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The IT Generalist Is Dead, Long Live…

Your so call OC/DC would thus just be a subsection of SEO and deserves to be treated as such. I believe you are on the band wagon to collect customers by using misinformation techniques and telling them that SEO is dead, when in-fact it is alive, well and very much in demand.

The IT Generalist is Dead, Long Live…

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In 2013 Microsoft decided to end the Microsoft Management Summit, the go-to event for System Center lovers. The community was up in arms about it, but Microsoft promised a successful and seamless integration into its long-standing IT generalist event, TechEd. To those in the upper echelon of the TechEd management teams, it was a success. But, to those who actually attended TechEd 2014 in Houston, it was a broken promise. Still, many believed this was a first effort, and Microsoft could use subsequent years to do better.


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