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Super Me (2019)

It tells the story of a little-known screenwriter who discovers that he has developed a superpower that allows him to bring the treasures from his dreams back to the real world, thus marking the start of his supernatural life.Sang Yu was once a struggling screenwriter. His life changes overnight when he suddenly possesses the special ability to fetch the things from his dreams. By turning the treasures from his dreams into reality, the down-and-out writer becomes a winner. He even succeeds in pursuing Hua'er whom he's had a crush on for many years. However, Sang Yu gradually realizes that the rewards reaped from a good night's sleep are not all that simple and there's a hefty price to pay when he is pushed to the edge.(Source: Release dates: Sep 9, 2019 (Festival) Apr 9, 2021 (Cinema) Edit Translation

Super Me (2019)

Thenhe realizes that he has a super-power to bring some objects from hisdreams back to reality. Since they are all antiques and treasures, hebecomes rich over night. And as he progresses as a proper IndianaJones of the dreamworld, being more and more in control of hisdreams, he gets richer and richer, more and more successful andfamous. That draws the attention of some interested parties, like hisformer work partner San Ge (Cao Bingkun)and a relentless coffee-shop owner Hua Er (SongJiu) who serves as his love interestfrom early on, but also a cohort of gangsters lead by the ruthlessQiang Ge (Wu Gang). 041b061a72


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