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Return To Castle Wolfenstein

In 1943, assigned to the Office of Secret Actions (OSA) from the military, US Army Ranger William "B.J." Blazkowicz and British operative Agent One are sent into Egypt to investigate activity of the German SS Paranormal Division. The duo find themselves witness to the SS releasing an ancient curse around the dig site, resurrecting scores of zombies from their slumber. Pushing through the mummies and Nazis, B.J. and Agent One are led to an airfield and a location to follow. As they tail the SS, the two are shot down near Austria and captured by the Nazis. Agent One and Blazkowicz are imprisoned in Castle Wolfenstein, a remote, medieval castle that serves as a stronghold, prison, and research station. During their incarceration, Agent One is tortured for information and dies from electrocution. B.J., however, manages to escape Castle Wolfenstein's dungeon and fights his way out of the castle, using a cable car to leave the area and meet up with Kessler, a member of the German resistance in a nearby village.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

The cable car in the castle is based on the 1968 movie Where Eagles Dare, where a U.S. Army Brigadier General is captured and taken prisoner to the Schloß Adler, a fortress high in the Alps above the town of Werfen, reachable only by cable car, and the headquarters of the German Secret Service in southern Bavaria.[12][13] The supernatural element is based on the story of Castle Wewelsburg, a 17th-century castle occupied by the Germans under Heinrich Himmler's control, and used for occult rituals and practices.[14][15]

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a first-person shooter and a reboot of Wolfenstein 3D. The game puts the player in the combat boots of Blazkowicz, who will first have to escape the castle and report back to his superiors, and afterwards restart the hunt for the SS Paranormal Division. This division was founded by Heinrich Himmler and is trying to find the grave of Saxon warlord Heinrich I to bring him back to life. The player's arsenal includes among others a Luger, MP 40 submachine gun, Mauser rifle with sniper scope, flamethrower, dynamite and grenades.

  • We recommend doing all copy / move operations via the Sidequest App. Windows File System in combination with ADB has severe caching / syncronisation issues and will often show files that no longer exist and not show files that have been moved. Before attempting to start RTCWQuest you need to do the following: Install the latest RTCWQuest version from the desktop SideQuest application Run the game once through your Quest. The APK includes the RTCW demo but it is recommended to copy the files from the full install to play.

  • Locate the install of return to Castle Wolfenstein on your PC, if installed from Steam then it will be somewhere like C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamApps/common/RTCW/

  • Copy the following PK3 files from the installed RTCW game folder on your PC (in the Main folder) to the /RTCWQuest/Main folder (and allow any overwrites) on your Oculus Quest whilst it is connected to the PC: pak0.pk3 sp_pak1.pk3 sp_pak2.pk3 sp_pak3.pk3 sp_pak4.pk3 You have to have run RTCWQuest at least once for the folder to be created and if you don't see it when you connect your Quest to the PC you might have to restart the Quest (or make sure the Sidequest App is open as this often forces the file system to appear).

  • (HD Textures and Improvements - optional - but very highly recommended) Download the VR version of the Venom Mod from Mod DB. Unzip the contents to somewhere on your PC. Copy all PK3 files from the folder "Venom Mod - RtCWquest edition" to your Quest folder "RTCWQuest/Main". Overwrite if needed. If you wish for more vicious and smarter enemies, also copy over "sp_vpak9.pk3" from "Improved Ai (optional)" to "RTCWQuest/Main". This makes the enemies more aggressive and aim a lot better. You can revert this anytime by deleting "sp_vpak9.pk3".

Backpack There is a handy backpack feature which acts as a quick access to certain weapons/pickups. To access the backpack move the controller out of sight over your shoulder. Press and hold one of the following buttons to access the associated items: Dominant Hand Controller A (or X for left handed) - Knife (useful to quickly smash up stuff or stab) B (or Y for left handed) - Binoculars (once you have picked them up in game), raise them to your face to look through them, pull trigger to zoom in/out Grip button - Grenades / Dynamite - You can then throw them in the usual manner using the trigger Release the button to return to the previously active weapon Off Hand Controller X (or A for left handed) - Quick Save Game Y (or B for left handed) - Load Last Quick Save

The levels themselves were also very well done, although a little hit and miss for me. Maybe this was because I wanted to stay in the creepy halls of Castle Wolfenstein for the whole game where the moody feel to the textures and lighting really set you to go adventuring. After leaving the castle you'll get to a village (which was also outstanding by the way) and eventually some catacombs. The mood in these levels is also set well with some very nice level design but textures became much more commonplace. The point of Wolfenstein for me has always been the creepiness of the ultimate mad scientist hideout, but when you get into attacking hangars and regular environments, the game somehow loses the appeal it once had.

In Wolfenstein: The New Order, there is an ancient order known as the "Da'At Yichud", which has harnessed advanced technology that seems alien compared to the rest of the world. Not only that, but their tech appears to resemble that of the Dwemer (Dwarves) from The Elder Scrolls. In the third game, Morrowind, it's been established that the Dwemer had disappeared long ago, except for one: Yagrum Bagarn, who was Master Crafter of the Dwemer from the First Era. Lore states that Yagrum didn't disappear like the others because he was away in another dimension, though it's never specified where this dimension was, nor what he did while he was there. Perhaps Yagrum visited the Earth/Mars dimension thousands of years ago, met the people of Da'At Yichud, and helped them build all their wonderous tools and inventions before he returned to Nirn. 041b061a72


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