of you roll your eyes and say, 'How and why would I take responsibility for the hurricane that washed over my city in Florida or the earthquake that just shook the dishes off their shelves in my house in California?'

"We can't always be in control of what happens, but we can control how we respond to what happens."

"We can take responsibility for everything that adversely affects us by finding solutions to improve the situation."

Or, we can not respond and be at effect and a victim.


When I see people not taking responsibility, they often say it's not my fault.

If you don't take responsibility, it is always your fault.

The key to not being at fault is to take responsibility with a problem-solving response.

"When you take responsibility and take action to solve a problem, you are at cause."

When you say it's not my fault, you are shucking responsibility to whom you think is at fault.

By shucking responsibility, you automatically become the effect of the situation.

"When you take responsibility, it's your duty to solve the problem, to eliminate the obstacle, and to succeed."

The key action to take to be who you wish to be is to examine your emotions. When you feel sad, examine why. Then, work at solving the why.

It may sound simple, but you will need 10,000 hours of practice to become the best version of yourself.


Sit and do your Three Six Breathing exercise when you are angry, sad, or at the effect of any other emotion.

(3/6 breathing: Inhale through your nostrils for a count of 3 and then exhale out your mouth for a count of 6 for seven cycles.)

Then, in your mind, walk through the entire situation that made you angry or sad. After you have revisited the entire scene, look at what happened just before you got angry or sad, and ask yourself, how am I responsible?

Looking at it this way, you will see how you could have pacified your emotions for the situation before it became a situation.

Examining your emotions and thinking of how to be at cause, therefore, responsible is one of the best ways to climb to the upper echelons of the happiness ladder and create the "YOU" you desire to BE.

"Taking responsibility and being at cause for solutions to your greater value problems is how you will become the "YOU," you desire to be."



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"Procrastination is the seed to failure."​



Visiting our youngest at his college

This week, we went to visit our youngest son in Chico, CA. We took him and his girlfriend to our favorite restaurant there, and of course, it's a brewery. Yes, that's a growler of some very special beer in front of me, and it was a great visit.

And remember...


"Because when your hormones are balanced, your weight, health, and mind will follow."

❤️ Doc

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