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Love The Struggle


"If everyone had self-discipline, we would all be skinny and rich."


“When it comes to being happy, it's work, and you have to fall in love with the work.”

In this week's course, I will introduce you to four tools.

  • Optimize your thinking if you want to make optimizing your life easier!

  • My favorite mind optimization tool is discovering what we truly value by eliminating the wrong values and incorporating the right values.

  • Simplify life by minimizing what you value.

  • Happiness occurs from solving problems and falling in love with the struggle of solving them.

“The primary purpose of this course is to value the right values because what we value defines who we are.”

Optimize your thinking if you want to make optimizing your life easier!

I am often asked, "How can I make your program easier?"

The primary obstacle to success is your stinking thinking.

Success occurs easier when your thoughts pave the road to your BE, DO, and HAVE.

Failure occurs when our thoughts fill the road to success with obstacles.

For example, if you are eating my Meso-Menu to attain your ideal weight, you may start thinking that you are bored with the menu and repeat the thought that you are bored. (I have been eating this menu for sixteen years, and my wife makes me a gourmet meal nearly every meal.) It's your asking thinking that makes you believe that you are bored.

You then go out to lunch with a friend and continue to think, 'I'm bored, I'm bored, I've been so good at eating the Meso-Menu, I deserve to have a cheat meal.'

You order a cheat meal of Caesar salad, lasagna, garlic bread, and, since you deserve it, Crème brûlée. You eat it and feel terrible both physically and mentally.

"Nearly all of our minds have been conditioned to sabotage our success."

We all fall off the horse. Most of us will start talking to ourselves about how we are a loser, that guy doesn't know what he's talking about, etc., and we walk back to the stables. The key is to get back on the horse and gallop.

"The key to being successful at anything is to align our thoughts so they guide us toward our goals. If your thoughts are sabotaging you from being a success, change your thoughts."

I want you to imagine that there is a lemon in your hand. Feel its waxiness, roundness, and firmness. Now, imagine that you are peeling the lemon. Watch out for your eyes as the juice squirts here and there. Now raise the peeled lemon; look at it. Now, take a big bite. Feel your teeth bury into the lemon. Taste the juice. Can you feel the lemon juice run down your chin?

This is an example of how you can control your thoughts. Whatever you might have been thinking beforehand at that moment, you were thinking about a lemon. Changing your thoughts is that easy.

By the way, did you make a sour face as you bit into the lemon?

"No matter what you are thinking about, you can instantly change your thoughts."

My favorite mind optimization tool is discovering what we truly value and replacing my wrong values with the right values.

"Being happy is caring about what’s truly worth caring about and working constantly at improving what you care about."

What you truly should be caring about is what is the most valuable to you. These values are who you are. What’s valuable to you is what defines you.

My life changed, and your life can, too, when you choose the right values to care about.

When I was a young buck, I cared about three things: women, money, and recognition, and the order changed from day to day.

These three aspects were my most valuable cares.

"How much you care about something is the value you place on it."

These cares were what I valued most in life, and what I value is what defines me; therefore, you could have defined me as a womanizing, money-hungry narcissist.

You’ve heard the saying, "If I only knew then what I know now."

So, here is what I have learned about caring.

I introduced you to The Four Strands of Life in an earlier course. I’ll repeat them here.

  1. Me (YOU)



  4. All (GOD)

Me is the smallest circle, and then Us, the next outer circle, and then Them, the next larger circle, and then God, the outer largest circle that encompasses all.

The most important care, or the care that I value the most this morning, is within the US Strand. It is my marriage.

When I retired from practice eight years ago, I woke up and realized that I retired for one reason: I wanted to spend twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with my wife. I felt happiness and joy when I was with her; everything was so dang easy.

At that point, my US Strand became the most important strand of my life, but when I looked at my second strand, I realized there was a lot of room for improvement. (

Recall the Second Strand includes your inner circle, your spouse, family, and closest friends.)

I looked at what I could do to optimize my marriage. It was time for me to step up and deliver a better marriage; even though it was pretty fricking awesome, it was awesome because Vicky was carrying most of the burden. She was the one taking all the right actions that made our marriage awesome.

An interesting realization occurred when I looked at how I was an obstacle to a better marriage. I realized that if I didn’t step up and remove the obstacles I was placing on the road to a better marriage, I would wear Vicky out.

“That is when I realized that happiness came from removing the obstacles that were in my way of being a better version of myself.”

Now, I wake up every morning and ask myself what I can do to make myself:

  • A Better ME

  • A Better Spouse, Father, and Friend

  • A Better Coach, a member of my smaller groups

  • A Better Influencer Through My Writings

The crazy thing is that when I pinpointed an obstacle and then removed it, I reached a higher level of contentment regarding all four Strands of Life.

"Happiness occurs when you locate your problems and solve them."

Simplify life by minimizing what you value.

