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Fallout 4 Using Bodyslide

  • I get a lot of questions as to how to use Bodyslide so I figured I could write up a quick article and post it with my bodyslide presets.Download, install, and enable: Bodyslide and Outfit Studio, CBBE, this (or any) preset into your mod manager of choice.

  • Launch Bodyslide through your mod manager

  • Under "preset", select your preset of choice

  • In the bottom left corner, select "batch build"

  • Ensure that all pieces are selected to be built

  • Select "ok"

  • Wait for Bodyslide to build the meshes

  • If your mod manager places your meshes into an "overwrite" folder, move your new meshes into a new folder/mod with a name like "Bodyslide Output"

A more detailed guide can be found in many other places but I figured this may be helpful for some people who just need a refresher. Happy modding :)

fallout 4 using bodyslide

Download File:

I would note the reason I asked for a simple explanation was since most folks recommedn this mod and Cbbe I was hopign it was one of those simple OR complicated depending on how much you want to mess with it and that there was a bodyslider for dummies guide.

There is a whole wiki devoted to Bodyslide. Me, I do simple stuff, so what I do is CTRL + Build, which saves to the bodyslide directory, then make that save its own directory and add my own readme note. In the wiki there are more ways, and probably better ways, to make and save different profiles. Here is Ousnius's wiki... 350c69d7ab


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