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Jaideep Greer
Jaideep Greer

Burlesque: Heart Of The Glitter Tribe !!INSTALL!!

The documentary focuses on eight to 10 people, and all together Manning says they probably shot 50 different shows. After spending enough time together, he said it felt like family. He heard someone reference that feeling of family in the burlesque scene as a "glitter tribe."

Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe

Among Portland's "glitter tribe" is Angelique DeVil, who doesn't provide her real name. She is featured in the film, and in Portland, one can find her on stage at a number of different venues, including Star Theater, Paris Theatre, Bossanova Ballroom and Crush. She's also part of the burlesque troupe The Fringe Benefits. 041b061a72


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