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How To Lose The Menopause Bloat in Three Days


"When I started using 20 mg of progesterone and a menu that bottomed out blood sugar and kept it bottomed out, voilà, the excess weight came off my menopausal patients just like the hCG Diet using hormone injections and a VLCD of 500 Kcal, though we were eating a more “normal” amount of calories and not having to inject the hormone hCG into our bodies."

Of course, the menu has evolved, and in the next chapter, I will share the first step of this menu called “The Lose The Bloat Menu.” With this menu, my clients lose 5 to 15 pounds of bloat in three days. I am not kidding! And they can eat up to six meals a day.


I define menopause as not ovulating because when you no longer ovulate, your ovaries no longer produce progesterone and testosterone, which are indirectly and directly your fat-burning hormones; that’s why a menopausal woman will start gaining weight rapidly and will not be able to lose it no matter what she does.

I talk to dozens of menopausal women weekly; this is the statement I often hear.

“Doc, I’ve cut my calories, joined a gym, hired a personal trainer, and even attended muscle-straining boot camps. I haven’t lost a pound. In fact, I continue to gain weight.”

You can’t burn fat without fat-burning hormones.

Without fat-burning hormones, you will have to manipulate two other hormones.


Imagine that we just ate a bowl of pasta. Once the pasta is broken down, it will turn into a thousand Kcal of glucose—our blood sugar spikes.

High blood sugar is toxic. High blood sugar will carmelize your brain, heart, liver, and kidneys. Your internal organs become crème brû·lée.

After you eat a meal, the carbohydrates you've eaten are broken down into glucose and passed into the bloodstream. The pancreas detects this rise in blood glucose and starts to secrete insulin.

“Imagine that each molecule of insulin represents a key. When your blood sugar spikes after eating carbohydrates, your pancreas releases millions of these key-like molecules into your bloodstream. These keys go to your cells and open their entrance doors.”

The opened doors invite the glucose to pass freely from your blood into your cells. Since your cells most likely don’t need the glucose unless you are currently running a marathon, the cells convert the sugar into fat and store the fat in cellular pantries for use at some future date.

“And when your blood sugar spikes, your immune system jumps into action. Inflammatory molecules, such as white blood cells and cytokines, work to instigate glucose breakdowns. [7] As a result, those with high blood glucose levels may experience inflammation throughout the body.”

If you are constantly spiking your blood sugar, you are in a constant state of inflammation. Chronic inflammation is the primary source cause of chronic diseases like…

  • Cancer

  • Diabetes

  • Heart Disease

  • Stroke

  • Alzheimer’s

One of these diseases most likely will be the cause of our death.


“Blood sugar spikes causing insulin to be released. Insulin opens the entrance doors to our cells allowing glucose to free-flow into the cells. The cells do not need the glucose as fuel, so it converts the glucose into fat and stores it in our cellular pantries.”

The first step you will need to take to lose excess menopausal weight is to bottom out insulin. Essentially, we must turn off the pancreatic spigot that releases insulin. And how do we do that? We eat foods that do not spike blood sugar.

When we eat a menu of foods that do not spike blood sugar, the brain’s hormone thermostat, called the hypothalamus, notices that no insulin has been released for a while. The brain thinks you have been unable to hunt or gather any food, and you are starving.

The brain sends a signal to the pancreatic Alpha Cells to release a hormone called glucagon. Glucagon is insulin’s twin hormone. I call it a twin hormone because insulin and glucagon use the same receptor sites.

FYI, receptor sites float like boats on the ball-like cells, and hormones attach to the receptor sites and deliver messages to the cell.

Glucagon is just like insulin in the sense glucagon is a key-like hormone. The pancreas releases millions of these key-like hormones, and they attach to the same receptor sites as insulin, but glucagon opens the exit doors to your cells.

“Insulin opens the entrance doors of your cells to allow glucose to free-flow into your cells, where it is converted into fat and stored. Glucagon opens the exit doors and allows the fat to free-flow from the cells to be used as fuel in an emergency.”

We are creating a false alarm. By bottoming out insulin, the body thinks you are starving, so it releases your stored fat to be used as fuel.

By bottoming out insulin, you are mimicking a fast, and the body will release (pardons) your fat that has been given, in most of our cases, a life sentence.

The fat pours out of your cells in the form of triglycerides. So whatever you do, don’t get a lipid panel when you eat the menu I am about to share with you, or your doctor will freak out.


The most important strand within The HOPE Protocol is the Organic Menu Strand. The initial Organic Menu is designed to "Lose Your Bloat."

Using the "Lose Your Bloat" Menu will cause you to lose five, ten, and even for some, fifteen pounds of bloat. IN THREE DAYS!

Bloat is a reflection of how inflamed you are. Inflammation is represented by retained water. The Lose Your Bloat Menu will flush out all of the retained water.

The primary cause of bloat and excess fat, for that matter, is spiking insulin. The "Lose Your Bloat" Menu is designed to bottom out your insulin. The Organic Menu that follows the Lose Your Bloat Menu is called the Meso-Menu.

The Meso-Menu is designed to keep your insulin levels bottomed out and place and keep you in a fat-burning state.

"Modern-day inflammation is primarily caused by eating insulin-spiking foods."

When you bottom out insulin, you will top out insulin's twin hormone called glucagon. You will eat nothing but animal protein for three days to bottom out your insulin and to top out glucagon.

"Whenever you're hungry, eat a palm-sized serving of clean animal protein. The key is only to eat when you are hungry."

