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Where To Buy Mephisto Shoes BEST

With the mission to make the world's finest footwear, Mephisto was founded in 1965 by Martin Michaeli who still owns and operates out of the original factory in Sarrebourg, France. Mephisto's innovative designs offer a unique comfort experience featuring Soft-Air technology. The flexible and breathable Soft-Air midsole minimizes the shock from walking to help reduce pain in the feet, joints and back. Never sacrifice style for comfort with Mephisto shoes designed for every aspect of your life from casual to dress options for women and men. The Mephisto footwear styles for women and men make tired feet a thing of the past.

where to buy mephisto shoes

For pure walking pleasure, Mephisto shoes and sandals are the gold standard for long-lasting, comfort-oriented footwear. For more than 35 years the goal has been the same: to create and manufacture the world's finest walking shoes. True to its heritage, Mephisto shoes are designed and built to be perfect. That is the reason they utilise more than 140 different operations and take more than 90 minutes to manufacture a single pair of Mephisto shoes.

It is this ideal combination of know-how, technology and experienced craftsmanship that has made Mephisto one of the leading companies in France and a benchmark of perfection known around the world. Mephisto has won numerous quality and design awards over the years. The consumer can rest assured that every pair of shoes, boots, sandals, sneakers and loafers meet strict production standards that yield the highest level of quality.

You might pay a little bit more for our shoes and wonder why? Most footwear products today are designed to wear out. When you look at your investment over time, a regularly worn pair of shoes will last approximately nine months to a year and half on average. Four to six months for an average pair of athletic shoes.

Mephisto shoes are Hand Made. By nature, we are not a throw-away product. Our Artisan Cobblers use age old methods to construct each pair by hand, some styles going through over 150 hands to construct a single pair of shoes.

The earliest line of Mephisto shoes focused on moccasins. They offered plenty of comfort and were stylish enough to wear in many settings. Along with comfort, Mephisto shoes provided stability and balance. That made the early line particularly popular with people who were nearing or had achieved retirement age.

There are Mephisto shoes designed for men as well as women. Hiking shoes that look a lot like Oxfords are a prime example. These Mephisto shoes will be a perfect match if you want to wear jeans or khakis for a night on the town and plan on walking through one of the entertainment districts in Vancouver. The next day, you can put on the same lace-up Mephisto shoes and treat yourself to a hike through your favorite part of town or one of the nearby wooded areas.

Today is a great time to look at the different styles, colours, and designs offered by Mephisto shoes. Select a pair and wear them for a few days. Once you have the chance to see how comfortable they are and how versatile they happen to be, you will never settle for another brand.

Mephisto Beverly Hills encompasses a premier selection of Mephisto shoes for both men and women, curated by our Mephisto Beverly Hills Buyers' Group. The shop also carries high-end socks, leather accessories, and featured artisan collections.

The most famous model of the French brand is Rainbow. It took quite some time for Mephisto Rainbow to go from being a prerogative of the upper classes in Europe to finding their place in the wardrobes of the masses. This happened in the mid-90s. Before then Rainbow had been an expensive item, considered something along the lines of Paraboot. Experienced football fans with a knack forthe violent component of being one will certainly tell you that Mephisto Rainbow shoes were popular on the terraces of British stadiums and are reminiscent of silhouettes from the adidas line Freizeit, also known as Leisure.

Excellent craftsmanship dating back to 1960s remains the cornerstone of Mephisto shoes, which have steadily increased in popularity as more men and women discover the comfort, style and high quality of construction in each pair. All Mephisto footwear is handcrafted by expert shoemakers in France and Portugal who employ age-old traditions. On average, over 160 steps are needed to manufacturer a single pair of Mephisto shoes. This is the secret to the incomparable comfort and quality found in Mephistos.

Continuing on its rich tradition, Mephisto continues to rely on a formula of handcrafting walking shoes and sandals with the highest quality natural materials, including leather and cork. It also pairs its rich shoemaking heritage with modern technology to meet the challenges of navigating natural and urban landscapes.

As many Mephisto aficionados realize, an added bonus of this quality footwear is its longevity. Because of the quality construction, the shoes can be re-crafted to ensure the wearer continues to reap the benefits of their investment.

At the very beginning of its journey, the shoe brand was introduced in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux countries. 10 years after its founding, the company becomes a successful international brand and exports 80% of its turnover. Martin Michele regularly receives a high award from the French government for his excellent work. Not stopping there, he opens subsidiaries in Tokyo, California, Canada, and shoes are increasingly gaining the love of consumers.

Mephisto - shoes for those people who first of all appreciate convenience, quality and style. Shoes are exported to 86 countries of the world. Mephisto takes a leading position in China, the USA, and, of course, it is incredibly popular in Europe.

The most famous Mephisto model is the Rainbow men's boots, ideal for both office and city walks. The top of the boot is made of genuine leather, the sole is made of rubber. Additional comfort shoes provide a leather insole. Other popular models of the brand, already in the women's collection, are light and incredibly comfortable sandals and sandals with cork soles with an upper made of exceptionally soft genuine leather.

Mephisto is one of the leading shoe companies in France founded in 1965 and is known around the world for its quality walking shoes, city shoes and sandals. Mephisto selects only the finest leathers and materials, combining them with the latest technology to create shoes of the highest standard of quality and comfort.

Just finished the RS Portugal trip with several days in Paris before and after the trip. While in Paris my friends and I shopped for Mephisto shoes at the two locations mentioned in the RS Paris guidebook. The shop on Rue Cler was full of shoes, many on display on racks outside the store. We also shopped at the 78 Rue des Saints-Peres location mentioned on one of the RS shopping walks. No shoes on the sidewalk here. Sorry, don't have the guidebook handy so don't recall which walk. We bought two pairs of shoes at the second location. Staff were helpful although English was limited. The cost was less than buying the same shoes in the US. Next time I'm in Europe I'll search for Mephisto shoe stores before leaving the states as my shoes are wonderful reminders of our trip. Also, I used my American Express card as my method of payment. No additional foreign transaction fees.

Carol,I bought a pair of Mephisto shoes in Paris at the shop on Rue Cler in 2014. I was on the Rick Steves Paris and the Heart of France tour and my original walking shoes did not do well on cobblestones. Our hotel was a couple blocks from Rue Cler. I remember my experience in the shop just before their closing time. Sitting on a chair with boxes piled above me, it was a tiny place. The proprietors were so helpful. I love those shoes and still wear them! We have a Mephisto store in Atlanta with a large inventory and I was told a while back that the shoes bought in the US if there is a problem can be handled here but shoes purchased overseas cannot. However, I do not anticipate any issues because they are made impeccably.

I bought a pair of Mephisto gore-tec shoes while in Paris years ago when I was living full time in Seattle (think rain). When I got home I priced them at a local shoe store and they were twice as expensive here in Seattle, most likely due in part to shipping. I like their fit and wear them when in Seattle where it is snowing today.

The Mephisto factory in France offers a renovation service for your favourite pair of Mephisto footwear. These will be completely re-bottomed and replacement insoles, laces and any minor stitching work is included in the price. Place your order online and you will receive an order reference number. Quoting this, send your shoes to us here in Burnham-on-Sea and you will be emailed when your footwear is ready; usually in 6-8 weeks. There is no additional carriage charge. Repair is subject to availability of components being currently in range. 041b061a72


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