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Who Buys Textbooks ((INSTALL))

Ready to sell textbooks? Earn the most when you sell college textbooks online at TextbookRush! Our three-step textbook buyback program makes it quick and easy to see the value of your books, print a shipping label, and trade them in for cash or store credit. We'll even cover shipping costs to help you save as much as possible. Enter your ISBN numbers above for an instant quote and sell back textbooks for a great price!

who buys textbooks


Students use an average of 40-60 books over the course of a four-year college program, so it's not uncommon for a stack of used textbooks to pile up. Reduce the clutter and earn some cash for books you don't need by selling college books to TextbookRush. We'll pay you top dollar and cover shipping costs though our quick and easy textbook buyback program. Search by ISBN above to see your quote and sell books online today!

We believe we're the best place to sell textbooks, but we want to make sure you feel the same from quote to cash in hand. Check out these resources to ensure you earn the most when you sell used textbooks back to us:

Find new and used textbooks for your college course, including reference books, study guides, key texts, academic journals, test prep books, and classic literature. AbeBooks offers thousands of textbooks at cheap prices - from biology to calculus and law - for students and academics everywhere. Remember to search by ISBN to find the exact edition that you need.

Famous for selling used books, AbeBooks has helped school, college and university students find and buy cheap textbooks online since 1996. Thousands of independent booksellers - many of them bricks and mortar bookstores - list their new and used textbooks for sale on our site.

When looking for bargains, consider international editions - these are books that have been published outside the US, and they are usually significantly more affordable than textbooks published in the United States.

At the end of the college year, students are faced with the task of trying to get cash back for their pricey textbooks. While some students want to recoup as much of their costs as possible, others may be willing to accept less for the convenience of selling them faster and easier.

In addition to buying, selling, and renting textbooks, TextbookRush also lets you sell video games and DVDs for cash. This could be a good option if you spent a little too much trying to distract yourself during the school year and want to make some of that money back.

BooksRun makes a point of encouraging sustainable practices as part of its buyback program. In addition to reselling textbooks in order to keep them out of landfills, they also use recycled materials for their packaging.

Ziffit will buy back books of any kind of textbooks or novels you may have picked up for your English lit classes. One of the good things about Ziffit is its app, which allows you to easily scan in a barcode from the back of your book to find out how much you can sell it for.

We all know that college is expensive. In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the cost of college textbooks have risen the highest of all the college costs. At, we are trying to help you buck that trend. There are a lot of college textbook sellers on the internet and we do our best to find them. The competition to get your business is fierce and we take advantage of that. Our search is quite comprehensive. We extensively search the internet to help you find the cheapest price for your college textbooks. Whether it's an individual seller on a marketplace site or a large store trying to compete for your business, we search them all. This gives you more choices and a much better chance to get your college textbooks at a price that is cheap. Do a couple searches on our site, the variety of sellers will amaze you.

What is the difference between a refund and book-buy-back?Refund is giving you the full purchase price for an item you have purchased, within a specified time limit if it is in the same condition as when purchased. Buy-back is when the Bookstore pays you cash for current edition textbooks that you have finished using.

TIP Because so many textbooks have similar titles and multiple editions, make sure you identify the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) of the book you are looking for to make sure you get the correct copy. Learn more about ISBNs.

Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources: Another good source for a wide range of free general education textbooks. Some of these books are available entirely online, so there is nothing to print or download.

The UVM Bookstore makes it easy to find the exact textbooks you need for every class. Add your courses to view a list of textbooks and materials as specified by your instructor(s). Have them shipped to you or pick up in store.

Buy/Rent/Compare Go directly to, select your classes, select your textbooks, compare prices (with the online marketplace), add to cart (whether from the Bookstore or the marketplace), and check out.

U-M has named Barnes & Noble College as its preferred textbook vendor. The agreement requires the company to provide all specified textbooks and course materials and establishes an online portal for selecting, purchasing and returning textbooks.

Designated campus locations will no longer stock textbooks, but other elements of a traditional campus bookstore will still be present, including academic and art supplies, U-M branded gear, commencement regalia, and other retail goods.

Receive current textbook buyback prices from the UNO Bookstore located in the Milo Bail Student Center at 6001 Dodge Street, Omaha, NE 68182. To begin, simply enter the required information about your textbooks below.

You can always pay out-of-pocket for your college books. Or, if you have financial aid money left over after you pay your tuition and fees, you can use the balance to buy textbooks. A bookstore account will be automatically set up for you to use online or in the bookstore on your campus. Look for an announcement in eWOLF when bookstore accounts open.

The FRCC Campus Stores are the place to get all of your required course materials, including new and used textbooks, and e-books. We work on providing you the best prices, and you can be sure you will always get the correct book from the FRCC Campus Stores.

Sell your Dental Assisting textbooks online for cash. When you sell to us we provide instant price quotes, free shipping labels and fast payment via Check or PayPal. The best way to see if we are buying your Dental Assisting textbooks is to search by the ISBN number that is usually found above the books barcode.

To try to save money, many students opt to rent their books instead of buying them. But is this cost-saving measure worth it? Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of buying versus renting your college textbooks below.

Students who have their own textbooks tend to do better in their classes. A 2017 study by Inside Higher Ed found that half of students who avoided or delayed buying books earned lower grades. If you buy college textbooks, you can also highlight and write notes in the margins to help you study.

Depending on your major, information in textbooks may continue to be useful well beyond graduation. If you own your books, you'll always have them to use as a reference. For example, engineering and science textbooks may contain many useful formulas that can help you work out equations on the job.

If you buy textbooks that you no longer need, you can resell them to your friends or classmates, to the campus bookstore, or through an e-commerce site. Depending on the quality of the book and the demand, you may be able to recoup a significant amount of your original purchase price.

Purchasing new or even used textbooks can be quite expensive. Campus bookstores are convenient, but their used book inventories might be scarce. Many students struggle to afford the price tag of books at the beginning of every term.

If you buy your books with the intention of selling them back, be mindful of highlighting or writing in your textbooks. If you sell them to a friend, marks and highlighting might not matter. But if you sell them to the campus bookstore or an e-commerce site, the sale price may plummet. It can be difficult to sell a used book, especially if it's filled with marks from your study sessions.

Renting books is less expensive than buying them. You can rent textbooks in most campus bookstores, as well as from e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay. This option can help you save hundreds of dollars each term, which can really add up over the course of your time in college.

Similar to buying used books, if you're renting your textbooks from an online dealer, you might be unpleasantly surprised by the condition of your books when you get them. Stray notes and highlighting may be distracting for some learners. Additionally, a rental company might try and charge you for damage to a book you didn't cause. Read the fine print on rental agreements carefully.

Many textbooks feature supplemental information, such as access codes for online lesson plans and coursework. Rented books, however, may not contain this information, or rental companies may charge extra for these materials, which can drive up the price.

Students have many options for renting their textbooks, from campus bookstores to e-commerce sites. Each e-commerce site has different policies on returns, shipping, and rental periods. It's important to read the fine print before agreeing to rent any college textbooks. Here are a few rental companies to consider.

Smith Family Bookstore has been buying and selling used textbooks since 1974. We buy texts all year at our store at 525 Willamette Street. We offer a good option for students who want to sell their books to a local bookstore with reliable customer service. We are confident the prices we pay for used textbooks are fair according to the market information we use and our business needs and goals. We understand the frustration students feel because texts are expensive and often have limited demand. These are not factors we can control. We encourage students to check all their options. We are grateful to the academic community who has supported our local business for decades. 041b061a72


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