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The Best Keyboards For The IPhone

Then, visit Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards. It shows you all the keyboard apps you have installed, plus an "Add New Keyboard" option at the bottom. Click that to look at available keyboards. In the "third-party keyboards" list at the center, click one to add its full functionality.

The Best Keyboards for the iPhone

You're not done yet: on the previous screen, click the name of your new keyboard to "Allow full access." Why require that extra step? Because, in theory, you may not get full keyboard functionality without it. Consider a keyboard that pulls in animated GIF files; it needs internet access, which requires "full access." Full access also lets a keyboard tap into things like the speaker, so you can hear keys click as you type. Some keyboards don't work at all without full access. Some barely need it.

So, imagine you've got one or more new third-party keyboards installed on an iPhone: how do you access them? When typing with the standard keyboard, click the globe icon (the inverse image of this: ) in the lower left. Hold a finger on it; a menu pops up showing all installed third-party keyboards, so jump to the one you want. You'll also see icons at the bottom to switch the standard iOS keyboard to easy one-thumb typing for either left or right hands.

You get almost identical functionality by using the keyboard that's part of the Google app for iOS(Opens in a new window), so there's no need to install both keyboards. For more, check out How to Use Google's Gboard Keyboard on iOS and Android.

You can choose either a cartoonish look or a more realistic sketch design. You can also create custom keyboards with a background, key-shapes, fonts, colors, sound, and 3D effects of your choice. Give free rein to your creativity!

We've collected the 10 best keyboard apps for you to choose from. Whether you're looking to type faster or send GIFs and stickers to your friends, you're bound to find something that fits your communication style.

GIF keyboard makes it easy to message your friend funny GIFs. You can browse its library of millions of GIFs with sections devoted to reactions like #Want or #DealWithIt, or search by using a specific keyword like "Harry Potter." The best part, however, is that the GIFs display inline within iMessage.

Fleksy gives you easy access to extensions that let you hunt for GIFS, create hotkeys, or control your onscreen cursor without having to remove your hands from the keyboard. You can also customize the color and size of your keyboards for a personal touch.

Most Chinese keyboards use 拼音 (pīn yīn): the Chinese romanization input. This helps you become familiar with 汉字 (hàn zì): the Chinese characters. There are also handwriting keyboards to help you practice writing characters.

MIDI controller keyboards not only enable you to play and record tunes into your computer, they also let you control software - and in some cases, other studio hardware - so have become one of the most essential items for the modern music producer. They can be plugged directly into your computer or laptop via USB - or, in some cases, operate wirelessly over Bluetooth or connect to iOS devices to control apps. They are mostly used to let you play and record with your DAW's software instruments and any VST synth plugins you might have installed.

There are plenty of models to choose from. You can opt for a compact, portable MIDI keyboard that fits comfortably in a laptop bag, or you can go all-in with a full-size 88-note model with weighted hammer-action keys. Most options we recommend here also come with additional features such as knobs, pads, buttons and faders to boost creativity and give you even more control over your software. And talking of software, most MIDI keyboards include good value software bundles, and we have listed the highlights with each keyboard. Many of the best MIDI keyboards also come with mapping templates for the most popular DAWs - Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, etc - making it easy to get up and running and start producing music right out of the box.

At the top end in terms of keyboard size and playing experience, you really should check out the Nektar Impakt LX88+, which offers an awful lot of playing and features for the money. Finally the Roland A-88MKII (opens in new tab) might be one of the most expensive keyboards, but does offer the best playing experience and, with MIDI 2.0 installed, is future proof to boot.

Other than that there are 16 backlit, velocity-sensitive pads, a compact parameter screen and a decent crop of buttons for browsing and transport control. Both the pads and the keyboards themselves have been upgraded for this generation, and both feel great with decent velocity response (although no aftertouch).

For us, the mini keys were the only real downside. We felt that we could live with them after some getting used to them, so if you can live with them too, this is the best portable and affordable MIDI keyboard you can buy.

You can use it with most DAWs but custom scripting means it integrates best with Ableton Live. It also gets extended support in Cubase 12 via a pre-installed script, and there are user-installable scripts for Logic Pro and Reason.

