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proposed merger: this plan will never work. microsoft's masterstroke is to rely on its customers -- oems -- to keep their customers locked into competing oems (where oems are now able to purchase middleware, and so on) in order to achieve the protection of patents it claims are the basis of its windows operating system. in so doing, it precludes each of the oems from building and selling its own products.

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patent harm: this merger will harm the industry and consumers. since one of the purposes of the merger is to maintain power over the industry (through oems) -- microsoft will now have greater control over the industry than it has ever had before. microsoft will come to dominate new product development and follow-on r&d through the billions of dollars in licensing revenues it will receive from the operating systems it produces.

technology transition: this merger will change the way the computer industry does business. it will result in reduced technological innovation, increased bureaucratic "regulation", increased costs, less consumer choice, and decreased freedom to use software.

technology regression: this merger will create a scenario of stable, technology and economy stagnation. the greater stability of the industry will lead to less innovation and a restriction of the industry's ability to develop software that is not covered by patents.

anticompetitive incentives: while the terms of the proposed merger are not perfectly clear, they seem to guarantee that the merged company will have greater power than it has ever had before in the marketplace. this kind of concentration is generally known to give monopolists a number of incentives to do things to maintain their positions, including protecting its patents and using its dominant market position to destroy its new competitors, as well as to benefit its customers by maintaining and increasing prices.


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