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How To Achieve Your Desires In 2023

“Doc, I know what I want, but why is it so difficult to achieve? Is there some secret formula that those that achieve know about?”

Yes, you can achieve anything you want, and yes, there is a formula. I promise to teach you the formula within the Enlightenment Strand of The HOPE Protocol.

It is a formula, so there is no magic pill. We must learn and practice the formula daily.

You can weigh your ideal weight; you can have your ideal relationship; you can have your ideal career; you can be the steward of any material object you desire.

“The reason we fail is because we quit.”

Have you ever been bullied? How did that make you feel? When we fail, that’s life being a bully, and the emotion failure causes is fear or an emotion strongly related to fear. When we face a bully, the easiest action is to run away.

Failure is like facing a raging lion. You can either fight or flight. How many of us stand our ground and fight the lion?

After forty-three years of helping people optimize their lives, the problem I repeatedly see that is associated with their failures is that when they fall off the horse, they talk themselves into walking back to the stables instead of remounting the horse.


Goal: the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

“Dad, motivational speakers are always talking about goals. You used to be a motivational speaker; what are your thoughts about goals?”

I stared out over Lake Tahoe. The day before, God, using a blizzard, painted the towering peaks of the Sierra Nevada with the whitest of whites. The lake's water was its usual Tahoe Blue, and the contrast between the whitest of whites and the cobalt blue of the water had me mesmerized.


“I’m sorry. This view is amazing. Goals, what do I think about them? I believe that was your question. Correct?”

“Yes, I went to a leadership conference a couple of weeks ago, and they constantly talked about goals. By the end of the conference, I was totally confused about what a goal actually was.”

My oldest son, Seth, is a hotel mucky-muck who had become one at a very young age. His specialty was transitioning hotels from one management company to another management company or developing the culture of a new hotel. He was here in Lake Tahoe because some billionaire had purchased this particular hotel and the new owner wanted Seth’s company to take over the management of the hotel. Seth was here to make the owner's vision real.

I shook my head as if my hair was wet and I was ridding its retained water. I did this to take myself out of the reverie I had from the divine view and place my full attention on my son.

“I am a fan of setting goals, but I am not a fan of how most gurus teach their students how to set goals. Most motivational speakers talk about seeing or, better said, visualizing goals, which is important. But, the most important part of visualizing achieved goals is the emotion you feel upon achieving the goal.”

“Dad, that’s what I am talking about; how goal setting is so confusing: seeing, feeling, what the heck?”

I was snowed in. Lake Tahoe and this particular hotel was an ideal place to be stuck. The storm was an extreme storm that had dropped several feet of snow. I didn’t have any snow chains, and there was supposed to be another storm coming tomorrow that was supposed to be just as bad. There was no way I could take my car from the lake’s valley to the top of the mountain range. I turned to my son and said,

“Let’s enjoy this breakfast, and when we are done, we will go back to our rooms, and I will demonstrate how to discover your goals and hone in on them.”

Seth ordered avocado toast, and I ordered eggs and avocado. We talked about football and caught up on what we were doing with our lives since we last spent quality time together. Seth lived in Florida, and I lived in California. I had told him to go out and explore the country and find a place that attracted him, like the moon attracts large bodies of water. He discovered Miami and moved there when he was twenty-one, and now that he was married, he decided to move across to the other side of Florida to St. Petersburg, where it was more family oriented.

Once we were done with our breakfast conversation, we went back to our rooms. The General Manager of the hotel had given us suites that connected. They were beautiful rooms with a study and fireplace. I started a fire and had him sit in a comfortable over-stuffed leather chair. I pulled out of my backpack a yellow legal pad and handed it to him.

“Humor me and do as I ask.” It’s funny how even if I was the world’s foremost expert on goal setting, my offspring would still doubt me. I handed him a pen.

“As we travel through life, we intertwine a Lifeline, a rope that we are or become. There are several, and maybe a never-ending amount of strands, that twine to make who we are. Today, I will introduce you to the four I concentrate my energy upon.”

  1. YOU-your body and mind

  2. US-your loved ones

  3. THEM-the others

  4. HIM-God, the universal intelligence, the world of spirit

I asked Seth to repeat the four strands. He did it with no problem.

“Today, since it is an introduction, let’s concentrate on the first one, the YOU strand. The first thing I want you to do is to write down a dozen things you want to achieve when it comes to your body and mind.”

“Dad, what do you mean by the mind?”

