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Meat, Veggies and This...

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

I apologize for being a little late today. Vicky and I are camping at Crater Lake, Oregon, and there is no service except at the public houses. I rode my bike with my laptop strapped to my back from our camp to a public house uphill in the snow to get this last course out to you. (I wasn't barefoot) Brrr. It was cold.

Okay…We have worked our way through most of The First Book of The Organic Strand of The HOPE Protocol. Here are the tools we have shared so far.

“Blood sugar spikes are toxic to the body. The sugar will carmelize our internal organs. The body protects our organs by releasing insulin. Insulin opens the entrance doors to our cells, allowing our blood sugar to flow freely into the cells. If you are not doing something strenuous, the cells do not need the sugar as fuel, so it converts the sugar into fat and stores it in our cellular pantries.”

"The key to weight loss once you age and your fat-burning hormones become nearly non-existent is to eat foods that do not cause your blood sugar to spike. The first step to bottoming out your blood sugar and insulin is to eat palm-sized servings of clean animal protein combined with two thumb size portions of God-made fats and nothing else for three days. God-made Fat will not make you fat. Human-made fats (vegetable oils) will make you ill and overweight.”

“During the Lose The Bloat Menu, the first three days, the key is only to eat a protein and fat meal whenever you are hungry. If you are hungry six times a day or once a day, it doesn’t matter."

"On day four, you will solidly be in fat burning. At this time, add one handful of low glycemic, high fiber vegetables to your palm size serving of protein layered in the two thumbs of fat. I prefer that my clients eat different colored vegetables with each meal. Eat vegetables that provide you with a rainbow of colors throughout the day."

Now let’s polish off the perfect Meso Meal that will help in optimizing your hormones and weight. Oh, and please do me a favor, and rate this post above by giving it five stars. I'd greatly appreciate it. Also, if you would leave a comment below, that would be great. I'd love to engage with you.



While eating the Meso-Menu, use a pinch of Pink Himalayan or Celtic Salt on your animal proteins. Keep your salt use to a minimum.

“Pink Himalayan and Celtic Salts are filled with as many as eighty minerals. Most table salt has two, sodium and chloride.”

What really ticks me off is that the most common table salt brand adds dextrose to their salt. Dextrose is sugar. Why? Because everything tastes better with sugar.

I never add salt to any of my food. Vicky uses Celtic salt as a rub on Prime Rib and Pink Himalayan Salt on everything else.

“We have discovered that many of our clients have hypersensitivities to herbs and spices.”

For example, if I eat oregano, I bloat, become severely fatigued, and my brain shuts down.

In our spice course, I will teach you how to add and test your sensitivities to herbs and spices.

Below are Amazon links to purchase these two salts.


Use all the organic black pepper you want.

“Any spice that brings some heat with it increases fat burning.”

Consume as much pepper as you can handle. Below is an Amazon link to purchase organic pepper.

At this point of the Meso-Menu do not use any other spices.



"Drink 80 ounces of clean water daily."

In the beginning, your weight loss will primarily be retained water. You will dehydrate. Drink at least 80 ounces of water daily not to have any adverse reactions.

When you lose the water, you will also lose minerals. The dehydration and mineral loss will cause headaches, fatigue, and cramping.

“We prefer to drink alkaline water with as high of a pH as we can find. The reason is that we lose our ability to thirst as we age. Alkaline water increases thirst.”

Alkaline water has become trendy, so now you can purchase it anywhere. If you live in a rural area, you can purchase it from Amazon with free shipping if you have Prime.

If you purchase alkaline water, make sure it has been alkalinized by using minerals. (electrolytes) Alkaline water can also be formed through a process called ionization. The brand we drink (link below) does both.

Special machines alkalize water; later in the program, you will read about those in the water course.

Alkaline water is a diuretic, so expect frequent urination.

Do not drink tap water.

If you choose not to spend the extra money it costs to purchase alkaline water, spring water works quite well.

Purified water may not be healthy for you. Many water gurus claim that it is purified with aluminum. Aluminum is suspected of being involved with Alzheimer's, dementia, and memory loss.

Aluminum is suspended in the water by being bound to the water molecule, which will pass through you. But when you add lemon to the water, the aluminum is set free.

“The more water you drink, the more weight you will lose and more quickly.”


You are allowed to drInk one to two cups of coffee each morning. Switch to organic coffee if you haven't already. Vicky drinks one cup each morning, and I drink 2 cups. I’m bigger!

"Coffee is an excellent fat-burning drink filled with some cool polyphenols that you will learn about in my coffee course later in the program."

If you do not drink coffee, don't start.

Vicky can't drink coffee without creamer. She makes a homemade creamer by combining

  • organic pasture-raised cream,

  • pure organic vanilla,

  • organic stevia.

Be careful. This creamer may throw you out of fat burning. Many of my clients are sensitive to dairy, and if the stevia makes the coffee too sweet, the body may react as if it was sugar.


We drank as much green tea as we could.

“Several scientific studies have proved green tea to be a great fat burner.”

I believe any tea will work. They all come from the same bush. I believe white tea is the best.

We ordered our iced green tea at coffee houses this way,

"Venti iced green tea unsweetened and without water."

Without water means, they do not dilute the tea. It is essential to stop drinking tea mid-afternoon because there is caffeine in it, and it is vital to the program that you get a great night's sleep.

The better and more hours you sleep, the quicker and easier your hormones and weight will optimize.

You can make your own tea and save a lot of money; an Amazon link for organic green tea is below.

Now you have all the pieces to the initial Meso-Menu to bottom out insulin (faking the body into believing that you are starving), opening the doors to your stored fat and switching you from a fat-storing being to a fat-burning being.


“Eat a palm-size serving of clean animal protein and two thumbs of God-made fat for three days. Eat nothing Else! On day four, add one large handful of low glycemic high-fiber vegetables. Only use Pink or Celtic salt to taste; you must drink eighty ounces of clean water daily. Yes! You can drink coffee, one to two cups of organic coffee, and tea until early afternoon. By using The Meso-Menu, you’ll open the doors to your stored fat and use this fat as your fuel, losing weight faster than you ever thought possible."


I have room to coach a few of you through the "MESO MENU for one week."

The features

  • Daily Accountability

  • Twenty-four-hour availability via texting

  • Customization

  • Two Phone Consults

The Benefit

  • Lose a bunch of weight and feel hormonally better in one week.


I only have room for three of you!​



Crater Lake, Oregon

God Blessed America

AS Vicky and I have been traveling around in our RV, one thing stands out. America is blessed with so much beauty. Our backyard is so filled with incredible views it just blows us away. Here is a Us-ie that we took yesterday standing in front of the deepest lake in America, and it is sitting in the middle of a crater, and it is the clearest, cleanest water that exists. Oh, and the island just so happens to be another volcano that formed right up from the crater. WOW!

And remember...


"Because when your hormones are sound, your weight, health, and mind will follow."

🚙 Doc

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