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Where Can You Buy Carhartt Jackets

Did your Carhartt zipper break? We carry heavy duty #10 metal zippers that can replace the original zippers in Carhartt jackets, coveralls, and bibs, as well as Dickies, Wrangler, and Timerberland clothing. These zippers can replace the closures in other types of workwear as well. When you need tough, durable zippers for your toughest work gear, check out these zippers to get even longer life out of your jackets, vests, coveralls and more!

where can you buy carhartt jackets


Carhartt, Inc. is an American apparel company founded in 1889, known for heavy-duty working clothes such as jackets, coats, overalls, coveralls, vests, shirts, jeans, dungarees, fire-resistant clothing and hunting apparel. Carhartt remains a family-owned company, owned by the descendants of founder Hamilton Carhartt, with its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan.[3]

Carhartt is renowned for its full-cut, wind-resistant, snag-proof, heavy-duty work jackets which are popular with construction workers, miners, farmers, hunters, and outdoors people. Carhartt has also successfully expanded its appeal to general street wear. Carhartt jackets are plain and manufactured in muted colors such as mustard, khaki and navy blue. They are usually waist-length or three-quarter length. Most are made from relatively stiff 12-ounce cotton canvas with triple-stitched seams. Carhartt also makes pants and overalls with colors and materials that match its jackets. Carhartt jackets are not designed for unusually tall or slender men; they are typically cut wide around the middle to accommodate hefty men.[4][5][2]

Carhartt WIP often collaborates with other streetwear brands. An example would be the line of A Bathing Ape X Carhartt WIP camouflage hoodies and jackets.[13] There have also been collaborations with A.P.C., Comme des Garçons, Vetements,[14] Junya Watanabe Pontus Alv's Polar Skate Co, and Gosha Rubchinskiy and Tolya Titaev's skatebrand PACCBET.[15] The WIP founders strategy was to immerse themselves in sub-cultures that interested them and pursue marketing activities that existed in them. This included graffiti, fanzines, skateboarding, hip hop,[12] and a BMX cycle team. Carhartt WIP have a number of stores in Europe (including Berlin, London, Barcelona and Madrid), Asia, Australia and also in the U.S. (New York City and Los Angeles).[16]

Tommy Boy Records used Carhartt jackets as a promotional vehicle and had its logo embroidered on them. Tommy Boy initially gave away 800 such jackets to "tastemakers and people seen in all the right places." This effort was so successful that the record label eventually started expanding into clothing. Carhartt is now popular with hip-hoppers. In the New York hip-hop scene mustard brown and hunter green Carhartts are favored.[4] Rappers like Tupac and Dre wore Carhartt. Carhartt jackets and their evolution as fashion items were featured prominently at the Bronx Museum of the Arts exhibition entitled "One Planet Under a Groove: Hip-Hop and Contemporary Art" in 2002.[19][6]

Carhartt has become a part of the local culture in Alaska. The city of Talkeetna holds an annual "Carhartt Ball." The Alaska State Fair hosts a Carhartt fashion show. Carhartt capitalized on the growth of the working class in Alaska in the late 20th century due to the growth of the oil industry by having its local sales representative, Doug Tweedie, carefully cultivate relationships with the independent stores that dominate the state's relatively isolated retail market. In 2001, per capita sales of the brand's products were higher in Alaska than anywhere else in the world.[6]

The main characters of Interstellar wear Carhartt jackets. Carhartt products were on screen for about one hour.[20][2] Matthew McConaughey wore the Duck Detroit Jacket #J001.[21] Jessica Chastain wore the Weathered Duck Quinwood Chore Coat.

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This jacket has the same score as the Crowley Jacket (#12), although was able to move up with the added bonus of having a removable hood.The Shoreline jacket scored a 3 in the category of movability. Once again, the jacket not containing the Carhartt Full swing technology has caused it to score an average of 3. Do not mistake this jacket to be constraining, it will still move, just not as freely as other jackets.

In 2020, Carhartt decided to become more environmentally friendly and change the process of dyeing/washing their jackets. The improved process has allowed them to upgrade the J141 to the 104392. Make no mistake, this jacket is just as good as the old one, just better...and has cooler coloring.

