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Where To Buy Concrete Parking Stops [BETTER]

Businesses and commercial operations of all kinds rely on concrete parking blocks, which help make lots more secure, efficient and organized, demarcating spots and maintaining order across busy surfaces used by employees, customers and others.

where to buy concrete parking stops

No matter the material or style of concrete parking lot stop you choose, you can always count on quality when shopping with Nitterhouse Masonry. Parking stops take a beating daily, and we strive to deliver concrete parking blocks that can take that beating and continue performing over the long-term.

By installing Nitterhouse Masonry precast concrete parking stops in your lot, you can protect pedestrians and surrounding infrastructure from traffic and rolling vehicles. Whether your lot is near a shopping outlet, school or sidewalk, concrete parking blocks will help direct the flow of traffic. Parking stop blocks can also guard any parking lot signage, poles, carts and other parked cars from damage.

If you need a parking block somewhere but want to maintain a natural aesthetic, concrete log parking blocks are just what you need. Concrete log parking blocks are wooden-looking to blend in better with their natural surroundings, so concrete log parking block applications include everything from cabins, campgrounds and parks to hiking and trail parking areas or any other outdoor parking venue.

Concrete parking bumpers are durable and sturdy barriers designed to keep vehicles from crossing designated parking spots or areas. They are made from high-quality concrete and reinforced with steel to ensure maximum durability and strength.

At Advanced Onsite Concrete, we produce concrete parking bumpers of the highest quality, ensuring that our customers receive the best product possible. Our parking bumpers are reinforced with steel, making them incredibly strong and durable, and able to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Our concrete parking bumpers are designed to be resistant to UV light and will not twist or warp, ensuring that they maintain their shape and strength over time. Additionally, our parking bumpers are available in two different sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of parking applications.

When it comes to purchasing concrete parking bumpers in Chicago, there are several reasons why you should choose Advanced Onsite Concrete. First, we are the only manufacturer of these products in the city, ensuring that you receive the highest quality product available.

Ordering your concrete parking bumpers from Advanced Onsite Concrete is easy. Simply visit our website or give us a call, and one of our friendly representatives will assist you in selecting the right size and quantity of parking bumpers for your needs.

If you are in need of high-quality concrete parking bumpers in Chicago, Advanced Onsite Concrete is your go-to source. We produce parking bumpers of the highest quality, ensuring that your parking lot or garage is equipped with the best possible product. With our bulk quantity discounts and excellent customer service, we make it easy and affordable for you to purchase the parking bumpers you need. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

In Fort Lauderdale, concrete parking bumpers will remain strong and durable long after painted lines have faded. Since 1965, Atlantic Coast Precast has earned an outstanding reputation for delivering durable bumpers made from sustainable precast materials. We are proud to work with engineers, architects, designers, contractors, and other industry professionals to design custom-manufactured concrete products.

Designed to protect parked vehicles, pedestrians, buildings, lawns, vegetation, signs, and fences from vehicular impact in Fort Lauderdale, concrete parking bumpers can prevent roll-offs and damages caused by lot sweepers. We can include graduated tapered ends to minimize the risk of cutting tires, and will paint your bumpers with safety yellow or ADA blue if required. Call today for a FREE quote to get started.

Many of our clients appreciate precast concrete for their Fort Lauderdale concrete parking bumpers because they are made from sustainable materials and will strengthen with time. We will include reinforced dual lengths of rebar to prevent cracking. Also called wheel stops, parking chocks, curb stops, or bumper blocks, these concrete parking bumpers can even be used to line sidewalks, keeping pedestrians safe from on

Curb stops, Wheel stops, Parking Bumpers - Whatever you call them, we have them in stock. All of our wheel stops are made with high strength concrete and are reinforced with rebar and structural fibers. Further, all of our car and truck bumpers have a beautiful smooth finish.

CasTech manufactures and sells, and installs premium quality concrete wheel stops. Constructed of high-quality reinforced concrete, our products are made to last. With an unmatched production capacity of over 2500 per month, we can reliably meet your quantity needs.

We are currently able to ship to the following counties:Fast shipping on lots of 12 concrete parking blocks to select counties in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama and Mississippi. 12 parking block minimum for shipping.

