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Buy Linen Shirts UPD

Banana Republic is having a lot of fun with linen. This Castello shirt comes in nine colors, ranging from classic white and black to more unique colors like lavender, blood orange, and Pacific pink. The latter options are a good way to inject some playfulness into your wardrobe, and make especially good picks for summertime wedding getups.

buy linen shirts


If you're ready to roll into your handsomest, airiest, most ventilated spring ever, your friendly style consultants at GQ Recommends have scouted out all the best men's linen shirts worth scooping on the double. Here are 19 unflappably chill options to take you from a sunny day at the park to a red-hot beach day (sometime soon, we promise!) and back again.

The cotton polo shirt has dominated casual summer dressing for decades, and you only need to look as far as Elvis Presley to see why. But the smarter linen shirt, a perfect blend of debonair and dishevelled, certainly has the chops to compete.

The family-run business recently entered more casual territory, taking that same eye for impeccable cut and fit into pieces like the linen shirt, which is still kept as reassuringly classic as its slick three-piece suits.

Despite first specialising in woollen underwear worn by the likes of explorer Ernest Shackleton, the British heritage brand does a fine line of summer-ready linen shirts that will be the envy of every other guy around the hotel pool.

In our books, few things beat a quality Oxford button-up. But when the sun comes out and our penchant for sturdy shirting ever so slightly sways in favour of something that bit lighter and breathable, from May through to September the cool, calm and collected linen shirt becomes our wardrobe go-to.

Fan of the fabric? Check out our other guides to the best linen suits, linen shorts, and linen trousers for more on linen-based luxury.

Highly absorbent and majorly breathable, wearing linen is not only comfortable, but effortless. Made up of hollow-shaped fibres, linen can absorb up to 20 per cent of its weight in moisture before anything can be seen by the naked eye. Put simply, there are no sweat stains to be had. Additionally, linen is one of the greenest fabrications on the market. Constructed from the flax plant, it can be produced with a fraction of the water, chemicals and fertilizers of its cotton-based cousins.

Generally speaking when it comes to linen, the tighter the weave, the higher the quality. A tighter weave makes for an even, smoother texture, ideal for tailoring and a rich, Italian feel that sits closer and softer on the skin thanks to its higher thread count.

Lucky for us linen lovers, the fabric is one of the few that actually becomes softer and more supple with every wash. Having said that, it's important to wash linen at low or lukewarm temperatures, in a gentle cycle with a mild detergent to ensure the fibres are protected.

Well, dear reader, it's rather simple. We at GQ know our stuff, and we've compiled a collection of the biggest names in linen, unsung heroes and designer offerings to bring you a well-rounded image of what are truly the best linen shirts for men in 2023.

Lifting linen from its sunny Italian context and into the realm of the utilitarian, 120% Lino's linen shirt is light in construction, but hard on the details. Note the workwear-inspired oversized flap pockets and uber-straight hem. 210. At

Linen isn't all creams and beiges, you know. Lifting the breezy construction into a more formal setting, Reiss' noir black Ruban linen shirt is engineered for versatility as well as a more dusky, seductive approach to the construction. 98.

Technically not a shirt but a polo, Vilebrequin uses the light fabric to its full potential with this piece. Feeling almost weightless against the skin, the 100 per cent linen top is given extra laid-back points from its buttonless placket and tonal turtle embroidery to the chest. Worn with a pair of tailored shorts and sandals, it'd be a hard look to beat. 140.

As soft as your go-to tee but decidedly smarter, this shirt from Sunspel is the office-appropriate pick that doesn't compromise on comfort. Cut from Italian linen and given a mélange navy hue, this short-sleeved shirt strikes an elegant look, ideal for pairing with tailored trousers or those with a matching linen fabrication. 155.

Only Brunello Cucinelli could make something this effortless feel quite so elegant. A sensible sartorial investment for all manner of clammy climates, this linen-blend shirt is kept easy and dignified by its striped pattern and lightly oversized silhouette. 600. At

Established household name, Saville Row staple, and Royal Warrant holder, fewer brands do fine shirting like Turnbull & Asser. In a rich navy hue, this linen shirt is cut in a casual silhouette for a slightly oversized fit that'll come into its own in your holiday wardrobe, buttoned-down as far as you're willing to go in the day, then up to the top at night. 300.

