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Nissan GT-R Skin

On the outside, you'll be hard-pressed to spot differences unless you're looking at the front. A redesigned grille and fascia bring straighter lines and some symmetry to the GT-R's face. Nissan also says aerodynamic performance is improved, while underneath the skin, refinements to the platform offer a more comfortable ride with reduced noise and vibration. While it may sound like the GT-R is getting soft in its old age, Nissan assures us the twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 engine is as potent as ever, still generating 562 horsepower across the lineup save for the Nismo, which remains steady at 591 hp.

Nissan GT-R Skin

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Our vinyl decal skins gives your Xbox One a stylish look whilst also protecting it from scratches, dirt and water. This PS5 skin features an ultra-high gloss film that is then covered with a clear protective laminated layer for ultimate durability.

Nissan intended to enter two GT-R LM's in the 2015 FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) starting in April 2015,[18] while a third car would be entered for the 24 Hours of Le Mans.[19] By the time of its planned debut at Silverstone, drivers had covered 3,800 kilometres (2,400 mi) with the GT-R LM in testing but its first racing appearance was delayed until Le Mans because the car twice failed its crash test and was forced to miss the WEC pre-season test session at the Circuit Paul Ricard.[20] The first crash test ended in failure because the car's front roll hoop was damaged. Engineers were also mandated to redesign the car's door because the FIA decided they should have include an anti-burst load but failed its test first time around and the door's structure was entirely altered following its skin cracking.[21] Testing resumed in April with four days' worth of endurance running with 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) amassed at the NCM Motorsports Park race track in Bowling Green, Kentucky.[22]

I decided that I wanted to ditch the grey interior in my car and have paired up with a company I've had do several Z32 seat skins and other accessories with good luck. They needed my current seat skins so they can create the templates so I decided to write-up a seat-skin tear down guide for anyone who might follow a similar path

Now you can work the seat over and remove the 2 -10mm nuts holding the air bag in place. It must be removed to get the seat skin off because its protected by a cover sewn into the seat skin. Its hard to see the nuts but they are here

Doesn't matter if seat skins in your 2009-2013 GTR are worn out or if you just want to uplift the interior with a unique customized look, we offer the best quality OEM replacement leather seat covers for your car. These covers are made to the specs of seats of this car and will fit perfectly. You are getting driver and passenger side seat covers. All our parts are made by upholstery professionals with 100% finest quality automotive grade leather. Click here to see some installed pictures from our customers.

Increased Induction SoundEnjoy the increased snarl from your engine and hear the turbo spool more clearly with the addition of the COBB Tuning SF Intake system. Turbocharger induction noise and bypass valve venting sound is much more audible using this intake system.Easy to InstallThe COBB Tuning SF Intake was designed to be easy to install without having to modify your car or remove the bumper skin. Installation requires no cutting or trimming or removal of the bumper skin or bumper support and can be completed with simple hand tools. Simply remove the stock airbox and bolt the SF intake into place in just minutes!Free Off-The-Shelf CalibrationsChanging the calibration of the MAF sensor necessitates tuning changes to recalibrate the ECU. COBB Tuning has you covered here as well with a set of free Accessport Big SF Intake Off-The-Shelf maps for all supported GT-R vehicles. Big SF Intake maps are available for download from the Nissan GT-R Accessport Map Database.

However, the most striking feature of this car is its unique shimmering foil that gives off an entire spectrum of colors, especially when exposed to sunlight. Even those ridiculous gold wheels pale in comparison. The car also sports some improvements under that chameleon skin for some impressive on-road performance, underlying the fact that it is not just a show car.

It is not known if the car sports any kind of modification under that skin but even in its stock form, a base Nissan GT-R is still pretty impressive with loads of horsepower and an incredible traction control system. 041b061a72


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