Finally, of course, the actual controls and keyboards are also tested to see how responsive they can be. Keyboards, particularly at the lower price point, can be very cheap in feel so we also test how well they play for velocity (volume) and aftertouch (when you press the keys down further to trigger different sounds and effects).

Here, we have brought you the best keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad that can redefine your on-screen typing experience. The Xlightmedia team has thoroughly analyzed several third-party keyboard apps.

With Flesky, you can choose among more than 50 colorful keyboard themes. Other than that, any user can enjoy three fully customizable themes. The Flesky extension lets you add brilliant color contrast to your keyboard. Along with custom-themed keyboards, several other features such as gesture functions, fun emoticons, and GIFs are also available.

Renowned and reputed as the English grammar and writing app, Grammarly offers superb keyboard functionality to iPhone and iPad. It is one of the best free keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad and is packed with several useful goodies for users.

It is one of the best free keyboard apps for iPhone, and it offers 10+ built-in themes and many aesthetic fonts. Other than that, users can get customizable emojis to make their IM messaging more exciting. This app also gives you a swipe cursor, keyboard color masking, and various other features.

Being one of the best free keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad, this app offers several colorful keyboard background themes. Superb gesture options make the typing experience even better on this application. More interestingly, this app provides excellent data security, two awesome keyboard layouts, and fun games for better typing.

This keyboard app includes tons of popular emoticons and best-in-class GIFs to make more your chat more interactive. Even this app comes with a smooth Gliding typing function. This makes key to key typing way more fun.

Get rid of boring flat fonts. Install one of the best free keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad, and this app can be Font-s Cool Keyboard-s. This application packaged 100+ cool fonts for you. Most importantly, it supports all major IM platforms.

Gboard, by Google, is one of the most popular keyboards for smartphones and it holds that position because of the intuitive features such as inbuilt google search, instant translation, etc. Gboard also has a dedicated section for emojis, stickers, and reaction GIFs. Emojis are standard much like the Apple Keyboard but the addition of stickers and GIFs is the biggest advantage of using this keyboard.

These were a few of the best emoji keyboards I recommend you try out for yourself. Gboard is more of a full-fledged keyboard replacement while others such as Symbol, Emoji Keyboard, Emoji for Message serve one purpose. Let me know if you have a better emoji keyboard app for iPhone on Twitter.

No joke!! I miss the easy access keys that Apple took out with iOS 11!! It pisses me off that they would do that because of the new phone designs and not let their other customers have the option to have the old keyboard. I mean how hard would that BE?! They already made it! Why on earth do all these keyboards preview photos use a portrait mode keyboard? Do that many people hold their phone upright when they type? And if so what is wrong with them? The phone is so much more secure when you hold it sideways.

Apple's stock keyboard has typically been viewed by many as very reliable and solid. However, the inventive third-party keyboards of Android gave Google's mobile OS a leg up over Apple. And in a surprising move, Apple added third-party keyboard support for iOS devices with its release of iOS 8 in 2014.

Surprisingly, one of the best keyboards you will find on iOS is made by none other than Google. Gboard has a lot of features you'll find in other keyboards, like Slash or Swype, but it presents them in ways that are intuitive and very easy to use. Typing is fast and accurate, but you can also search Google right within the keyboard itself. You can also search images, emoji and GIFs.

When you think of third-party keyboards, regardless of operating system, one of the first names that comes to mind is Swype. It's one of the oldest contenders in the space, often coming prebaked in the manufacturers' software on various Windows Mobile (yes, it's that old) and Android devices.

Choose a channel that suits your reaction, choose from popular GIFs, or search for a GIF by tapping the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner of the keyboard. For best compatibility, choose where you will be sending the GIF by selecting the app you're in (located beside the search icon). Once you've found a GIF you like, tap it and paste in the text field.

Giphy Keys is yet another GIF keyboard, but it's made by one of the most used and well-known GIF resources. Still, why would you install a keyboard dedicated to GIFs when so many other keyboards offer GIF search, and typing isn't exactly the forte of Giphy Keys? Simply, it specializes in GIFs in a way other keyboards don't. It lets you favorite GIFs for quick referencing later, create your own GIFs (like one based on weather for your current location) and browse GIFs by categories or common reactions. 350c69d7ab


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