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Huawei Looks To The Power Of Slicing And Dicing [EXCLUSIVE]

Proponents of the salami slicing strategy allege that China has used techniques including exercise of soft and hard power, territorial claims, economic inducements, and foreign intelligence activities to advance Chinese national interests.

Huawei looks to the power of slicing and dicing

Crispin Rovere, while agreeing that China's strategy is widely accepted as salami slicing approach, also counters that China's strategy is based on the ancient Chinese game of "Go" in which enemy territory is gradually surrounded until enemy is overpowered, whereas American strategy is based on the game of poker played with straight face in an ambiguous situation, and Russian strategy is based on the game of chess which is similar to salami slicing in terms of gaining strategic advantage through a series of smaller set of actions.[5]

IT Visioning and Planning is critical to facilitate execution of Telco digitalization strategy. Using EAM, a consistent and integrated approach to slicing and dicing can be achieved. Through BSS reconstruction, Huawei is offering capabilities to evolve customer care into Customer Engagement suites that help Telcos plan and build Omni-Channels in order to gain from the ROADS experience.

So too, knocking loudly on our door in Q1 is the launch of Amazon in SA with slicing and dicing how the market should ready itself, suggesting that businesses should perhaps not focus exclusively on the competitive angle but instead work with Amazon, instead of against them.


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