“For example, I want to educate myself on communication; I want to be happy; I want to be less critical.”

‘Okay, I get it, but a dozen might be difficult.”

“It won’t be once you get into the flow of what you want to be, do or have. In fact, it would not be unusual to write fifty desires.”

I left Seth to write away. I went to read my emails. After about thirty minutes, Seth said he was done.

“Okay, now, I want you to sit with your feet flat on the floor. Lay your arms loosely on the chair’s arms. Hold your head high and close your eyes. Now I want you to inhale through your nostrils and exhale through your mouth deeply. Do that seven times.”

I watched Seth. His exhales took twice as long as his inhales. His inhales took a count of three, and his exhales took a count of six.

“I call this two-times-breathing. After a minimum of seven breaths, you can do more if you like but do at least seven. After you have completed your breaths, your hormones will be in a better place to manifest. I want you to imagine that you are sitting on a bench near the lake. In your mind, go sit and look out over the lake.”

I waited for his face to relax.

“Are you there?” He nodded. “Now, I want to float as many of the desires you wrote over the lake's surface. Don’t see the words but an actual image of what you desire. For example, don’t see 185 pounds but what your body would look like at 185 pounds.”

Seth nodded his head, and I let him watch the images float over the lake. After some time passed, I said, “There’s going to be some more prominent, colorful, and frequent images than the others. Pick the three that are the most prominent.”

I let the images float in his mind for a couple of minutes.

"Okay, what’s the first one that pops out?”

“I see myself with a 32-inch waist,” Seth said.

I said, “BAM!”

“What else pops?”

“I see myself playing great golf.”

“What’s your handicap?”

“Scatch,” he said as he smiled.


“What else do you see?"

“I see myself sleeping throughout the night like a baby.”


“Now I want you to take a moment and handwrite these three desires in a letter to yourself explaining what your achievement will look and feel like.”

Seth wrote…

I, Seth, will achieve in 2023…a 32-inch waist, and my pants will fit comfortably. I will look good when I wear them, and the jeans are the non-stretchy kind. I will wear 32-inch waist Levis and Wranglers with ease, and I will feel happy.

I, Seth, will achieve in 2023…a scratch handicap. I will do this by hiring a pro to work on my swing and practicing several times a week on my game. Once I achieve a scratch handicap, I will play the best courses in the world and not be afraid to play with any golfer.

I, Seth, will achieve in 2023…excellent sleep. I will sleep seven hours and wake refreshed. My energy cup runneth over. My face looks my age because I am rested. My self-discipline is solid because my mind is alert and fresh.

Once he had completed his letter, I told him to place it in an envelope and seal it. Put today’s date one year later on the front of the envelope with instructions not to open it for one year.


  • Make an extensive list of what you desire for your physical being first. (You can repeat this with all strands of life)

  • Do 2X breathing. (Inhale seven times minimum for a count of three and exhale for a count of six)

  • Visualize your desires floating past you (sit on a bench overlooking somewhere beautiful you've been to.)

  • Choose the most prominent three. (You might want to choose the most difficult or most procrastinated desires.)

  • Write a letter about your three desires. (seal it, hide it away and open it one year from now.)

This exercise works so well. Recently, I needed to place some documents in a fire-proof safe we have. We keep the key in a secret drawer. When I opened the drawer, a letter I had written fourteen months earlier fell out. I opened it, and it had my three wishes for 2022. In a nutshell, it said:

  1. We would own a fancy little motorhome. (It had my vision in detail)

  2. We would travel across the country in our new motor home. (I had how we would diddle back and forth from California to Florida)

  3. We would spend weeks instead of days with our grandchildren that live all around the US.

We did all three. Vicky reminded me that we not only traveled across the country but did it THREE times.

'If you want to achieve, do this!' If you don't want your desires to become real, don't do it."

This year I have written as one of my desires is to guide my client's desires to reality no matter what their desire may be. (Besides optimizing their hormones and weight)

My purpose in life is to help others achieve their desires. I have reserved time for any of my readers to talk with me. I will spend an hour with you and coach you on exactly what you need to do to achieve your desires. I have been in practice optimizing lives now for FORTY-THREE YEARS! I have helped thousands achieve their desires.

Make sure you read next week’s newsletter because this is the first step of four, and step two will be released next week. But you will get all four steps in our conversation.

New Years' Eve

Our New Year's Eve Feast

❤️ Doc Mac

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