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Are You Trying?

Updated: Nov 16, 2023



“You’re going to fall off the horse. I promise. What you do after you fall off the horse will determine if you are a success or failure. Most of us will self-talk our way back to the stables. We will say to ourselves, I am such a loser. I knew I couldn’t do it. That guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about, etc.”

You can be happy, look great, be healthy, and have peace of mind even though your "Third Act" mind is filled with hormonal-induced “stinkin’ thinkin’.”


Failing forward - To try and have failed.

Abraham Lincoln is considered one of the greatest leaders of all time. It wasn’t because he was a perpetual winner. President Lincoln…

  • Lost his job in 1832

  • He was defeated for state legislature in 1832.

  • Failed in business in 1833.

  • His sweetheart died in 1835.

  • He had a nervous breakdown in 1836.

  • He was defeated for Speaker in 1838.

  • He was defeated for nomination for Congress in 1843.

  • Once he was nominated, he lost renomination in 1848.

  • He was rejected for land officer in 1849.

  • He was defeated for the U.S. Senate in 1854.

  • He was defeated for nomination for Vice President in 1856.

  • He was again defeated for the U.S. Senate in 1858.

  • He finally hit pay dirt when he was Elected President in 1860.

Abe was more of a perpetual loser.

"Abraham Lincoln built his success on a foundation of failures."

Thomas Edison was also a perpetual failure.

He failed 2774 times before he reached a working design for the first electric light bulb.

2774 TIMES!

“The more failures you have, the more successful you will become.”

Make sure to read this course to the end because I am going to show you how we fail forward to optimize hormones and weight.


One of the four strands of success is customization. The other three are...

  • Accountability,

  • Knowledge

  • Motivation.

"Customization is defined as modifying something to suit a particular individual."

When it comes to looking great and feeling great, it is all about experimentation and customization.

You can ask any of my clients, and they will tell you that their success came about because we customized The HOPE Protocol for their hormones, internal chemistries, personalities, schedules, food likes, and dislikes.

The four strands of The HOPE Protocol have to be customized to optimize my client's lives. The Four Strands are...

  • Hormone Optimization

  • Weight Optimization

  • Health Optimization

  • Mind Optimization

So, how do I go about customizing my clients' programs?

By their failures!

When something doesn’t work, we pivot. We customize.

I learned very early in my practice that insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

"Success comes about through customization, and customization comes about by failing."

I will customize and optimize three of my reader's hormones, weight, health, and minds for free this week. Will you be one of them? Keep reading.


Failing Backwards - To not try.

Right now, you are in one of life's three states: you are either

  1. Getting Better

  2. Staying the Same

  3. Getting Worse

“Stagnation is the primary way we regress.”

When stagnant, you will become the proverbial deer in the headlights. You’ll stand there and be run over.

  • How many times have you not tried to improve who you are?

  • How many times have you thrown your arms into the air and walked away?

  • How often have you bit your tongue and continued to do your duty?

  • How many times have you let Him down?

One of my favorite sayings is that…

“Procrastination is the key to ultimate failure.”

Because not taking any action is the ultimate failure.

Because, for each day that you procrastinate, the odds of you not taking the first step on your journey toward your desires increase and increase until you reach the ultimate failure of not doing anything at all and eventually lying on your deathbed with the regret that you did not even try.

“When you try to improve on something, anything, and fail, that’s not a failure; It’s failing forward.”

When you desire to be healthier, improve a relationship, improve your career, or be closer to God, and you do nothing, you’re going to regret your inactivity.

"Regret is nonexistent in those who tried and failed."

Let’s say you want to be slender, but you are thirty, forty, or fifty pounds overweight. We all know being overweight will take years, maybe even decades, off of our lives. If you want to live longer and be healthier, you must try to lose weight because that’s the only way you will succeed.

"Science has shown that we are as healthy as our waist is small."

Accept my invitation below if you want to know how to lose weight once your "pause" has turned your hormones upside down.

It is true that failure can be painful, but have you noticed that the pain of failure makes you stronger and inspires you to change your “bad” values for “good” values? Replacing weaker values with stronger values is how you improve. It's how you create the you you desire to be.

Many of us have had failed marriages. When we get married, we really don’t know what we are doing. It’s not like there's a school that tells us how to be a spouse. Some of us had parents whose marriage was ideal, therefore, great examples, but ideal marriages are few and far between.

When we jump into a marriage, and since we don’t know what we are doing, we try this, then we try that and discover what makes the marriage better and what makes it worse.

We try!

A great body, marriage, career, and piousness are molded by discovering what works and what doesn’t. It’s all about trying and failing, discarding the actions that fail, or tweaking that action and then accepting what does work and making it part of who we are.

“The ultimate failure is not trying.”

When you don’t try to improve yourself, there will be regret.

"Success comes from trying and failing. Not knowing if something will improve you and trying it anyway is where success is bred."


In an earlier newsletter, I mentioned that happiness comes about by solving problems. Remember? But how many of us currently have problems that we are not solving?

Why aren’t you working on solving your problems?

Even if you don’t know the solution, you won’t find it without trying to solve it.

"You must first try to solve the problem, and then the solution will appear."

Are you having a weight problem? Below is how you solve it.


For example, one of the first lessons I learned when I was a motivational speaker way back in the eighties was to be enthusiastic; you had to act enthusiastic. Before I knew it, I was enthusiastic, for real. Acting is an action!

"I found that solutions were the effect of trying to solve a problem."

You won’t solve your problems without trying. You may fail the first time, but don’t give up; try again and again, and eventually, poof, the problem is solved by failing forward.

And, remember to take responsibility for your problem because the only way you can solve it is when you realize that you are responsible for solving your problems.

If you are at effect, you will sit on the couch and allow the problem to get heavier and heavier until it squashes you, and remember what life truly is.

"Life is all about creating the you that you desire to be."

Are you ready to take responsibility? Then accept my invitation below.

❤️ Doc



If you are overweight and in menopause or andropause, I have room weekly to coach three of you through our Hormone and Weight Optimization Program for one week at no charge.

This way, you can see the effectiveness of our HOPE For Menopause and HOPE For Andropause Systems and experience how quickly and easily you can lose weight and feel great.

The features of our coaching program:

  • Daily Accountability

  • Twenty-four-hour problem-solving availability via texting

  • The HOPE QuickStart Course filled with easy instructions

  • Motivating Phone Consults

The Benefit

  • Lose weight quickly and feel hormonally better in one week.



These spots fill quickly.

"Procrastination is the seed to failure."​

Do you love reading about how to optimize your third act of life?

Then enroll in our FREE Newsletter by clicking below.



Date Night

Last week's date night included being entertained by a Queen tribute band. This week, we went to San Francisco and were entertained by the real Queen with Adam Lambert. It was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. Technology has taken concert-going to a new higher level.

Nothing is better for your hormones than the bliss of dating your spouse over and over.

And remember...


"Because when your hormones are balanced, your weight, health, and mind will follow."

🕺 Doc

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