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I don't think this is a math issue. Rather, it is an accountability and trust issue. Should we be asking businesses to grow the General Fund or should we be asking PA businesses to contribute specifically to the expenses related to the infrastructure and services that they impact and that benefit them most? The current CC has identified those as housing, transportation, grade separation, and public safety. Those areas of need will exist forever. But future City Councils are not bound by the promises and assurances that this City Council makes. Ms. Diamond correctly labels the talk about revenue use a "sales pitch". If the revenue from this tax are NOT spent on the identfied areas, and there's NOTHING requiring that they are, the City Manager and a future CC could well return with yet another tax proposal. To be perfectly frank, our current City Manager and the one before him and the long-standing twisted dynamic of City Council being run by the City Manager/Senior Staff (instead of the other way around) is why I think it unwise to enact a general tax.Here's a daunting thought to keep in mind: if the revenue is not spent as promised, the very serious problems that exist in those areas will only worsen. Promises are nothing; this needs to be a specific tax.

P-Square - Forever



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