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Menopause Hack: Weight Optimization

The "Pause" Blog

"My purpose in life is to learn how to make my "Third Act" of life AWESOME."

"My God-given purpose is to share what I have learned with others."

I call the little system I have developed to make our "Third Acts" awesome, The HOPE Protocol. I probably should have called it The HOPE Rope. It has four strands. I call them strands because they need to be intertwined to make a rope that will pull us out of The Hormone Abyss. The four strands are...

  • Hormone Optimization

  • Organic Sustenance

  • Purification Protocols

  • Enlightenment Coaching

Today's Hack has to do with Hormone Optimization.

ONE HORMONE HACK As you probably know by now, when my wife went into menopause over thirteen years ago, her most frustrating side effect was her sudden weight gain. The second most frustrating and annoying menopause effect was her inability to lose her gained weight no matter what she did.

What made her weight gain and weight loss resistance even more frustrating was that she is a nurse and nutritionist. She worked in our wellness clinic and her job was to help others lose weight and optimize health.

I am sure that if you are in menopause and have gained weight and have found losing that weight nearly impossible you know her frustration.

She visited some doctors and they told her to live with it and one of them offered her anti-depressants. The doctor who offered her anti-depressants told her that was the only thing he had found that helped women deal with menopause. The antidepressant statement upset my wife so much that she actually came to me and asked for help. When she asked me what I would recommend, I shrugged my shoulders. She shook her head but knew that before that day, we usually discouraged menopausal women who wanted to enroll in our weight loss program. Because we failed most of the time.

I started searching and found that there wasn't anyone, not one clinic, that specialized in menopause. Vicky and I knew her weight gain and weight loss resistance had to do with the chaos that menopause threw her hormones into but we didn't know how to harmonize her hormones. I was taught very little about hormones or nutrition in school.

I had to learn Nutritional Medicine by attending post-graduate nutritional conferences. I want to be transparent that what most of the "experts" were teaching us at these conferences was way off the mark. I ran into a handful of instructors that seemed to know what they were talking about and I exclusively attended their lectures, read their books, and followed them online.

I realized that I would have to do the same when it came to hormones. I asked around and learned that doctors went to The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine to learn how to optimize hormones. Vicky and I registered for their conferences and again many of the instructors were missing what we wanted to know. Most of the instructors received most of their knowledge from working with bodybuilders. But we did find some that were getting results with menopausal women and andropausal men and again we concentrated on attending their lectures, reading their books, and following them online.

We took what we learned back to our clinic. Remember we had one of the busiest wellness clinics in America. At the time, we were seeing over five hundred patients a week. We had lots of patients in "pause" that were interested in "experimenting" with our newfound knowledge.

In our original hormone optimization protocol, our clinic prescribed synthetic hormones. Then a study came out called the Woman's Health Initiative. In this study, they were studying the health of women. One arm of this study was dedicated to Hormone Replacement Therapy. The researchers had to discontinue the HRT study because women were acquiring cancer and dying.

We ran a wellness center the last thing we wanted to do was to hand out cancer candy. With the study's results being published most doctors including our clinic extracted themselves from using synthetic hormones. Pharmacists took advantage of this and started making hormones in the back of their offices. These hormones were not made from synthetic substances. These pharmacists were using phytoestrogens extracted from soy and wild yams. These hormones had identical molecular structures to the hormones found in our bodies. These new prescription hormones were called bioidentical hormones.

Pharmaceutical companies cannot patent medications that are exactly the same as nature's; therefore, there is no money to be made.

At first, Vicky and I fell in love with bioidentical hormones. She was using estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone. I was using testosterone. We both felt twenty-nine again. We believed we had found an elixir for both of our "pauses."


We discovered not only with ourselves but with our patients that we grew an immunity to bioidentical hormones. As time went on, we had to raise the doses to achieve the same effect we were achieving when we first started using them. The more we increased the doses, the more we started seeing adverse side effects. Our use of bioidentical hormones eventually quit working altogether.

That is when we realized that we needed to come up with natural tools to optimize our hormones. We experimented with dozens of different natural tools and continue to experiment with them to this day. We came up with a Baker's Dozen that seemed to work the best. Those thirteen steps are what make up the first strand of the first Phase of HOPE.

Remember there are three phases, or better said, three sets of hormones that go awry once you enter menopause. The HOPE Protocol addresses all three. The first step we have our clients take is to see how many symptoms they have that are associated with The Frist Phase of The Menopause Abyss. These symptoms are associated with a condition called estrogen dominance.