One of the best ways to best organize a parking area for a Greensboro, North Carolina commercial building is with high-quality concrete parking stops. Since there is a vast difference between a subpar one and a parking stop that will stand up to the abuse of vehicles hitting it, it is important to go with a trusted resource. At Childers Concrete Company, we have been a reliable source for precast concrete products for more than seven decades, so you can expect that your concrete parking stops will give lasting performance.

At Childers Concrete Company, we offer concrete parking stops in High Point, Archdale, Trinity, Thomasville, Wallburg, Winston-Salem, Walkertown, Kernersville, Colfax, Pink Knolls, Oak Ridge, Summerfield, Greensboro, Brown Summit, McLeansville, Pleasant Garden, and Level Cross, North Carolina.

Wheel stops, also called parking blocks or bumper blocks, are concrete castings placed at the front of the parking stall to prevent vehicles from moving beyond the forward boundary of a parking space. Installing wheel stops helps protect your hardscaping and landscaping investments.

We consider parking blocks to be protective barriers and build them to endure. Our heavy-duty wheel stops and truck wheel stops are cast with high-quality aggregate concrete, reinforced with two pieces of rebar.

  • 1.800.691.7118AboutCar Wheel StopsGarage Wheel StopsParking Stop BumpersTruck Wheel StopsOrderingContactCar Wheel StopsConcrete Parking Wheel Stops for CarsWhy Our Wheel Stops?Unique vibration settling technique

  • Smooth base for Epoxy Applications

  • Steel rebar reinforcement ties

  • Easy to set Anchor pin holes

  • Commercial parking lot bumpers in convenient sizes

  • Industrial truck stops for 18 wheelers

  • Cylinder tested to a minimum PSI of 3000 at 7 days at 4000 PSI at 28 days

Durability of Precast Concrete Wheel StopsWheel stops, because of the materials used in their construction, are very durable. However, because they are usually left outdoors, they are susceptible to the elements. Extremes in weather cause the concrete to crack and eventually crumble. Further, precipitation causes the metal anchors to rust and become unfastened. Regardless of weather, garage wheel stops should last a number of years before replacement becomes a concern.

Look for tell-tale signs of premature aging in the concrete, like small cracks or crumbling portions. Although there is little to be done after the fact, you can prepare the parking stoppers beforehand by applying a concrete conditioner, which enables the material to better handle rain, ice, snow, cold, and heat. Ideally, this process should be completed either right after installation, or come equipped with this conditioner.

Most businesses with parking lots, including commercial parking lots themselves, usually opt to purchase these garage wheel stops. The low cost of these items is a vastly preferable price to pay than having to pay for vehicle or property damage as a result of a parking collision. Precast concrete wheel stops are usually less than 100 dollars to purchase. Purchasing in higher volumes usually means more savings.

Due to the fact that these truck stoppers are nearly always made of concrete, they are quite durable, and will typically last for a number of years before replacement is required. However, harsh weather conditions can quicken the longevity of the truck parking blocks, causing cracks which lead to pieces crumbling. In colder climates, especially in freezing temperatures, concrete can become damaged. When cracking begins, it is wise to consider a speedy replacement. Vendors usually have services available to remove and dispose of old truck chocks and anchor the new ones in place.

Damaged garage wheel stops do need to be promptly replaced as they can become hazardous to parking vehicles. Typically, the tapered edges are designed to avoid tire damage, but if they are crumbling, the jagged edges can pierce the rubber of the tire. This may make the owner of the garage liable for damages to the vehicles due to what will be seen as negligence on the part of the owner. Always inspect parking stoppers to make sure they are in working order for parking lot safety.

Parking bumpers can be used to assist in defining mark spaces in grass, asphalt, gravel or concrete parking lots. They not only assist in defining parking spaces, but also help protect pedestrians, sidewalks, landscaping, building and other parked vehicles.

The key to a long lasting parking bumper is strong quality concrete. Our truck parking bumpers are manufactured utilizing the wet pour method. We cast all the truck parking bumpers with 5000 psi concrete and they are reinforced with steel reinforcing bars. A truck parking bumper cast with the wet pour method, along with our steel forms, provides a smooth finished parking bumper. 041b061a72


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