Having cultivated a reputation for the luxuriously laidback aesthetic, it should come as no surprise that Oliver Spencer has expressed his love for linen. Given a daffodil-yellow hue, the New York linen shirt is aptly named, for it's so breathable that it can even take on the heaving streets of NYC in the summertime without breaking a sweat. 80. At

When you're shopping for men's beach shirts, linen should be your top choice for dressing up or down. You can toss on a short-sleeve linen shirt with your swim trunks for protection from the summer sun, or pair the smooth lines of a linen button-down with linen pants for a beach wedding or other special event. For a moonlight walk on the sand, a men's white linen shirt is the ultimate in sophistication, but if your personal style has more modern flair, try a black linen shirt or another bold color.

Of course, you can't talk about men's linen shirts without mentioning the guayabera, the traditional Cuban shirt with pockets and vertical pleats. Enjoy the Latin style and Caribbean comfort of our large selection of , in short-sleeve and long-sleeve styles.

How it feels: The smooth nylon has just a bit of stretch, so the shirt feels light and sleek against the skin, not cheap or staticky (like some synthetic blends). The sensation is completely different than what you get with most cotton shirts (which usually feel crisp and can drag against the skin).

The Club Monaco comes in XS to XXL, or 35 inches to 47 inches across the chest and 32 inches to 38 inches in the sleeve. (Though we saw an XXS during testing, stock fluctuates.) Some linen shirts we saw needed to be hand-washed, but this one is machine-washable and can tolerate the dryer, which helps cut down on wrinkles. In our tests, it shrank only half an inch in both body and sleeve length.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: If you have an especially long torso and plan on wearing the shirt tucked, you might find the Club Monaco Slim Linen Shirt to be too short. And because the shirt has a slim fit, if you like your linen baggy, size up.

All of the shirts that we recommend in this guide can be machine-washed on cold with a stain-fighting detergent like Tide Ultra Stain Release. To get the most longevity out of your shirts, skip the dryer and air-dry instead. Smooth wrinkles as soon as the garment emerges from the wash, then hang to dry on a clothesline or sturdy wooden hanger.

I started by researching hundreds of button-up shirts. And, based on specs and user reviews, I narrowed the field to 29 highly rated models: 12 dress shirts, nine Oxfords, and eight linen shirts. For this piece, we focused on button-up shirts marketed to men, though these styles can be worn by people of any gender. Kimber Streams, a senior staff writer who is non-binary, enhanced the scope and feel of this guide with their participation. Unlike shirts marketed to women, the shirts in this guide have straight seams, with minimal tapering at the hip and similar measurements at the chest and waist.

Sizing: Many button-up shirts cap out at XXL, so it was difficult to ding any particular brand for that sort of limited range. Still, we looked for shirts that offered an even wider variety of sizes. To check for shrinkage, I measured the sleeve and body length of each shirt, and then washed and dried it according to its care label. Then I measured again to calculate the difference.

Quality: I was looking for high-quality, well-constructed button-ups that would last for years. During my initial testing, I looked for shirts with even stitching at the seams, few to no loose threads, and well-built collars. In the dress shirt category, I looked for shirts with sturdy collar stays.

Though many people tend to use the terms button-up and button-down interchangeably, a button-down shirt refers to shirts with collars that button down at the corners, typically Oxford shirts. As such, dress shirts are not technically button-downs, though both dress shirts and Oxfords are button-ups (meaning they fasten at the center with buttons).

In this guide, we also recommend a linen shirt that has a distinctly airy look and feel, compared with shirts in the other two categories covered here. But it is also, in fact, a button-down because its collar is secured by buttons.

Linen styles are a warm-weather tradition at J.Jill. Our linen is made from natural european flax fibers, making our styles lightweight, breathable, and cool on your skin. And all of our linen is machine washable, so caring for our linen styles is simple. Elevate your outfit with linen dresses, wide-leg pants and soft shirts, or add easy layers with pullover sweaters and cardis. Shop linen in misses, petite, plus size, and tall styles. 041b061a72


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