"We have found that nearly all women in menopause that gain weight while in menopause test positive for estrogen dominance."

The tools we experiment with and I say experiment with because not all of these tools work on everyone, include estrogen routers, the avoidance of certain phytoestrogens, the avoidance of most xenoestrogens, and adding supplements that help optimize the balance between progesterone and estrogen.

So...Here's today's hack, which happens to be the first step in our hormone strand.


Click on the link below to download the self-test.

If you flunk this test, schedule a conversation with me to discuss your symptoms and I will also explain precisely what you will need to do to alleviate estrogen dominance.

SCHEDULE A ONE-HOUR HORMONE OPTIMIZATION CONVERSATION WITH ME BY CLICKING HERE: IT'S FREE ONE MAC QUOTE "As you fall into The Menopause Abyss you will fall through three layers of hormone chaos, Estrogen Dominance, Thyroid Conversion Disorder, and Adrenal Fatigue."

ONE MAC SUCCESS STORY "I have tried all kinds of diets., Weight Watchers, Keto, Atkins, Medical Weight Loss Clinic... I never achieved the results I did on the Doc Mac program! I was able to lose close to 20 lbs in one month. Here are just a few reasons this program was different: 1) Doc was there for me at all times, helping to educate, coach, and encourage me throughout the whole process.

2) I turned 50 this year and the program was especially effective for reducing symptoms of menopause, balancing my hormones, and gaining knowledge about what works for losing weight at my age.

3) I was eating real foods that were good for my body and feeling satisfied. Unlike other programs, there were no shakes or potions.. What I've learned has been invaluable and moving forward I can maintain a lifestyle that keeps the weight off! I'm so grateful to have had this experience!" ~Malikah


The HOPE for Menopause System has four strands as I mentioned in the opening, Hormone Optimization, Organic Sustenance, Purification Protocols, and Enlightenment Coaching. Our coaching program has four strands too.

  • Accountability through daily statistical texting

  • Knowledge through "how to" weekly step-by-step courses

  • Customization through 24/7 solutions to your challenges

  • Motivation one-on-one phone calls when you need encouragement

Be "You" Again

How much is it worth to add ten years to the back end of your life? Ten years of a much higher quality of life.

How much is it worth to dance at your grandchildren's weddings? It's priceless!

Learning exactly what you will need to do to optimize your hormones and weight, costs you nothing. Today, we are offering our initial consultation for FREE!

"Science has shown that we live as long as our waist is small."

The HOPE For Menopause Initial Consultation will teach you exactly what you will need to do to optimize your hormones and weight.

We guarantee it! There are only a few remaining spots in our accountability program. Now is the time to look into being coached before our roster is full. If you want to enroll in our current roster, we have openings for our Initial Free Consultation next Tuesday and Wednesday.

We have two special bonuses this week for those that enroll in our program, our 13-step Liver Optimization Program, and our 13-Step Self Discipline Program.

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone” Pablo Picasso

I'm retired. I don't do this as a job. I do this because there are very few doctors out there helping menopausal women be themselves again and those doctors cost five figures to join their team. I originally offered my entire program for free and free did not work. I do charge a nominal fee for my programs, and I have different programs for different budgets. I have found if you are not willing to invest in a coaching program, you will be uncoachable.

"There's something about being invested that makes you be invested."

Research shows that 97% of the people who try to make a transformation internally or externally fail. The 3% that succeed have accountability in the form of a coach. If you are interested in being in the 3%, schedule a FREE conversation with me.


This is a picture of our youngest son, Derek. He just turned twenty-one and he just transferred to Chico State University. After his orientation, and after learning that Chico State has been listed in the top ten party schools in the country for over fifty years, I thought I better teach him about beer, I took him on a beer tasting and tour of The Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, CA. The one thing I have learned is the more knowledge you have about something, the less chance you will be rudderless about that thing.

"If you've entered your "Third Act" of life and gained a substantial amount of weight and if you can't lose your weight no matter what you do, it's because your hormones are in chaos. I promise to teach you on how to harmonize your hormones, and then we will both sit back and watch your excess weight melt right off of your body. Transforming into the "REAL YOU" is a beautiful thing to experience."



We have services available for any budget.

If you would like more information about our coaching program,

visit our website's HOME Page

If you have a quick question, please don't email me...

Text me @ 209-345-9799

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