After spending my entire adult life helping others optimize their lives, that’s forty-three years and tens of thousands of patients and clients, I have come to realize that we way overcomplicate our lives.

“One of the primary source causes of an optimized life is simplicity.”
“One of the larger problems I see with patients and clients is that they give too much attention to things that don't deserve attention.”

We care about the way we look. We care about our clothes. We care about our hair. We care about the wrinkles above our lips. We care about our sagging eyelids. We care about our bulging bellies. We care. We care. We care.


Everything I just wrote about above falls under the ME Strand.

Take all the different things you care about, simplify them, lose the complication, and make life optimization easier.

“What is the one thing you should care about when it comes to the ME Strand?”


But…that’s just too vague. How do you know how healthy you are? Science tells us it has to do with the size of our waists.

“The smaller our waist is, the healthier we are, the longer we live, and the better our minds work.”

That means that your waist size directly reflects how healthy you are.

Let me explain to you why belly fat becomes so important when it comes to our health.

“Your waist size is a representation of how inflamed you are, therefore, how healthy or unhealthy you are.”

So, how important is inflammation when it comes to our health?

I can't stress enough that chronic inflammation will most likely be the cause of our deaths because chronic inflammation is the primary source cause of:

  • Most cancers, if not all

  • Diabetes

  • Heart Disease

  • Strokes

  • Alzheimer’s


The metric for inflammation can be the size of our waist, or a secondary metric could be how overweight we are from our ideal weight.

“The more overweight we are, the more inflamed we are, and the more likely we will develop one of the diseases that will cause our death.”

As I listened to my patients and clients explain their life situations and the emotions these situations emoted, I realized that most situations didn’t deserve the upset they created; they created unnecessary emotional chaos.

Let’s take what I said about simplifying what we care about and how we should only care about the most important aspects of our lives.

I like to narrow what I care about to just one ultimate goal for each of the Strands of Life.

You may think you have way more than one for each strand, but if you choose the right value, the surrounding values will follow.

“By being a better spouse, I am a better father and friend..”

You shouldn’t give one iota about the wrinkles above your lip, especially when you compare it to how they affect your life. The belly fat will kill you. The wrinkles won't.

With that said, if you rid yourself of your belly fat, your inflammation will decrease, slowing down, stopping, and, in some cases, eliminating upper lip wrinkling. This is an example of how valuing the most important value brings your other values along with it as you improve yourself.

"We need to learn how to choose what really matters and learn how to not put energy and emotions into what shouldn’t matter."

Happiness occurs from solving problems and falling in love with the struggle of solving them.

"Have you ever had a problem? How did you feel after you solved it? Yeah, that is how happy people stay happy."

When I talk to prospective clients, many will tell me that the timing isn’t right for them to optimize their lives. Boy, what a pile of crapola that is.

We all know that there is another shoe being held over our heads, just waiting to drop. If today isn't a good day to start optimizing, there is a chance tomorrow will even be worse.

Heck, I could die today. Now that’s a dropped shoe.

Successful, happy, and healthy people accept that there is another shoe about to drop.

They know problems are going to arise.

And they look forward to it.

"Your pursuit of being happy and healthy is to deal with the shoe that is about to drop before, during, and after it drops."

What I see with some of my clients is that they believe they can’t do anything to solve their problems. They believe they are the victim. What I have learned is when they feel like the victim, they are feeling an emotion of helplessness.

“When you feel like a victim, that is a signal for you to take action.”

That led me to another realization: removing obstacles that stand in your way of being optimal isn’t easy. Removing an obstacle is a struggle, and it might even cause you some pain. Giving up tobacco or soda pop filled with high fructose corn syrup is not easy. It takes work if you want better health, relationships, career, or life.

"Being better requires struggle. Fall in love with the struggle."

What obstacle are you willing to remove from your life that is in the way of you being better?

There is no reward without the struggle it takes to attain a better you.



I have room to coach three of you through our Hormone and Weight Optimization Program for one week for FREE.

This way, you can see the effectiveness of our HOPE For Menopause System and experience how quickly and easily you can lose weight and feel great.

The Features

  • Daily Accountability

  • Twenty-four-hour problem-solving availability via texting

  • The HOPE QuickStart Course

  • Two Motivating Phone Consults

The Benefits

  • Lose weight quickly and feel hormonally better in one week.



These spots fill quickly.

"Procrastination is the seed to failure."​



Clearwater Florida

We are in Clearwater, FL, staying at our oldest son's hotel. This Us-ie was taken on the balcony of the room he hooked us up with. Yup, it's a suite.

Remember to live your "Third Act" of life as if it is your last one because it is.


Our SoCal daughter and her family joined us. He hooked her up, too. It's going to be an awesome visit. Loving life, Loving family.

And remember...


"Because when your hormones are balanced, your weight, health, and mind will follow."

😎 Doc

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