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How to Rock Your Bathing Suit in Three Months.

Vicky and I are currently parked in the middle of the Southern Arizona Desert.

It is so surreal.

As you are driving east on Highway 10, you will see lots of sand, cactus, AND LIKE A MILLION RVs!

There are at least a thousand RV parks AND THEY ARE ALL FULL!

There are also RVs, like random snowflakes, parked here and there throughout the desert.

I look one way, then the other, and all I see is sand and cacti.

I have to ask myself...


So, what do I do?

I asked the first local I met.

He explained to me that most of the RVers are Northerners escaping their winter.

I visit Florida a lot, I know about snowbirds, but I did not know the Southern Arizona Desert was the RV capital of the US of A during the winter months until today.

Vicky and I are not snowbirds, we are grandparents on a mission.


Let me get back to my expertise, HORMONES!

Remember, all of us, you and me, are nothing more than a reflection of our hormones.

The best way to fix our hormones is to lose our belly fat.

The reason is that your belly fat becomes a hormone-producing gland.

And it produces a hormone we don't want while in middle age.

And our belly fat uses the hormones we do want to make a hormone we don't want.

Did that make sense?

More on that in Step Two.

Let's get to Step ONE.


I sure hope by now that you know insulin is the hormone that stores fat.

The reason America is so overweight is because of high insulin levels.

We eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) filled with insulin spiking foods.


Recall, insulin opens the doors to your cells and allows blood sugar to flow into the cell where it is converted into fat and stored in your cellular pantries.

The key to losing your belly fat is to bottom-out insulin and keep it bottomed-out.

Therefore you do not need to "diet," you just need to eat a menu that does not spike your blood sugar.

If you don't spike your blood sugar, you'll lose your belly fat while simultaneously fixing a middle-aged hormone problem.

When you bottom out insulin, insulin's twin hormone. glucagon is released and glucagon opens the exit doors of your cells and releases the stored fat from your cellular pantries.

It's really that easy: Eat a menu that decreases Insulin and increases glucagon and you'll lose your belly fat.


I can give you all the knowledge you need to lose your belly fat and excess weight but you will only have a 3% chance of succeeding.

Research shows that people who go on a diet fail 97% of the time.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that you will need accountability to win at the weight loss game.

The research found that participants who had once-a-week accountability through live meetings were the only participants that consistently lost weight on all the diets the researchers tested.

The research did not say the participants achieved their goal weight.

The participants just lost weight.

We thought if once a week accountability was the only way the participants lost weight, what would happen if they were held accountable EVERY DAY!

That thought turned into our development of the best accountability program on the planet.

We have our clients text me directly every day, yes, I said, me!

We call it our Daily Statistical Texting Accountability System.

This one system will take you from a 3% chance of succeeding to nearly an 80% chance of achieving your "happy" weight.

If you would like to watch my interview with one of our clients who is an RN talk about our accountability program watch the youtube video below.


The most frustrating problem I hear from someone that loses weight is that she gains it all back and sometimes even more.

The reason is a condition called estrogen dominance.

The reason I write about estrogen dominance so much is that you must fix it to have a high-quality "Third Act" of life.

I am not talking about having high levels of estrogen.

I am talking about your estrogen being out of balance with progesterone.

In reality, this imbalance is what causes the symptoms of menopause.

  • Weight Gain

  • Weight Loss Resistance

  • Sleeping Disorders

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Loss of Interest in Being Intimate

  • Loss of Motivation to be Social

The good news is that the best thing you can do to correct estrogen dominance is to lose your belly fat.

So step 1 and 1x will cause weight loss but to keep your weight off you'll need to do Step Two.


When it comes to balancing estradiol with progesterone, you will need to know how.

I have a 13-Step e-course that I have my clients go through to balance their ovarian hormones.

Over the last two decades, I have honed this e-course that explains step by step what to do to balance estradiol and progesterone naturally.

Step One and One-X will get you to lose your belly fat and excess weight.

Step Two will teach you how to maintain your new weight.

Here is a text I received from a client yesterday.

Eating a menu that decreases insulin and increases glucagon can have dramatic results like this but remember your results may vary.

Step Two and Two-X will make sure Jennifer keeps her slender belly and decreased bathing suit size come summer.

If you want to rock your swimsuit, talk to me.

I have a couple of openings this week as I travel around the country.

It costs nothing to talk to me and as a bonus, I will also share with you how we make losing your belly happen quickly.

And as another bonus, I will explain how to make it easy.

BIG BONUS: If you talk to me this week, I will give you my 13 step course on how to balance progesterone and estradiol.

I have my schedule wide open but I can only talk to a few of you this week so once a few have scheduled I will shut down my calendar.

This selfie was taken yesterday as Vicky and I hiked within the Petrified Forrest.

Make your "Third Act" AWESOME because it may be your last, wait a minute, it is.

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