Coming up clutch where the close cousin came up short, this Shoreline Jacket can also keep you warm, scoring a 4 in this category. Graded as a midweight insulation, this is sure to keep the crisp mornings of winter out of mind.

Recently I wrote about the best Carhartt work jackets, and explained how this Carhartt J140 jacket is my favorite work jacket. The flannel lining is very warm and comfortable, and the firm duck is durable and wind-resistant.

In this article I want to focus specifically on the J140 jacket to give you an idea of what type of outer shell it uses, what type of lining it uses, and how that compares to other options. In general, this is one of the warmest and toughest Carhartt work jackets available.

Probably the first thing you need to do if you are trying to find a Carhartt work jacket is understand the different insulation linings that Carhartt offers, and how they differ on warmth. The table below should help you understand the options and how the linings in these Carhartt winter jackets differ.

If you are looking for a J140 temperature rating, as I mentioned earlier, unfortunately Carhartt does not do temperature ratings for their jackets. All I can tell you is from my personal experience, the J140 is warm enough to handle tough winter conditions.

But again, if you are worried about extreme, dangerous temperatures, the warmest Carhartt jacket is actually the J133. If you want to read more about the warmest Carhartt jackets, visit our article: Warmest Carhartt Jackets.

These firm duck outer shells also provide a level of wind resistance needed during those brutal winter days. Sometimes when comparing Carhartt winter jackets, this outer shell fabric is the most difficult thing to understand.

In general, the more durable the outer fabric, the stiffer the jacket will be. Canvas will break in over time, but the firmer, stiffer outer-shells (like this J140 jacket) will take some time. If you do not like stiff jackets, you might want one of the fabrics that is pre-washed to help break it in.

Please understand that Carhartt does offer soft-shell jackets too, which means that not all their jackets use a canvas outer shell. But but here are your options for outer canvas fabrics for the Carhartt Work Jackets:

The Quick Duck fabric still feels like canvas, but it is lighter in weight and, in my experience, more comfortable and more flexible. Here is a close-up look at the Quick Duck fabric on one of my Carhartt work jackets:

While, yes, you can expect 100% cotton Carhartt winter jackets to shrink some over time, in my experience, the shrinking is minimal, and does not affect what size I order. As with anything, after enough wash cycles, the cotton fabric will shrink a little bit.

Again, Carhartt does not assign temperature ratings to their jackets, which just complicates the buying process. Here is my opinion based off wearing this jacket for years: this jacket will be warm enough to handle winters in most all continental US states (yes, there may be some extreme exceptions). But it also will likely be too warm for mild winters in the southern US.

Click here to buy this Carhartt J140 jacket available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to This jacket has a loose fit, but I order my normal sizing. To explore other options, visit my article about alternatives to Carhartt, or my article about the best workwear jackets.

Blain's Farm & Fleet has all the Carhartt workwear and clothing you need to get the job done right. You work hard, and we honor that by providing you with quality brands you can trust. Carhartt clothing is made for the hardest working people in America from the highest quality materials. It's built to last, so you can focus on getting the job done. From Carhartt outerwear to T-shirts and shorts, Blain's Farm & Fleet is where to buy Carhartt workwear and get legendary comfort, durability, and quality, all at a price you'll love.

Carhartt coats & jackets are a standard for durability and comfort. Coats come in a wide selection of weights, insulation levels and options for hoods. Choose a vest for stand-alone wear or in combination with jackets for additional layers. All Carhartt coats, jackets, and vests are available in a wide array of Carhartt colors.

Carhartt is one of the most popular brands among newer workplaces and working teams. The high quality, comfortable, and durable apparel is tough when it needs to be, and is lightweight and comfortable enough to help you get through a long workday. From custom jackets and embroidered beanies to tees and polos, Carhartt has a great variety of blank canvases for your next logo embroidery. With apparel for all shapes and sizes, add your logo to create a great team gift, giveaway prize, or some trade show apparel at any time in the year.

Several options are available if you want Carhartt custom jackets. The best-looking and most desirable customization option involves embroidering your customization design into the jacket. You can have your preferred design embroidered into the chest, arm, back, or any other part of the jacket you desire. 041b061a72


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