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Beckley Movie Theatre

This page displays a list of movie theaters near Beckley, West Virginia. You can view showtimes for movies playing near Beckley, West Virginia by selecting a theater in the list above. To change the distance range covered in this list, select a new range below.

beckley movie theatre

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Beckley left school at the age of 16 in pursuit of his acting career. He worked as a stage sweeper and tea maker for two or three months, then moved to London. As he could not get work in the theatre, he did odd jobs as a waiter and in an ice cream factory while spending his spare time watching actors like Laurence Olivier, Ralph Richardson and Alec Guinness and the Old Vic productions at the New Theatre.[1]

Beckley died six months after the premiere of When a Stranger Calls.[8][9] Just before his death he had been signed for further work in the US. He was supposed to co-star with Elizabeth Montgomery in a television movie titled My Fat Friend and appear in a film, American Dreamer.[10] He was also to appear in the NBC miniseries Beulah Land alongside Lesley Ann Warren, Don Johnson and others.[11]

The MT Pockets Theatre is a community theatre that aims to provide high-quality, affordable entertainment to the Greater Morgantown area. They provide a wide range of works that include new and established plays, productions that give insight into sensitive issues, and provide a venue for women and alternative theatre in performing arts.

WV Public Theatre is a professional theatre company in West Virginia. Their productions are locally supported from start to finish. Productions are open to the community, and children are also welcome.


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