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Menopausal ANXIETY...

Did you wake with a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease?

The tram soared from the desert floor to 8,516 feet in a matter of minutes.

To make my fear multiply, the floor of the tram spun 360 degrees as it ascended.

That way everyone on the tram could see how frightening it is to watch the earth fall away at that speed.

I am afraid of heights!

I am trying to hold on to the handrails on the nearly all-glass tram.

But since the floor was rotating, I have to continuously release my death grip and grab the next handrail while watching the desert floor lower and lower itself.

My legs wobble.

My knees could not find themselves.

My hands holding the handrails became sweaty.

As my sweaty hands held tightly on the handrails and as they had to release their grip and find the next rail to grasp, I thought about Covid.

If my sweaty hands gripped these rails how many other tainted sweaty hands had held onto these rails?

As the desert floor sank further and further away, the desert rocks started to change from brown to red to granite.

Evergreens started to appear here than there.

Was this real?

Then out of nowhere, there was snow just lying there in between the rocks and trees.

As we ascended the temperature became colder and colder.

When we departed, the Palm Springs temperature was in the high eighties.

I was wearing Tommy Bahama walking shorts and a t-shirt.

My wife handed me a hoodie she had brought for me.

To let go of the rails and slip the hoodie made me want to get on my knees and close my eyes.

I hurried as I slipped on the hoodie, but that just made my body betray me.


"Dave, take a video," Vicky asked.

I wanted to yell, "How in the hell am I going to do that?"

Instead, I took a deep breath.

I slowed my heart and completed the cycle I had begun with the hoodie.

I reached into my shorts and pulled out my iPhone.

I tried holding onto the rail with one hand, the floor continued to spin, the snow, granite, and evergreens came closer and closer to the tram as it climbed and climbed.

I tried opening my phone but the phone wouldn't recognize my face.

I had to let go of the handrail and type in my high school locker combination to open my iPhone.

The fear, the shaking, the lack of control would not allow me to type the correct password.

I took a deep breath.

I typed in my fifty-year-old locker combination.

The phone opened.

I tried to touch the camera app icon and since I had very little control of my fingers and the frigging floor kept rotating and the mountain spun with the tram.

What the heck! Snow! Lots of snow! Evergreens?

This is too surreal.

My hands became cold.

I aim my iPhone and took a picture while I held onto the handrail.

That wasn't working.

I spread my legs and braced my body against the glass walls and I let go of the rails.

I was free-floating now and aimed the phone and started taking pictures as the floor rotated and I was now soaring thousands of feet in the air on a rotating tram.

I then wanted a video.

I tried to swipe the icons within the app to find the video icon.

I activated the video app and took a video.

Then, the tram passed under a tower and it was like a roller coaster as it slowed, swung, dipped, sped up again and everyone gasped.

I nearly dropped my phone.

I grabbed for the rail as if it was dark and unseen.

I put the phone back into my pocket.

Hold onto the handrails, Dave.

Hold on tight!

Your hands are so sweaty.

Covid rails!

This is a picture from the top of the mountain


When you go into your "Third Act" of life, your hormones crash and burn.

One of the symptoms associated with your "hormones in chaos" is a condition I call "hormonal-induced anxiety."

Anxiety is defined as

"a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome."

Many women in menopause and men in andropause suffer from fear.


They are not on a tram climbing thousands of feet in a few minutes.

They are feeling worried, nervous, uneasy, and have no idea why.

Many of my clients tell me that they wake with these feelings.

That has got to suck!

I can't imagine feeling the fear I had on that tram while I was visiting Palm Springs this week and feeling this every friggin morning.


Once I got to the top, it was like the light at the other end of the tunnel.

I was so elated not from the ride being over but because I was now standing within snow-covered evergreens looking down on the desert floor that cooked in the heat.

It was an amazing moment and it will be forever engrained in memory to the day I leave this life.

You too can end your ride of hormonal-induced anxiety and step out onto the solid ground into a life filled with beauty and security, a life with no fear, with no hormonal-induced anxiety.

Leaving your unknown fear behind you will feel like I did when I looked from the top of that mountain down onto the desert floor and saw something I never knew existed.

As we stood on the lookout, which happened to be in front of a magnificent restaurant sitting on top of the world, I looked out over the snow and felt the coldness.

I then looked at the heated desert floor.

And then I looked at my wife and my longtime friend we were visiting.

We all had faces of awe.

And it was cold as heck and the tram was no longer climbing rapidly while the frigging floor rotated.

Picture of Vicky in the tram with the rotating floor


The primary reason we suffer from increased anxiety as we age has to do with our hormones.

In particular, it has to do with an imbalance between estradiol and progesterone in women.

In men, it has to do with an imbalance between estradiol and testosterone.

The key to eliminating hormonal-induced anxiety is to balance these two hormones.

Once they are balanced, you will feel like I did once I got off that rotating tram and put my feet on solid ground, secure and happy.

One of the ways you can determine that you are in "Third Act" hormonal chaos, is how much belly fat you have accumulated.

The more belly fat you have the more of the conversion enzymes you have.

Conversion enzymes convert progesterone and testosterone into estradiol.

As estradiol becomes the dominant hormone, it stores more and more fat, especially belly fat.

The more belly fat you have the more of these enzymes you have.

Therefore, more and more progesterone and testosterone are being converted into estradiol.

So as we age our belly fat increases causing more and more estradiol and less and less progesterone and testosterone.

So, the best way to balance hormones is to lose your excess body fat, especially your belly fat.





I would love to tell you how to fli[ the switch from fat-storing to fat-burning.

Schedule a call with me and I will explain how you lose the belly fat quickly,

It's not really that difficult.

In this call, I will tell you the exact menu to eat to lose your belly.

It has nothing to do with counting calories.

It has everything to do with the foods you eat.

I will tell you too how to lose your belly fat, excess weight, and hormonal-induced anxiety.

But you have to schedule an appointment, and you have to answer when I call.

It will take me between forty to sixty minutes to precisely explain what to do and why.

There is no fee.

You can be the "YOU" that you desire to be.

If you have any questions, don't email me, text my personal cell phone, 209-345-9799.

I live to transform bodies and have done nothing else as a career.

Yes, I am retired but I am horrible at golf but I am really good at transforming bodies.

This is our client Dave, he began his journey by scheduling a call.

This is a selfie of my friend, Dennis, Vicky, and I at the top of the snow-covered mountain in Palm Springs and fearless even though the sign behind says we are standing over a fault line and the concrete to the right has cracked.

PS If you suffer from hormonal-induced anxiety, don't hesitate. Click the link above to learn how to naturally balance your hormones.

PSS If you want more information about the tram we went on this week click this link The Palm Springs Aerial Tram,

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