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Lose Weight and Feel Great with Intermittent Fasting




Recall there are four strands to The HOPE Protocol, a system designed to make us “Pause Awesome.”

  • Hormone Optimization

  • Organic Sustenance

  • Purification Protocols

  • Enlightenment Coaching

"If you want to be "Pause Awesome," finding your healthy/happy/bottom/ideal weight is vital."

Science has shown us that our health and longevity are directly associated with our slenderness. Research shows that your waist size predicts longevity better than your BMI–Body Mass Index or any other measurement.

“It’s simple: you live as long as your waist is small.”


After helping thousands over my forty-four-year career in health optimization, I have found that the best intermittent fasting schedule is what is called the 16/8.

Think of TRE as eating in a window. The most popular time-restricted feeding schedule is eating in an eight-hour window, for example, between 12 pm and 8 pm. By eating this way, you are in a fasting state for 16 hours.

TRE works best when you eat two Meso-Meals within this eight-hour window. In essence, you are eating Meso-Meals for lunch and dinner, but it is also effective if you eat breakfast and lunch.

One of my most successful clients, who has lost fifty pounds and now weighs 125 pounds, eats two meals between 10 and 6 pm.


  • 2 thumbs of God-made fat

  • 1 Palm-sized serving of clean animal protein

  • 1 large handful of high-fiber vegetables


Once weight loss stalls or slows to a crawl, I recommend that my clients experiment with TRE.

Eat within an 8-hour window.

Do not consume any calories during the 16-hour fasting period.

You do not have to eat between 12 pm and 8 pm. You can eat between 11 am and 7 pm or 10 am and 6 pm, whatever eight hours you wish.

I practice TRE if I am not hungry in the morning. My wife practices TRE nearly daily.

For best results, eat two meso-meals within the eight-hour window.

You do not have to practice TRE daily. You can do it once, three, five times a week if you like.


For best weight loss results, eat 3 healthy Meso-meals daily until the Meso-Menu is no longer effective.

You will usually become adapted to the three-meals-a-day menu between the forty-five to ninety-day mark in the program.

Some of my clients practice TRE to burn fat after fat-burning has stalled and then return to their three meals-a-day routines.

It is not necessary to use TRE if you continue to lose 3 to 4 pounds a week eating the Meso-Menu.

And remember, since the beginning of time, and even today, most of the world eats only one meal daily; two meals aren't abnormal whatsoever.

Three meals a day came about with capitalism.

TRE bottoms out insulin and tops out glucagon much more quickly and efficiently than the traditional three meals a day. I will get more into this below.

TRE is beneficial for weight loss and helps optimize hormones, health, and minds. I will break down how TRE does that below.


If you are like most of my clients and want to lose weight like yesterday but have found weight loss impossible now that you are paused.

Learn everything you need to do in one phone call. And it's FREE!

Schedule a free coaching session with me and learn the four steps TO take to lose weight and feel great after forty. Traditional diets will not work after your hormones start to dip.

The phone call will take about an hour, and remember, there is no cost. I am retired, and my God-given purpose is to teach others how to be "Pause Awesome."

And don't forget, if you like this blog post, give it some stars above.


For those who don't know how insulin and glucagon must be manipulated when you are over the age of forty and lacking fat-burning hormones, below is what you will have to do when your hormones are not on your side.

"In the simplest terms, elevated insulin causes you to store fat, and elevated glucagon causes you to release your stored fat."

By bottoming out insulin, we fake the body into thinking we are fasting. The body will then release glucagon. Glucagon releases our emergency fuel stores of glycogen. Once the glycogen tank is empty, the body releases its fat stores.

We must combine clean protein with high-fiber vegetables to lower insulin and release glucagon. Recall protein is the only food group that releases glucagon. We call the menu within The HOPE Protocol The Meso Menu.

We call it the Meso Menu because if you want to be healthy and live a long, high-quality life, you must define yourself as someone who has attained and maintained your ideal/happy/bottom/healthy weight.

"A Mesomorph is the title of someone who has achieved their “just right” weight."

Now, go and affirm it.

“I am a Mesomorph who weighs ___ pounds.”

Time-Restricted Eating (TRE), also known as Time-Restricted Feeding (TRF), is a tool that helps optimize all four components of The HOPE Protocol.


During Phase One of the Hormone Strand of The HOPE Protocol, we are working at eliminating estrogen dominance. In that strand, we teach you that the best way to tame estrogen dominance is to lose your belly fat.

Recall that estrogen begets belly fat, and belly fat begets estrogen. Our belly fat becomes an estrogen-producing gland. The more belly fat we have, the more estrogen we produce; therefore, the more estrogen-dominant we become, which makes even more belly fat.

Enzymes within the belly fat convert progesterone and testosterone into estradiol. This enzymatic activity is called aromatizing.

