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Manifesting Health: Part Two

“Doc, I know what I want, but why is it so difficult to achieve? Do those that achieve know some secret formula?”

Yes, you can achieve anything you want; yes, there is a formula. I promise to teach you the formula within the Enlightenment Strand of The HOPE Protocol. It works like a magic pill, but it takes practice.

You can weigh your ideal weight; you can have your ideal relationship; you can have your ideal career; you can be the steward of any material object you desire.

“We fail because we quit.”

Have you ever been bullied? How did that make you feel? When we fail, that’s life being a bully, and the emotion a bully causes is fear. When we face a bully, the easiest action is to run away (to quit).

“Failure is like facing a bully; we either become a coward or a hero.”

After forty-three years of helping people optimize their lives, the problem I repeatedly see for their failures is that when they fall off the horse, they talk themselves into walking back to the stables instead of remounting the horse. They say to themselves,

“I cannot change. I am weak and incapable of doing what’s best for me. I keep thinking I will master this thing, but it just keeps getting in my way.”


"Goal: the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result."

“Doc, I have been doing your 2X breathing. It really does calm me. I sent you my three goals for 2023. You said there were four steps. What’s the next step?”

I was talking to a client of mine over the phone. She had just begun our program and had completed the first step of the fourth strand of my Life Optimization System: The HOPE Protocol.

Recall there are four strands to HOPE.

  1. Hormone Balancing

  2. Organic Sustenance

  3. Purification Protocols

  4. Enlightenment Coaching

"The HOPE Protocol is designed for those in their “Third Act” of life, but the Enlightenment Strand works for all ages."

A summary of what I had her do last week is below and if you missed that course, click on this link to read the course. It will make this course better understood.


  • Make an extensive list of what you desire for your physical being over the next year. (You can repeat this with all strands of life)

  • Do 2X breathing. (Inhale through your nostrils for a count of three and exhale through your mouth for a count of six)

  • Visualize your desires floating past you as your eyes are closed. (sit on a bench overlooking somewhere beautiful you've been.)

  • Choose the most prominent three images. (You should choose the most difficult or most procrastinated desires.)

  • Write a letter about your three desires. (seal it, put a date of one year from today on it, hide it, set a reminder in your digital calendar, open it on that date, and be amazed.)

“So, Doc, what’s next?”

“Before I begin, do you remember the four strands I used to create who I am?”

“Yes, I love how you made it easy for me to remember. It’s YOU, US, THEM, and HIM.”

“Well done! "You" is about optimizing your body and mind. "Us" is about optimizing your relationships with family members. "Them" has to do with optimizing your relationships with friends and co-workers, and "Him" has to do with optimizing your relationships with all humans. Think of it as concentric circles with YOU in the middle and your life spreading further and further around you until it's about HIM, which envelops all.”

  1. YOU-your body and mind

  2. US-family

  3. THEM-friends

  4. HIM-all

“As I mentioned in week one, we will initially concentrate on the YOU strand, but we will eventually twine the other strands. Do me a favor; put your cell phone on speaker and sit it down next to you, and I will guide you through the next step.”

“Ready.” She said.

“Great, let’s start with the two times breathing. I have you do this to bring down your cortisol levels. Cortisol is your stress hormone. When cortisol is high, you are in a state of fear. If it is elevated, your body is in a flight or flight state, which is directly related to real or imagined fear. Research has shown in numerous studies that concentrated breathing is one of the few actions you can take to bring cortisol down quickly and be out of the stress state or, better said, the fear state. Being out of the fear state will make the whole process easier. Ready?

“Yes.” She whispered.

“Make sure your feet are flat on the floor and that you are sitting with good posture with your head high. Now, close your eyes. Inhale through your nostrils for a count of three and exhale through your mouth for a count of six. Do this at least seven times, but you can always do more. I will do them with you. Begin.”

I could hear her breathing. I did my two times breathing. I like to end with one big inhale and exhale. I end with an inhale of four and exhale for a count of eight.

“There are three states of time you can be living in, the past, the future, or the present time.”

“The past and future are fictional. They do not exist. I am very fortunate to have about twenty close friends that have known each other for nearly sixty years. Yes, sixty years! Yes, I am an old fart. Anyways, we get together often and have dinner and cocktails. Our unfortunate wives have to listen to our stories over and over. But this is what happens…."

“As you know, I love to tell stories. At these gatherings, I will tell a story of what we did when we were young. And then one of my friends will say, Dave, that’s not what happened. Then, my friend will tell it the way he remembers it. Then another friend will bud in and say that’s not what happened. We all have a different story even though we were all at the same event.”

“Here is another example. I don’t know if the schools still do this, but it was a great way to demonstrate what I am talking about.”

“I think it was the fourth grade; my teacher experimented on my classmates and me. She had someone enter the room and act as if they robbed her. If I remember right, they stole an eraser. The person ran out of the room, and our teacher then stood before us and assured us that it was not a real robbery. She then asked us to write down what we heard and saw. She especially wanted to know what the robber wore, what color his hair was, and what he said. After we had written everything down, she had some of us stand and read it. No one saw the same thing.”

“The past is just your story, and it no longer is occurring but in your thoughts. Please, to be happy and healthy, you must learn how to remove ruminating thoughts of the past.”

I pick up a pen.

“I am holding a pen between my fingers. Tell me what I am going to do with it.”


“Tell me what I am going to do with it?”

“I don’t know, write something.”

I drop the pen.

“I just dropped the pen.”

I pause.

