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Celeste PC Game

jctwood, yeah when we first "finished" the game we were probably at like 7600 or so, but then kept tweaking and adding stuff. Ended up taking out very small graphical things here and there to fit the final tweaks we wanted. :)

Celeste PC Game

Download File:

Good level design. Some of these strawberries are really interesting. I also liked how you teach which buttons are important by prompting them to start the game.However, whenever the dust effect is visible (and maybe some other effects), the framerate goes down enormously. Later levels are hardly possible for me under these conditions.Got to 2600 and then the page reloaded when I tried to create an account to make this comment. Great...

For some reason my X key stopped working at the summit. I thought it might have been a deviously cruel feature to punish my death count and slowness but I am now assuming not. Still really beautiful gameplay! Thank you again for sharing!

did you open the game in PICO-8? pretty sure the p8.png version is compressed so you wont be able to see the code unless you open it in PICO-8 and save it as a p8 file. (I could alternatively upload the .p8 file later)

Xbox touch controls unlock more ways to play via cloud gaming (Beta) with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on your Android phone or tablet. Last month we launched our first game with touch controls, Minecraft Dungeons; a big thank you to everyone in the community for your feedback! If you missed it, last week we announced 10 additional games in our library featuring Xbox touch controls!

Debug Mode is a hidden feature in the game that unlocks a lot of features which are used for testing purposes, as well as various quality of life improvements to make playtesting and editing levels easier. It was used by the developers to test various elements of the game, but currently it's left hidden and can be unlocked via editing the game files in the game. Debug Mode can only be accessed in the PC versions of Celeste.

The Debug Map can be accessed by presing Tab (F6 with Everest) on the keyboard, and it will open a grid that displays the chapter's room layouts, often separated with colors that resemble certain checkpoints or sections of the game. The debug map allows the player to freely teleport to specific rooms, including spawnpoints that cannot normally be accessed due to lack of a respawn trigger.

The best indie game from 2018 is about to get a whole lot better. The Celeste Strawberry Jam Collaboration is an upcoming mod that will add over 100 levels and eight hours of original music, including new biomes and brand-new game mechanics.

What ended up happening in the west is Nintendo took a game named Doki Doki Panic and repurposed it to include Mario characters. The result was something that always makes for a good conversation starter or fight. Some people loved the new playstyle, while others detested how different it was.

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