TRE has been shown to be a very effective tool for losing belly fat because the longer we are in a fasting state, the more likely we will go into ketosis and burn the fat stores located within our bellies.

“Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that alternates between periods of eating and fasting. Studies suggest that it may be one of the most effective ways to lose weight and belly fat.”


TRE works well when it comes to optimizing our weight because of the time we spend in ketosis, therefore burning fat.

Science tells us that we use fat as a fuel source after fasting for more than 8 and 12 hours. Our metabolism determines how long it takes to go into ketosis.

I will share below the proper way to use my favorite TRE plan. It's called 16/8.

If we practice 16/8 Time Restricted Eating, which means we will be fasting for sixteen hours, the minimum amount of time we will be in ketosis is 4 hours, and the maximum time is 8 hours. That means that you'll be burning fat for 4 to 8 hours.

In all 27 trials examined, intermittent fasting (IF) resulted in weight loss, ranging from 0.8% to 13.0% of baseline body weight. Weight loss occurred regardless of changes in overall caloric intake. In the studies of 2 to 12 weeks duration, body mass index decreased, on average, by 4.3% to a median of 33.2 kg/m2. Symptoms such as hunger remained stable or decreased, and no adverse events were reported.”



Autophagy is simply defined as eating yourself.

When you fast, your body will begin eating the weakest cells. It’s more like stealing the parts from the weak cells to strengthen stronger cells.

Have you heard that you are only as strong as your weakest link?

Autophagy makes you stronger by ridding your body of its weakest links.

Science tells us that significant autophagy occurs after two to four days of fasting. But, it also tells us that autophagy is believed to begin when glucose and insulin levels drop considerably.

The philosophy of The Meso-Menu is to bottom out blood sugar and insulin. When eating the Meso-Menu, the body believes you are fasting; therefore, autophagy occurs while consuming The Meso-Menu.

"Autophagy is the body's way of cleaning out damaged cells in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells."


During Phase One of The HOPE Protocol, optimizing the liver is paramount to optimizing health. Fatty livers are detrimental to our health. The reason fatty livers cause so much unhealthiness, especially after forty, has much to do with our hormones and weight.

Fatty livers cause hormone resistance like insulin resistance, the primary cause of modern-day type 2 diabetes.

Fatty livers also cause our metabolism to slow because our livers are in charge of fat burning.

If you look at recent research, fasting is the only way to eliminate the fat within a liver. Many alternative doctors are reversing insulin-resistant diabetes by having their patients do five-day water fasts.

“...fasting may lead to improvements in liver function, potentially indicating a reduction in liver fat accumulation or inflammation. Additionally, total cholesterol levels, which are known to be associated with NAFLD, may also improve.”


Fasting has been used as a religious tool since the beginning of time. The reason is that there is an increase in mental clarity while fasting.

Ketosis is the name we give when the body uses ketone bodies as fuel instead of glucose. You are not really in ketosis until the brain switches from using glucose to using ketones. Recall the brain can only use glucose and ketones as its fuel.

When the brain uses glucose as fuel, it burns the glucose, and the ashes from glucose remain. The brain has its own cleaning system that cleans your brain of these ashes as you sleep. When the brain uses ketones, it's as if it was using natural gas. Ketones burn cleanly, leaving no ashes to clean.

“The brain can only use glucose or ketones to feed itself. When it eats ketones, your mind works like it is walking on air.”

“Restricting the hours when you eat has been shown to significantly improve memory, according to a study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. In this study, after 4 weeks of intermittent fasting, performance on a spatial planning and working memory task and on a working memory capacity test increased significantly.”


TALK TO ME! I will tell you precisely what you need to do and take you on a quick test drive to show you how effective it is.

I will tell you everything you must do in one FREE coaching session. It will take about forty-five minutes, so choose a time when you will not be interrupted. And don't worry; this session is not a pitch for you to become a client because my roster is currently full.

I will tell you precisely what you need to eat to lose weight as a menopausal woman or an andropausal male. It's not a diet. You can eat one to six meals daily and still lose weight when you know what to eat. There are no counting calories, weighing foods, or pre-packaged meals. In fact, you don't need to purchase anything besides groceries. I will also explain how to balance your hormones naturally.

Say, YES! To being "Pause Awesome!"

If you like this newsletter or have any questions, visit me on my Facebook Page​ and let me know that you liked this newsletter. If you have any questions, you can ask them there.

If you want to learn more and see lots and lots of before and after pics of those who have done The HOPE Protocol, visit our website at


Can You Believe It?

Vicky and I stayed home this weekend. We worked outside preparing for the next atmospheric river and in the house organizing things. This is an us-ie Vicky took in our backyard. It was so nice to sit and enjoy ourselves at home. We played lots of backgammon, and of course, I watched football.

And remember...


"Because when your hormones are balanced, your weight, health, and mind will follow."

❤️ Doc

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