Animal proteins are made up of two macronutrients, protein and fat. Protein and fat have a glycemic value of ZERO. That means protein and fat do not affect your blood sugar; therefore, insulin does not spike.

Make sure not to overeat protein. Some amino acids can convert to sugar and spike your blood sugar, which will spike your insulin.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.

If you eat a palm-size serving of animal protein at each meal, you will not have to worry about overeating protein.


You will eat a palm-sized piece of animal protein whenever you become hungry.

Fowl (Pasture Raised is Preferred)

  • Chicken

  • Turkey

  • Eggs

  • Wildfowl (dove, pheasants, quail, etc.)

Fish (Wild Caught young, small, and white are preferred)

  • Cod

  • Flounder

  • Haddock

  • Halibut

  • Mahi Mahi

  • Monk

  • Salmon

  • Snapper

  • Sole

  • Whitefish

Shellfish (Harvested in the Wild)

  • Abalone

  • Oysters

  • Scallops

Crustaceans (Wild Caught)

  • Crab

  • Crayfish

  • Lobster

  • Shrimp

Red Meat (Wild and Pasture-raised are preferred)

  • Beef

  • Bear

  • Boar

  • Buffalo

  • Elk

  • Kangaroo

  • Lamb

  • Pork

  • Venison

You will discover several positive results from eating only animal protein for three days.

  1. Most clients have a dramatic drop in weight. (5 to 10 lb.)

  2. Your inflammation will dramatically reduce.

  3. Carb cravings reduce dramatically.

  4. Your appetite will dramatically reduce

You will get excited as you watch the scale drop. I don't get that excited about the initial weight loss. I get excited because you just lost a lot of inflammation.

Many of my clients, women, and men, have lost 15 pounds in three days. This is scary because that means they were a heart attack waiting to happen.

"You will have better results if you eat different proteins throughout the day."

Eating the same protein could cause you to develop a sensitivity to that particular protein, causing a problem with adaptation to overeating animal protein.

Here is an example of a typical protein day.

  • Eggs for the first meal

  • Chicken for the second meal

  • Steak for the third meal

Then the next day, have at least one meal with a different protein from the day before.

  • Eggs for the first meal

  • Shrimp for the second meal

  • Lamb for the third meal

These are just examples. And remember, you should eat when you are hungry, not when the clock tells you.

It is not unusual for your appetite to drop so much that you only eat two meals a day, and even some of you will only need one meal.

"Since humans have been on earth, one meal was the most common meal frequency. I've read that seventy percent of people on earth only ate one meal during our lifetime."

Capitalism is where the three meals-a-day concept came into being.

I know some of you won't eat certain proteins. For example, my wife won't eat seafood or lamb. Eat only the animal proteins you like.

Do your best to eat animal proteins that are as natural as possible. What I mean is that:

  • Your beef should be pasture-raised and grass-fed.

  • Your fish should be wild-caught; please avoid farmed fish.

  • Your poultry, including eggs, should also be pasture-raised.

If these animal proteins are out of your budget, then they are out of your budget. If you cannot afford pasture-raised, grass-fed, wild-caught animal proteins, try to eat at least organic.

Yes, there is a big difference between the two. I place organic proteins below grass-fed, pasture-raised, wild-caught proteins. Organic may mean that they were fed organic cornmeal. Cows, if they were in the wild, would never eat cornmeal.

The animal proteins that are on the bottom of the list are meats from conventional industrial sources. These meats are filled with antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and herbicides.

Don't be fooled because these dirty meats will work to lose weight in the beginning. But they will pollute you, which is unsuitable for health and longevity. And as you become cleaner and cleaner, conventional meats will no longer work because of the human-made products within them.

"Do not let your inability to purchase better animal proteins stop you from doing HOPE. Conventional proteins will work when it comes to losing weight, which is super important when it comes to your hormones, health, and mind."

There is even another animal protein worse than conventional animal proteins. Conventional meats that have been processed, like salami, sausages, and hotdogs, are good examples.

Here is the order to purchase animal proteins.

  1. Pastured-raised, grass-fed, wild-caught animal proteins.

  2. Organically fed animal proteins

  3. Conventional industrialized animal proteins

  4. Processed conventional industrialized animal proteins.

I can hear your next question wanting to jump off the screen.

"What about bacon?"

There are healthy kinds of bacon, and there are unhealthy kinds of bacon. You will find this with most processed meats. Some are made from properly raised swine; others are industrialized and filled with medications. Some bacon is also filled with organic herbs and spices, and others are filled with fake chemicals like chemical smoke.

Below I have placed a link for a company that sells grass-fed pastured raised meats online. I get a box of meat from them every four weeks, and when I open the box, I get all excited like a little kid. I know; I'm a dork.

During the "Lose Your Bloat" Menu, also known as The Protein Days, you are allowed and encouraged to consume all the beef, pork, and lamb you wish. When you enter "The Meso-Menu" on the fourth day, the frequency of these three animal proteins should be limited. I recommend that you only have one serving of these animal proteins per day.



I have room to coach a few of you through the "LOSE THE BLOAT MENU."

The features

  • Daily Accountability

  • Twenty-four-hour availability via texting

  • Customization

  • Two Phone Consults

The Benefit

  • Lose your bloat and feel slenderer in three days.



Rojelio and Pa


Vicky and I are currently in the High Sierra. This pic is of my grandson #4, Rojelio, and me at Pinecrest Lake, where Vicky and I have been camping for several days. We leave from here to go to an even higher altitude, Spicer Lake, for several more days. Life is good.

And remember...


"Because when your hormones are sound, your weight, health, and mind will follow."

🎣 Doc

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