“Worry and anxiety root in fear of the future. You couldn't predict what I was going to do with that pen. You cannot predict the future. I am sitting in a chair right now, talking to you over the phone. There is no saber tooth tiger, IRS agent, or robber in the room with me. I am sitting next to a sliding glass door that leads to a balcony. I am looking through the glass, and the sky is not falling. I am sitting in a big leather chair in my sweats with a blanket over me, and the fireplace afire adds to an awesome ambiance. I don’t know what will happen in a minute, an hour, a day, a month, or a year from now.”

“I have the choice to sit here and worry about things that most likely will never happen or breathe in the coziness of the moment. It is a choice to sit in worry or to sit in the now. What choice will you make?”

“I’m sick and tired of worrying about everything,” she said.


“Okay, I have taken my time getting to this next tool, but I wanted to make sure you use this tool correctly because when you combine the four manifestation tools, success is as close to being guaranteed as you can get.”

“You begin each day using this tool as soon as you wake up, sit properly in your favorite chair, and do your two times breathing. After you have used your breathing to calm your hormones, which calm your body and mind, you will venture into the present time, the now. How do you do that? You have to place your five senses into the present time.”

“You are going to ask yourself five questions. This is what I ask myself after I have done my two-times breathing.”

  1. Dave, what do you hear?

  2. Dave, what do you feel?

  3. Dave, what do you see?

  4. Dave, what do you taste?

  5. Dave, what do you smell?

“You want to hear, feel, see, taste, and smell the most obvious and the most subtle.”

“When I ask myself what I hear, I may hear a train whistle in the distance, the most obvious, and I may hear my dog breathing, the most subtle.”

“When I ask myself what I feel, I may feel as the most obvious my butt in the chair, and I may feel the hair on my neck as the most subtle.”

“When I ask myself what I see, my eyes are closed, so the most obvious is darkness; since I am doing this way before the sun comes up and there are no lights on yet, and I may see floaties on the back of my eyelids as the most subtle.”

“When I ask myself what I taste, I taste my mouth rinse that I use during nocturnal urination for oral health ( another course), and I may taste last night's spices, such as garlic, as the most subtle.”

“When I ask myself what I smell, the most obvious smell is my special mouth rinse, I blow my breath into my nostrils as a cheat, and I may smell dinner’s spices as the most subtle.”

“Cycle through your five senses three times. Let me know by tapping on your phone when you have completed them.”


I heard her breathing change, and I ran through my five senses as she ran through the exercise.

In a few minutes, I heard her tapping on the phone.

“Lisa, welcome to the present time. Is there anything you hear, feel, see, taste, or smell that you should be afraid of?”

I heard her chuckle, and then she said, “No.”

“One hundred percent of the time, when I do this, and I have been doing this for years, there is absolutely nothing for me to be afraid of when I enter the present time; therefore, anxiety and depression are not part o the now, the present time.”

“I also believe this is where God resides because when I am in the present time realm, there is no time, and time does not exist in Heaven. Being in the present time is the best time to pray because since there is no fear in the present time, there is just gratitude.”

“Lisa, after you have completed this exercise, I want you to sit there in the present time and visualize your priorities, your desires for you, us, them, and Him. See it and feel the emotion that is tied to each accomplishment of these desires.”

“Every morning upon rising, I want you to practice two-times breathing and get into the present time where fear does not exist. Do this exercise before you have your morning cup of coffee. Next week, I will teach you how to hone into your desires to make their attainment occur even more quickly and easier.”

“Make today awesome.”

Every week I spend a day consulting my readers via one-on-one phone calls. In our phone call, I will discover where you are today and where you want to go, and I build a Bridge of HOPE that will get you to your desires quickly and easily.

Above are pre and post-pictures of our client Laura, who went from a size twenty to a size two and has kept her new weight for nearly a decade. She scheduled her initial consult without hesitation and successfully optimized her hormones and weight.

If you are frustrated, angry, or even depressed because you don’t look or feel good, and you’ve found weight loss to be impossible, and you are tired of not being yourself any longer, then schedule the call; please, and I will tell you exactly everything you will need to do to be the YOU you desire. I want to do everything in my power to help you. We all should look and feel our best while we are in our “Third Act” of life. This is supposed to be our best act. Looking and feeling great is attainable if you know how to optimize your hormones.


I promise you it will work because this is my 43rd year of practice, and I have helped thousands look great and feel great. It works every time because it’s customized for your body and mind.

Did I tell you that your customized plan is FREE?

I dedicate most of my time to my clients. Still, I do set aside one whole day to talk to my readers, so don’t hesitate and procrastinate because if you keep doing the same thing you have been doing, you will keep getting the same result and then, eventually, it might be too late.


I will coach you daily so you can blow off your bloat. I will blow your bloat away in three days. You will lose 5, 10, or even 15 pounds in three days by eating up to six meals daily. I will prove it to you. The amount of bloat you will lose depends on how much bloat you have.

Okay, you want to do it on your own. How has that worked out for you so far? Ask yourself these questions: How much of your life will being overweight cost you? How much fun will being hormonally imbalanced cost you?


There’s nothing to purchase; supplements are recommended but not necessary, and there is no coaching fee, but I will be transparent; once you see how quick it works and easy it is, you will want me to continue coaching you toward all of your goals.

My purpose in life is to help others achieve their desires. I will spend an hour with you and coach you on exactly what you must do to achieve your desires. I have been optimizing lives now for FORTY-THREE YEARS! I have helped thousands achieve their desires, and I will coach you daily for three days to get your bloat off of you. Do you know how great it feels not to feel bloated? Magnificient!

This invitation is open to past clients too, who need a quick tune-up.

This is a photo of Vicky and me on a hike, making our "Third Act of life AWESOME!

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